The Raggedy Man

It's the year of 2026 and Lily Luna Potter is in her final year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily is eighteen and is ready to decide on what she wants to do in life after her amazing time at Hogwarts. However, a raggedy man in a blue police box arrives and her life is turned upside-down. The wizarding world is in danger and instead of focusing on her future, Lily needs to focus on keeping alive.
(My entry for the crossover competition!)


4. Bad News and Worry

   "Hello?!", the woman said rudely, looking exasperated. I stood staring at her, my mind trying to process what to say. I whipped round and sprinted back up the hill with difficulty due to the deep snow. I heard the woman screaming after me, something along the line of rude teenagers. I shot across the bridge leading back to the castle.

    This was bad, very bad. I needed to find a teacher. No one was supposed to get into Hogwarts. First The Doctor, now muggles. If it was so easy to get in that muggles could find it, then there must be something wrong with the protective spells over Hogwarts. They must have disappeared completely, how this had happened I had no idea.

    I ran into something solid as I turned a corner and I stumbled backwards. I realised I had knocked into Professor Longbottom. Professor Longbottom was the Herbology teacher at Hogwarts and he had been for a number of years. He was a student himself at Hogwarts and was friends with my family. His hair was grey more than dark now but he was quite good for his age. I had to crane my neck to make eye contact he was so tall. At that moment, he was wearing sweeping green robes.

    "I'm so sorry Professor!", I blurted out.

    "It's perfectly fine Lily! Now why are you in such a rush?", Professor Longbottom said cheerfully.

    "Muggles. They're here. Two of them. They've gotten into Hogwarts!", I said breathlessly. Professor Longbottom's expression changed, his face going from jolly to serious in a matter of seconds. I led him back across the bridge and down the hill again. "I would have got Hagrid but I thought it would scare the muggles a bit, seeing as he's half giant". Professor Longbottom explained that Hagrid was with the other teachers anyway. If I had known this before, I wouldn't have met The Doctor and I wouldn't have bumped into the muggles. It wouldn't be my problem. I was deciding whether meeting The Doctor was good or bad.

    "Excuse me, you!", the woman pointed at Professor Longbottom furiously. "Can you tell us where we are seeing as this girl won't? What's the name of this castle?!". Her face had gone bright red with anger or maybe it was the scarf cutting off her blood circulation. Her partner cowered nervously to the side of her, keeping his mouth shut. He seemed to be scared of her and wishing to be in another place.

    Professor Longbottom retrieved his wand from his pocket and raised it towards the woman. "Petrificus Totalus!", he yelled. The woman's arms rammed against her body and her legs jammed together. She fell backwards to the floor as stiff as a plank of wood but her eyes were still moving, darting all over the place. Before her partner had a chance to run, Professor Longbottom performed the spell on him. He was left frozen like the woman and his eyes were wide with shock.

    "Lily, I want you to go back into the castle now to have your lunch. Thank you for alerting me, it was a sensible thing to do", Professor Longbottom said solemnly. He looked very stressed, not like his usual self. I nodded quickly and hurried off.



     I wasn't sure whether I was allowed to tell anyone about what happened, seeing as it was such huge news but I just had to tell my closest friends.

     I was sat at the lengthy Gryffindor table, eating a cheese toastie from one of the silver plates that had a mountain of toasties piled on it. My three best friends came and sat beside me, greeting me happily. Sarah was from Ravenclaw and she had glossy black hair which she tied back in a high pony. She always had a school book on hand and always looked sophisticated with her glasses perched smartly on her nose. Clara was from Hufflepuff and she had perfect blonde ringlets, which I always envied. Clara was so friendly and lovely, she was there for me when I had problems. Daisy was from Gryffindor like me and I would say one of my closest friends. Her hair was a waterfall of light brown hair all the way down to her waist with matching light freckles across her nose. I was so grateful for all my friends and they made me feel loved and really at home in Hogwarts.

    "I can't believe you were up so early, again!", Daisy grinned. "Where did you even go Lily, you've been gone for ages!".

    "Well, I have some news...", I said in a hushed voice. I told them about the muggles getting into Hogwarts and how Professor Longbottom had to deal with them, sending me away to eat lunch. I didn't tell them about The Doctor. I thought they would demand I tell a teacher and say how I shouldn't be meddling with this stranger. As close friends as they were, I didn't think they'd understand about The Doctor.

    "What do you suppose Professor Longbottom did to them after you left?", Clara whispered.

    "He probably altered their memories so they wouldn't remember Hogwarts", Sarah murmured quickly back. "It's how they got in I'm worried about...".

    "Doesn't that mean...anyone can get in?", Clara said frightfully. We all looked at eachother with worried faces. Yes, this was bad.

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