Rising Star

Abigail Smith is an ordinary teenager with big dreams. Her wish is to become the world's biggest popstar, and everybody knows that when Abigail wants something, she doesn't back down until she gets it. But there are a few distractions along the way . . .


8. Harry Faces Charlotte

Harry's POV

Harry let out a deep breath, one he had been holding for a while. He'd texted Charlotte telling her to come over immediately and she'd just replied telling him she'd be there in less then a minute. Ellie and Abby had gone a while ago, but Abby had left her notebook. Harry had tried calling her to tell her he could drop it off at 6:00, but she hadn't replied.

He heard a car pull up on the driveway. By the time the doorbell rang, Harry was halfway out the door. "I'll get it!" He yelled down to his mum. His dad was away working again. As he opened the door, Charlotte's irritated face greeted him. She stormed into the room, her curly hair bouncing. She carried on in the same manner up the stairs and into Harry's room, plonking herself down on the bed, where Ellie had been sitting about half an hour ago. "Well hello to you, to," He muttered under his breath.

  He followed slowly, shutting the door behind him. He sank down on the bed beside Charlotte. "We need to talk-"

 Before he had finished his sentence, Charlotte leaned forwards and kissed him on the lips. Harry tried to resist, but Charlotte wouldn't let go. Harry leaned into her, letting himself go. He knew it was wrong, but he was having a pretty tough time with his dad. Charlotte paused for a moment, looking into his eyes. "Harry, I still love you."

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