The Raggedy Man

It's the year of 2026 and Lily Luna Potter is in her final year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily is eighteen and is ready to decide on what she wants to do in life after her amazing time at Hogwarts. However, a raggedy man in a blue police box arrives and her life is turned upside-down. The wizarding world is in danger and instead of focusing on her future, Lily needs to focus on keeping alive.
(My entry for the crossover competition!)


10. Quidditch

   The next couple of days passed by slowly and I did not do much. The majority of the time I wandered around Hogwarts alone, to see if I could spot any Weeping Angels. I did not see any on my wanderings, assuming The Doctor had taken care of them. Good for him, I thought to myself, now he can leave and go off on another adventure without me.

   My friends did not see that I was upset and angry. I had the illusion of happiness around me, wearing a mask of joy, forcing myself to smile and laugh like everything was okay. They didn't know that my heart was  shattered, that I had a raincloud hovering over me everywhere I went. They didn't know that I was wishing for adventure with a raggedy man who wore a bow tie.

   That day I was sat at the breakfast table, filling myself with sausage and bacon. I had a Quidditch match so I needed all the energy I could get. I was dressed in my Seeker kit; the scarlet and gold colour of Gryffindor along with protective gloves and knee pads. I had a long scarlet cloak, which would be well needed in the cold weather. My red hair was tied up in a pony tail.

   "You ready?", Daisy asked me, grinning. Daisy was a Beater for Gryffindor Quidditch team. I nodded with a fake smile on my face. We were playing against Ravenclaw today and their team was rather challenging to beat. I'd been playing Quidditch for so long that I wasn't nervous, even though their Seeker was very good. I had other things to worry about.

   Sarah and Clara wished us luck, saying they would cheer us on from the stands. They weren't part of their house Quidditch team; Sarah said she would rather keep all her concentration on school work and Clara said she was awful at sports. Daisy and I left the Great Hall, leaving the warmth and aroma of food behind us.




    "I am confident we can win this match", Joshua, the captain of Gryffindor, said while pacing up and down the changing rooms. He had chestnut brown hair and was very enthusiastic about Quidditch. "Just stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize". We all replied with much enthusiasm to keep him happy but in fact none of us were as passionate as Joshua. Of course, we all loved Quidditch but we weren't so hard on ourselves if we didn't win. Joshua also played as Keeper and he was an extremely talented one at that.

   I had my Firebolt clutched in my hands while Daisy talked to me. I laughed and nodded at the appropriate parts but my mind was distracted. Quidditch was exciting and exhilarating but I longed for more at that moment. Why couldn't I be happy at Hogwarts? Hogwarts was full of excitement and fun so why couldn't I be grateful for it?

   We were called to begin playing and we exited the changing rooms. We waited in the dim light until a door opened, letting in the sunlight and revealing the Quidditch pitch. The team walked forward into the sunlight and cheers erupted from the Gryffindor stands. Joshua did his usual waving to the crowd, basking in the cheers. He adored the atmosphere of the Quidditch pitch and I had to say it was spectacular.

   The Ravenclaws emerged from the other side of the pitch and the Ravenclaws started to applaud, yelling support for their team. You could almost see the competitive flair of Quidditch sizzle in the air as both teams walked towards eachother into the centre of the green pitch. Joshua shook the Ravenclaw captain's hand firmly. The Ravenclaw captain was a skinny boy with ebony hair and he shook Joshua's hand firmly back, clenching his teeth. He did look a little terrified though at the sight of Joshua's determination.

   Before I knew it, the quaffle was thrown into the air by the Quiddith referee and the game had begun.

   "Lily!", Joshua bellowed from the hoops he was guarding. "What do you think you're doing?!".

   The quaffle was already being passed up and down the pitch yet I was still on the grass field. I swung my leg over my Firebolt and kicked off of the ground. I was supposed to be above the match which had already started, looking out for the snitch yet I was distracted. I propelled myself upwards, dodging players who muttered accusingly at me. From above I could see a clear view of the game. I told myself to concentrate, I didn't want to embarrass myself further.

   I narrowed my eyes, squinting for a glint of gold. I tried to block out the sound of the commentator so I could focus on the snitch but it was no use.

   "Sparrow passes to Bennett....he's saved! The brilliant Joshua Wood of Gryffindor saves it!", the commentator yelled.

    After five minutes of looking around for the snitch, I assumed that it wasn't going to be coming anytime soon so I began to watch the game. I watched as goal after goal was saved by Joshua and the Ravenclaws began to curse out loud, their faces angry.

   "He's just too good!", I heard a chaser of Ravenclaw say from below. However, Ravenclaw were not doing that bad, they had a good team so that Gryffindor could rarely make it down to the hoops in order to actually score any points. Even looking down on the game it was starting to get frustrating. The quaffle was passed by the Ravenclaw players between each other rather quickly, they attempted to score and Joshua saved it. The Gryffindors took great effort to pass the quaffle between each other towards the hoops; they could not get a good range to shoot from. Gryffindor managed to score a couple of times but one of our players was hit off their broom by a bludger, which made us one player short; it was even more difficult for Gryffindor to score any goals.

   "So currently the score is 0:40 to Gryffindor, it's been a tough game but the Ravenclaws might want to try and score a few goals now", the commentator announced.

   I swooped down lower to see the game clearly and I watched as the players whizzed across the pitch. I did not know how the commentator could catch up with everything that happened, especially knowing who passed to who and who scored.

   All of a sudden there was a ground shaking whack as Daisy dived in front of me, hitting a bludger out of my way and into the sky. If she hadn't been there, it probably would have knocked my head clean off.

   "Be careful!", Daisy said panting. "Look out for the snitch!".

    "Right, sorry, sorry", I muttered. That's when I saw the Ravenclaw Seeker, a boy with black curls, accelerating towards the ground and I spotted the golden snitch which was his target. I gasped and rocketed forwards. Just as he went to close his fingers around the snitch, it darted away from him, up into the air. He noticed that I was in pursuit of the snitch too and picked up his pace. Soon enough we were side by side, tearing around the pitch on our brooms. Occasionally, the Ravenclaw Seeker would bump into me so I held on tight. Luckily, he was not muscly like the Slytherin players who seemed to have the same force in knocking you off your broom as a bludger.

   The snitch flew closer and closer towards the stands. The Ravenclaw Seeker misjudged his braking and crashed into the stands, before falling with his broom onto the ground below. This was my chance. The snitch continued to advance around the pitch, flying upwards so we were just above the height of the stands. I reached out my hand, stretching my arm out as far as I could. The tips of my finger touched the cold metal and with a final stretch my hand closed around it. The snitch's wings fluttered slowly as if giving up.

   "Lily Potter catches the snitch! Gryffindor win!". The Gryffindor stall went wild, people throwing their scarves into the air and screaming. I laughed in disbelief and flew over to the Gryffindors, holding up the snitch which made them cheer louder.

   Then I saw it.

   The honest grin from Gryffindor's victory faded from my face in an instant.

   A stone angel was stood on the grass outside of the Quidditch pitch, hidden from view from the Gryffindors cheering my way. The angel's arms were outstretched, its blank eyes staring up at me. The angel's face had no emotion.

   It's not moving because of me, I thought horrified. I'm the one keeping it still, don't blink!

   My heart pounded against my ribcage, the blood pumping in my head. I breathed heavily in and out, my eyes starting to sting.

   Then my vision went blurry, then black. I felt myself falling downwards, down, down and neverending.

   The Doctor seemed to have missed a Weeping Angel out.

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