The Raggedy Man

It's the year of 2026 and Lily Luna Potter is in her final year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily is eighteen and is ready to decide on what she wants to do in life after her amazing time at Hogwarts. However, a raggedy man in a blue police box arrives and her life is turned upside-down. The wizarding world is in danger and instead of focusing on her future, Lily needs to focus on keeping alive.
(My entry for the crossover competition!)


14. Apparation

    I couldn't quite believe what had happened. One minute Susan was sprinting alongside me, the next I heard the scuffle of her feet catching in the snow, then the soft thump as she hit the floor. One scream and she was gone.

   The Weeping Angel was still there, vampiric teeth on show. It had not gone, like Susan.

   "Doctor!", I choked out, raising my voice. "How can we get her back?!".

   "We can't", I heard The Doctor yell to me, the tone of frustration in his voice. "She could be anywhere in time, we wouldn't know where to start". I imagined him running his fingers through his hair and muttering angrily to himself.

   In the place of Susan, another Gryffindor had to come down and help us. It was another girl, Zoe, who had pale skin and long black hair plaited down her back. I had talked to her plenty of times in Care of Magical Creatures, and she was very sweet and polite. She excelled in this subject and had a love for all the creatures.

   I felt sorry for the Gryffindors who now had to come up after seeing what happened to Susan, but Zoe seemed fairly calm. She was shaking though, and I wasn't sure if it was because she was scared or because of the cold.

   "What about Susan?!", Professor McGonagall spluttered. "What if it happens again?!".

   "Just be very careful not to trip and don't panic", The Doctor shouted to her, almost pleading with her. "We can't stop now anyway, this needs to be done! I'm sorry we lost her, but I can't get her back!". Professor McGonagall muttered something along the lines of a student, gone, this never would have happened if HE didn't come. It made me angry, but even I could control my temper around a teacher. It wasn't The Doctor's fault. How would he know this would happen? He was the one who thought he was going to Hawaii after all.

   Carefully and cautiously, we proceeded on the same journey Daisy, Logan and I did. Zoe floated along beside me, gracefully on her skinny legs and dainty feet, barely making a sound. After reaching Hogsmeade, Professor McGonagall was starting to breathe heavily and her throat sounded dry, her breaths seeming to scrape against her throat.

   "Are you okay, Professor?", I asked her politely as we stopped to look at the demonic angel. She replied that she was fine, but I heard her draw in a long rush of air.



    Arriving to the Shrieking Shack took longer than before. Poor Professor McGonagall had nearly collapsed by the time we reached there. After making sure she was breathing steadily again, I left her and Zoe with the angel.

    "Two more angels left!", I shouted to Daisy and Logan.

    "Hurry up, I'm tired and hungry and my legs hurt!", Logan moaned. I went to argue back but I realised this would just waste time and I needed to hurry.

    With the next angel, I was escorted by Daniel and Professor Longbottom, who had finished fixing the rip in the protective shield around Hogwarts. He had said that it was no problem and easily repaired, but that he felt guilty he hadn't fixed it sooner. I assured him kindly that he wasn't to know that there was a rip there, there was no one to alert him. This made him smile and he seemed to have some new found confidence as we led the angel in the same way as the others.

    This journey was as easy as the first, and we got there with no trouble at all, no one hurt or missing. Daniel's legs were so long that he took giant strides and it was hard to keep up with him, but it also meant we arrived at The Shrieking Shack quicker.

    Three down, one to go.

    The last angel was to be led by The Doctor, Felix and I. At first, Felix was very wary and it took a lot of encouragement for him to run further and not turn around every second.

    "I'm useless", Felix wailed as he turned around for the seventh time; we had barely made it past the Quidditch pitch.

    "I've never met a person who is useless before", The Doctor said firmly. "Plus, you're helping us now. Therefore, you have a use. You are not lacking a use. You're perfectly useful, full of uses! Anyway, you're doing fine, we can do it!".

     Then on, Felix gradually built up speed and lengthened how long he was facing away from the angels and running.  Felix seemed beside himself with excitement when we reached the Shrieking Shack with the others. The Doctor's encouragement had seemed to help him greatly.

     The angels were now at all four points at the foot of the hill, positioned North, South, East and West. They were facing inwards in a very wide diamond shape, but they were kept stationary by pairs of people. I walked slowly into the direct center of the diamond.

    "When I say go", I shouted into the silence, my voice carrying in the wind, echoing in the hills, "You run from the angels, and don't look for at least five seconds. They need time to reach me so I can apparate".

     Assuming they understood, I breathed in heavily. I heard the hoot of an owl above me, and looked up to see Oswin hovering, the wind catching against her light brown wings. The sight of my faithful owl calmed me, as if she was a guardian to protect me. The sight of her gave me the confidence to believe that everything would turn out fine.

     I yelled go, and closed my eyes.

     A couple of seconds would be all it took for them to reach me.

    I counted. One. I heard the snow crunch slightly.

    Two. A whooshing sound like the movement of wind was approaching.

    Three. I felt the presence of the angels staring at me, my heart beating hard against my chest. I forced a memorable place into my mind to calm me.

    And then I apparated.


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