The Raggedy Man

It's the year of 2026 and Lily Luna Potter is in her final year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily is eighteen and is ready to decide on what she wants to do in life after her amazing time at Hogwarts. However, a raggedy man in a blue police box arrives and her life is turned upside-down. The wizarding world is in danger and instead of focusing on her future, Lily needs to focus on keeping alive.
(My entry for the crossover competition!)


16. Saying Goodbye

    Later that day, the whole school was gathered in the Great Hall, the tables and benches replaced with rows of students. I was wrapped up warm in my own clothes by then, insulating myself in as many layers as possible. Everyone was chatting to their friends, questioning what the unexpected assembly in the Christmas holidays was for. Sarah and Clara called over to me, wondering where we'd been and what on earth was happening. Daisy and I looked at each other, neither one of us able to tell them. I turned to see The Doctor standing at the back of the hall, and he gave me a sad smile.

    Professor McGonagall was stood waiting at the front of the hall, the teacher's table behind her. The teachers looked as bewildered as the students, and sat patiently for answers.

   "Silence!", Professor McGonagall said, her voice amplifying as it echoed off the walls. The school was hushed immediately, waiting for what she had to say. "Now, only a few of you will know the dreadful news I'm about to bring to you. It's only right that everyone knows, so no rumours will be made; only the truth will be heard. Over the last couple of days, terrible creatures have been loose in our school. Not creatures like dragons or trolls, those creatures give you a chance to survive. These creatures are called The Weeping Angels".

     Students started to whisper, confused at why they'd never heard of this creature, why they needed a whole assembly to talk about one species. My chin dropped to my chest and I stared at the stone floor, squeezing my eyes shut to stop the tears.

     Professor McGonagall told the whole school about the angels, what they were capable of, just like The Doctor had told me. This sparked off more murmuring across the hall, and the professors exchanged looks.

   "However, that's only part of the reason why I'm here talking to you today. You see, these angels attacked one of our students today and there is no way to get her back. This morning, Miss Susan Hart of Gryffindor was taken from us". People around me gasped, her closest friends choking back sobs, repressing the need to cry out. "Throughout the night and this morning, a group of Gryffindors, including Susan, and myself were taking care of these angels, using a plan strategised by Miss Lily Potter". I felt the stares but I kept my head bowed.

    "Unfortunately, Susan tripped and as fast as these angels are, attacked her, sending her back in time", Professor McGonagall continued. "Susan was a kind, smart and courageous girl right to the very end. She was in her final year of Hogwarts and I'm sure she would have gone on to be something great. She was a true Gryffindor and deserves every bit of respect. That is why we shall have two moments of silence for Susan Hart".

    There were no whispers this time. The only sounds that could be heard were sniffling of noses and quiet sobs. The school didn't expect anything like this. They probably thought the assembly was going to be about exams, or something to do with Quidditch. No one expected to be told that a student from Hogwarts had gone, disappearing out of our lives forever. People probably felt guilty that they had never taken the time to speak to quiet Susan, or maybe they teased her for being so shy. For many of the school, they hadn't even heard of Susan Hart. The fact that everyone was so deeply affected by it showed how shocked they were.

    "On a slightly happier note, 50 points are awarded to Gryffindor, for Lily Potter's bravery. Without her, the angels would not be taken care of", Professor McGonagall announced.

    Usually when points were given out, the houses would be cheering and going insane, but not on that day. Fellow Gryffindors congratulated me or patted me on the back, but nothing loud or particularly joyful. I caught Sarah's eye and she mouthed tell me everything. I gave her one quick nod and then turned to see The Doctor again, but he wasn't there. I panicked and searched frightfully through the hall. He can't have gone, I thought to myself worriedly.

    When the school filed out the hall, I made a quick escape through the crowd. I shot down the hallways until I reached the bridge which led down to Hagrid's hut. I sprinted across the wooden planks which rattled under my feet, nearly tumbling down the hill at the otherside of the bridge as I skidded through the snow. The Doctor had his back turned to me, approaching his TARDIS which was still by the Dark Forest.

    "Doctor!", I shrieked as loud as I could, making him jump and turn around. "You can't leave me! Please, take me with you!".

    "You'll be safer here in Hogwarts", The Doctor said softly, his eyes pleading. "You need to enjoy your last year here".

    "I've had all the fun I can have here. My time at Hogwarts is already up, I want to go with you! You saw how I was with the angels, I'm not afraid, I can face anything. I'm ready for this Doctor". He sighed but I could see him considering what I had said, and he looked up and smiled.

   "Okay, I'm giving up arguing with you. But promise me you'll listen if I tell you not to do something, and keep by my side at all times!".

    "I promise", I grinned.

    "I've already apologised to Professor Longbottom in advance for breaking through the protective spell again...", The Doctor said looking guilty.

    "I'm sure he won't mind fixing it again", I said reassuringly. A thought came into my mind and I changed the subject. "I wonder why the angels were after me..."

    "I guess we'll never really find out", The Doctor replied, shrugging. "Maybe there was no reason at all".

     He stood in the doorway of the TARDIS, holding out his hand. I rushed forward and took it instantly, stepping into the TARDIS. I turned to take one last look at Hogwarts. The castle looked so beautiful, the rooves of the turrets dusted with white, and I finally appreciated the intricate architecuture that I had never really noticed before. The many archways and courtyards were something to marvel at.

    I finally shut the door, feeling like I was closed off from Hogwarts forever.

    Although, I was sure I would come back again to visit some day.

    After all, Hogwarts would always be there to welcome me home.

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