The Raggedy Man

It's the year of 2026 and Lily Luna Potter is in her final year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily is eighteen and is ready to decide on what she wants to do in life after her amazing time at Hogwarts. However, a raggedy man in a blue police box arrives and her life is turned upside-down. The wizarding world is in danger and instead of focusing on her future, Lily needs to focus on keeping alive.
(My entry for the crossover competition!)


11. The Forbidden Forest

   I awoke, my vision still a little blurry but I could make out figures in scarlet and gold standing above me, calling my name. I heard chatter around me, supposedly coming from the stands that circled the pitch. I blinked hard a couple of times and slowly my eyes started to come into focus. I sat up, my head spinning, my hands clutching the ground as if trying to stop myself fainting back into the dark abyss. I assumed I fainted at that point anyway. It had never happened before so the experience was very worrying and I was feeling shaken up. I could feel no pain or see any injuries which was strange, considering I fell from quite a height.

   I saw my team standing around me, Daisy kneeling down in front of me with a look of worry on her face. Sweat from the challenging game was still glistening on her forehead.

   "Why did you faint?", she said softly, but looking deep into my eyes for answers all the same. "What did you see?".

   I could not possibly tell her in this state, I tried to put it into words but I just couldn't. I stared helplessly at her, no sound coming out of my open mouth.

   Professor McGonagall came rushing forward with such a quick pace I was surprised. At her age I did not think she could move that fast, a lot of the times when I viewed her around the castle she would be strolling along quietly and slowly. Professor McGonagall leant forward, holding onto her pointed midnight-blue hat which had nearly fallen off in her rush.

   "Lily, are you okay?", she spoke hurriedly, looking very flustered. I nodded silently. "You were lucky that your friend here saved you". Professor McGonagall looked over to Daisy, who flushed red. "She darted like a whippet towards you and caught you just before you hit the floor". I tried to utter a thank you to Daisy but I couldn't even manage that. Daisy seemed to understand what I was trying to say and bowed her head in a quick nod.

    At that instant, I heard a familiar voice.

   "Excuse me, coming through, important person here", The Doctor said, pushing his way to me. His hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat as if he'd been running a marathon and his bow tie was lopsided, his tweed jacket slipping off one shoulder.

   "Doctor!", I croaked, clumsily climbing up off the floor.

   "Listen to me", The Doctor said in a hushed voice, grabbing my shoulder and looking me in the eye. "I don't know why but the angels seem to be after someone. Not me this time. I spotted an angel finally this morning. I turned around and looked straight back in a matter of seconds and it was gone I haven't seen this behaviour before...". I nodded slowly, taking this in.

   "Who on earth are you?!", Professor McGonagall spluttered. The Doctor simply replied that he was an inspector, here to make sure the pupils of Hogwarts were safe. While he said this, he flashed a wallet looking object at her face which made her lean back slightly at his movement. I caught only the glimpse of a small sheet of paper, about the size of a credit card, before he showed it to her. He pocketed this rather quickly and began talking again, not giving Professor McGonagall the chance to say a thing.

   "Doctor, the angel is behind the Quidditch pitch", I blurted out. "That's why I...fell off my broom".

   "Right, that angel needs to be stared at by people so it doesn't move at all", The Doctor yelled so everyone could hear him. He explained in more detail in a whisper to Professor McGonagall, who then began to tell the Gryffindor team what would need to be done. Apparently, the older students and teachers were going to take shifts in watching the angel in groups, so no one would be blinking and it would always be watched. Professor McGonagall seemed to believe whatever The Doctor had told her. It wasn't that surprising; she must have seen a lot of strange things in the wizarding world in her lifetime.

    "You Lily, come with me", The Doctor said. "We're going to find out how these angels are getting in before any more come...I'm not even sure how many are here". The Doctor looked worried for a second then his face moulded back into a serious glare. We sprinted out of the stadium together. I felt myself light up inside; yes, this was adventure, what made me truly happy.




    We were standing at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, gazing in.

   "You sure you want to go in there?", The Doctor asked me. I nodded my head firmly. I was sure that if we walked far enough into the forest, we would find the edge of Hogwarts where the protective spell might be. I had come to the conclusion that there may be a hole or breakage in it and if we walked far enough, we would find it. The Doctor seemed to go along with my theory, although I wasn't sure if he was just being kind or he actually believed it.

   I pulled out my wand ready for anything that could attack us and we walked into the canopy of trees. The trees were the skyscraper's of nature, housing many creatures that made strange noises. Then again, they could have just been birds but I was so paranoid I thought something would leap out at me at any moment. For some strange reason, I liked this feeling of adrenalin and caution, the excitement of it all.

   The thin layer of snow that had managed to fall from inbetween the roof of branches muted our footsteps. We talked in whispers as we continued to trudge through the trees. It was like an everlasting road, we had walked for hours. It all seemed the same, the trees were no different and I swore that we had been that way before. The only thing that told me we hadn't walked that way before was that there were no footprints. We left a fresh trial over the snow and looking back, I could see that our footprints went back all the way till you couldn't see them.

   I found it strange how we had walked for so long yet had not seen any wild creatures or beasts. I had heard so many stories of werewolves and such that I had myself prepared for it. However, not an eye had been seen. They must have been rumours, made up to scare the first years.

   I was starting to get tired but The Doctor seemed to be as energetic as ever, his eyes fixed into the distance, marching along. I didn't want to seem like I was a weakling so I carried on going, forcing myself to stop the heavy pants that longed to break free. After a while I seemed to be in a sort of trance, staring forward as I walked but my eyes going blurry and not really focusing ahead of me.

   "Stop", The Doctor whispered, yanking his arm out in front of me to stop me walking any further. He pointed at an odd thing in front of me. We had reached the edge of the forest and you could see the rolling hills beyond, but blocking the view was a sort of door, a space in the air. It was hazy and blurred, ripped around the edges like a claw had ripped right through what I assumed was the protective spell around Hogwarts. It made a slight humming noise, so quiet you could barely hear it.

   "What is this?", The Doctor muttered, inspecting the rip. "Surely a spell could not be broken by angels?".

   "But this spell isn't for creatures like the angels. It's so muggles can't get in and find Hogwarts", I said. "Of course! The angels must have somehow found where Hogwarts was but the spell didn't affect them! They came right through the protective spell and left a rip in it! That's how the muggles got in. The rip looks so strange that any daring muggle would step through it!".

   "We still don't know who they're after though. Why would the angels want to find someone in Hogwarts?", The Doctor said confused, tapping his head in frustration.

   I didn't realise how dark it had gone until this moment. The stars were showing in the winter evening sky above the hills. "Lumos", I whispered, a light appearing at the tip of my wand.

   "Let's head back. I'm sure one of the professors at Hogwarts could fix this and maybe make it so the angels can't come through", The Doctor said, patting me on the back. We turned around and I had to stop myself from screaming.

   In the light of my wand, a metre away from us, stood not one, but three angels.

   This time, they were not standing in the peaceful, shying form which I had seen them, weeping in their hands or standing calm.

   They were stood with their arms above their heads, their thin fingers curled like bony talons. Their mouths were stretched open in a scream, a line of sharp teeth revealed. These could not be angels, they could only be demons trapped in an angel's figure.

   "Doctor!", I hissed out the side of my mouth. "What do we do?".

   "RUN!", The Doctor bellowed.

   He grabbed my hand, and we ran.

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