Rising Star

Abigail Smith is an ordinary teenager with big dreams. Her wish is to become the world's biggest popstar, and everybody knows that when Abigail wants something, she doesn't back down until she gets it. But there are a few distractions along the way . . .


2. Abby at School

"Oh my gosh, Harry is SO cute!" Ellie gushed, staring at him. 

   "Yeah," Abby muttered. She loved Ellie like a sister, but when it came to Harry . . . They both had a massive crush on him, even though Ellie didn't know that Abby liked him.

   Abby glanced over at him. His curly brown hair and his honey-gold eyes . . . Oh, those eyes. They made her want to melt. 

   "It's too bad he's going out with Charlotte," Ellie moaned. "Those two are so good together though. I'd be surprised if they broke up."

   Abby turned to look at Charlotte. Charlotte had gorgeous brown, curly hair, a lot like Harry's, but her eyes were icy blue. They made Abby shiver. Charlotte was the popular girl, and all girls wanted to be like her. If she didn't like you, then you were done for. Charlotte and Harry had been together since they were little. Before, it was only a crush, but now, you could see how much they liked each other. As much as Abby liked Harry, she wouldn't want to do anything that would ruin that.

   Abby opened her locker, pulled out her history and latin books, and slammed the door shut. "Come on," She urged Ellie. "You know what Mr Walters' like."

   "Yes, I do," Ellie glared at her history book as she pulled it out. "Detention, detention, detention."

   Ellie hated history, Abby knew. But Abby liked it. Because Abby got to sit next to Harry, and they got to work together. And actually, Harry was a genuinely nice person. Abby smiled, as she walked with Ellie towards history class.

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