Rising Star

Abigail Smith is an ordinary teenager with big dreams. Her wish is to become the world's biggest popstar, and everybody knows that when Abigail wants something, she doesn't back down until she gets it. But there are a few distractions along the way . . .


4. Ellie gets a Warning

   Abby lay on Ellie's bed, looking up from her English textbook. "Ellie!" She called. Ellie was in the shower. 

   "Yes?" She faint answer came to Abby, through the noise of the water hitting the tiles. 

   "Harry's calling you!" 

    Ellie screamed. "Do something!"

   "Like what?!?" Abby was panicking now. She knew what Ellie was going to say.

    "Answer it!" Came Ellie's reply.


    "Just do it!" Ellie sounded faintly irritated.

    "Fine," Abby muttered. She reached for Ellie's phone and hit the answer button. "Hello?"

   "Hi. Is Ellie there?" Not Harry's voice. Charlotte's.

    "She's in the shower. What are doing on Harry's phone?" Abby was suspicious.

   "And what are you doing on Ellie's?" Charlotte countered.

   Abby sighed. "She told me to answer it. Now what did you want to tell her?"

   "I wanted to tell her to back off. Make sure she get's my message." Charlotte hung up, and Abby heard static from the other end. Ellie wasn't going to like this.

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