3 worlds combined

A cross over between Sherlock Holmes, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third and Dobby the house elf.

(Includes Lord of the rings).


1. The chase

"Get after him then Holmes!" yelled Dr.Watson, breaking into a sprint.

"You go left i'll go right, then we can sandwich him!" suggested Holmes eagerly.


Sprinting as fast as possible Holmes was devising a plan to take down the villain in which they were in pursuit of. This plan was to: Kick side of leg, stamp on toes, kick in chest, punch jaw, dislocate jaw and then fracture  ribs. Maximum recovery time: 1 month.

They were closing in on the villain.Leaping obstacles and avoiding citizens, Holmes bounded onto a bin, pounced onto the roof of a small shop! Suddenly the villain slowed. It was Holmes's time to make a move. Diving off the roof, he angled himself and hit his target square in the chest with his outstretched knuckles (ouch). Dragging the crook into an alleyway with a serious look on his face, Holmes stared menacingly at the crook.

"You really think you can beat ME Holmes?" questioned the crook "I, Bennio Atrian have never been beaten!"

As quick as a flash Bennio grabbed a piece of metal drain and made a lunge for Holmes. Seeing the threat herolled out of the way, putting his plan into action by kicking out halfway through. Letting out a slight grunt Bennio swung the drain wildly! Now it was time to complete the plan! He stamped on Bennio's toes, kicked him in the chest and sent him flying, lunged for his jaws and then dislocated them and then to finish stomped on his ribcage!

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