The Raggedy Man

It's the year of 2026 and Lily Luna Potter is in her final year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily is eighteen and is ready to decide on what she wants to do in life after her amazing time at Hogwarts. However, a raggedy man in a blue police box arrives and her life is turned upside-down. The wizarding world is in danger and instead of focusing on her future, Lily needs to focus on keeping alive.
(My entry for the crossover competition!)


3. Muggles

    I sat there on the floor of the TARDIS for a long time. I had seen many amazing things from living life in the wizarding world but this was honestly the most fantastic.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't ask what your name was!", The Doctor apologised as I eventually stood up.

    "Lily, Lily Potter", I told him.

    "The daughter of Harry Potter? You can't be serious!", The Doctor said, his eyes widening and a grin spreading across his face. I nodded to confirm. Of course I was proud of my dad but at times it was annoying being so well known. Every wizard who found out I was the daughter of Harry Potter expected me to be brilliant and heroic, but the truth was I'd never done something brilliant in my entire life. Sure, I was good in lessons and the professors liked me but nothing outstanding. I couldn't live up to his standards, which put me down.

    "I've read the books and seen all the films, before everyone else actually, but I didn't know all this was real!", The Doctor marvelled.

    "Books? Films?!", I cried.

    The Doctor then told me something which shocked me. According to him, my dad was even more famous in the muggle world; books had been written about his time at Hogwarts, films had been made, merhandise was even available! Yet the muggles still didn't think the wizarding world was real, that it was all a load of fiction! Obviously the muggles couldn't really find out about us, the reason for the many enchantments round Hogwarts to stop them finding Hogwarts by accident, but how stupid could muggles get? Even in the muggle world I couldn't get away from fame...

    "So you're not a wizard then? You're a muggle?", I queried The Doctor.

   "I am neither", he told me, adjusting his bow tie. "I am a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. I'm over 900 years old and I travel through space and time in the TARDIS- standing for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. I have encountered many aliens in my time, nearly all whom have tried to kill me. I've also saved the entire human race multiple times and oh yes, you can call me Doctor! Any questions?". The Doctor said all this very fast and dramatic, ending with a flourish. I shook my head. It was all too much to take at that moment, any more information and I felt my brain was going to explode. Was travelling through space in a time machine even possible? It seemed to defy all the laws of magic.

    The Doctor left me standing alone in the TARDIS as he collected his clothes into his suitcase which had been left abandoned on the forest floor. "Ah, there's my fez!", I heard him say and I turned around to see him chuck his fully packed suitcase onto the TARDIS floor with a fez jauntily positioned on top of his head. I decided it was best not to question this.

    "I better get back into the castle now, in case people start looking for me".

   "I've only just got here!", The Doctor protested. "Can't you show me around?". I considered this. No, I couldn't yet show him around Hogwarts, I'm sure the professors would send him away immediately. Although, the next day I would be going to Hogsmeade, which was an entire wizarding village not far from Hogwarts.  I was sure The Doctor would find this fascinating. He would be less noticeable there amongst the many wizards and witches. I explained the situation to him and we came to a decision. The next day we would meet in Hogsmeade, me on foot and him in his TARDIS, which would be safely hidden behind the Hog's Head pub covered by the falling snow.

    "So I shall see you tomorrow then, Miss Lily Potter", The Doctor smiled, shaking my hand properly this time. I smiled back. I supposed he wasn't so bad, once you got past the fact that he was slightly mad. He walked back into the TARDIS and shut the door. Within seconds the metallic sounds started to whirr again, the time machine slowly fading until it was there no more. Maybe since The Doctor arrived, I would start to have a little more adventure in my life. I hoped he would stick around for a while. His life seemed so exciting, saving the world and travelling through space. It seemed like the kind of life I would enjoy.

    I hurried out of the forbidden forest before anyone noticed me. It was too late to see Hagrid now, I wanted to at least be seen in the castle so people knew I was safe.

   "Excuse me?", I heard loudly from behind me and I twisted round. "Do you know where we are?". Standing there with fluffy coats on and scarfs wrapped so tightly round their necks it looked like they were being strangled, was a couple. The woman was tall and slim with a neatly cut, chestnut brown bob. The man was comically very short compared to who I assumed was his partner with balding black hair.

    Though nothing was very comical about the situation now.

    Two muggles had gotten into Hogwarts, when Hogwarts was supposed to be impenetrable.

    It seemed The Doctor had brought adventure with him. It wasn't the adventure I had asked for.

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