Summer Love.

Bella is addicted to twitter and spends her whole day trying to be noticed by One Direction. Mainly Louis. One friday night she is followed by Louis. What happens next? Read to find out.


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Bella's P.O.V.

I got home from school on friday the 16th of november and logged straight on to twitter (as per usual). I wasn't that popular on twitter I just had a fan account for one direction. Anyway i scrolled through my timeline for a bit then decided to move on to see if any of the boys from one direction were on. I firstly went on Louis' account. Yes! I thought to myself. He was online so as usual I unfollowed the re-followed hoping for him to notice me. I looked through the other boys and no one else was online so i decided to move on to instagram. I flicked through the news feed for a bit when a banner at the top of my phone appeared that read '@Louis_Tomlinson is now following you'.

I glanced at it for a moment thinking I was dreaming. I thought to myself " No this is not possible. Snap out of it Bell your dreaming" I tapped the banner and it changed screens to my twitter interactions. The top line read 'Louis Tomlinson and 6 others followed you'. I screamed so loud my mum came running in to see what had happened. She burst through the door and said " Oh my gosh Bella what happened?" I was bawling my eyes out by this point and replied "Louis freaking Tomlinson followed me." She looked at me with angry eyes and said "Are you serious?!?" "I thought someone was murdering you!" I ran up to her and jumped on her hugging her because I was soo excited. I decided to Direct Message him straight away to thank him for following me. Knowing I would probably not get a reply i said "Hey Louis, Thankyouuu sooo sooo sooo much for following me. You have just made my life! I love you xx"

Louis' P.O.V. 

Me and the boys had just got back from the last recording session for our new album Take Me Home which is out in a few days. I decided to log on to twitter to do some following. I clicked on my followers list and tapped the first follow button for a twitter account with the name 'Bella Tomlinson ∞.' I actually thought it was kinda cute when people did that. I clicked on her account just because I wanted to see a picture of her. I clicked on her recent images and the first one to pop up was a picture of me with the tag 'My Future Husband <3' I laughed to myself and continued to look through her pictures I came to a picture of her. I knew it was her because the tag was 'Me :)x' I stared at it for a minute and was amazed at her beauty. I'm not kidding she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I wanted to send her a direct message to her to tell her. I clicked off of her profile and went into my DM's to see she had already sent me one. It read 'Hey Louis, Thankyouuu sooo sooo sooo much for following me. You have just made my life! I love you xx'' I laughed to myself and decided to reply. 'Hi Bella, I'm glad I made your life haha :) I saw a picture of you and i just wanted to tell you how beautiful you are.'

Bella's P.O.V. 

I sat there on the same page i had just sent a direct message to Louis on waiting to see if he would reply. I sat there staring at it for about 5 minutes when a little bubble popped up. "Omg." i thought to myself. "He replied!" I looked at the reply and it read 'Hi Bella, I'm glad I made your life haha :) I saw a picture of you and i just wanted to tell you how beautiful you are.' I replied 'Omg you actually replied! Thankyouu :) I cant believe this is actually happening. I went to your concert earlier this year and just wanted to say you were amazing<3 I saw you had a meet and greet a few days ago near where I live but i didn't get the chance to go :( I wish I could meet you... :) Anyway thankyou sooo much for replying xx' I sat there hoping he would reply to me, but I got nothing.

I woke up the next morning and got straight onto twitter and checked my DM's. I clicked on mine and Louis' conversation and he had sent me another one. It read 'No you aren't dreaming, it is happening haha :) and thankyou im glad you enjoyed the concert :) Which concert did you go to exactly? haha anyway. I think it would be great to meet you maybe we could meet up one day :)x'



A/N :)x

Hey guys. Sorry for the short first chapter I didn't really know how to start. I promise the next few will be better. Anyway enjoy. Like and Favourite <3xx

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