The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


23. Watch out Lou...


BEKKIS POV: I woke up wrapped in Zayn’s arms. He was right, it was freezing last night, and still is. I cuddled in closer to him bringing the think blanket with me. I laid on his chest while i he had his arms wrapped around me. I listened to his heart beat and the sound of him breathing. We breathed in sync as my body lifted along with his chest. Rising and filling with air. This moment in time was perfect. I don’t want it to ever end. But all great moments come to an end at some time, don’t they? My phone started to ring. I quickly got out of Zayn’s hold and jumped out of bed. It was freezing. “Hello?” I whispered into the phone, and walked out of the room hoping not to wake Zayn. “Hello, Is this Miss Black?” A man on the other end asked. “Sure is” I said with a smile in return. Don’t ask why i know that they can’t see, but i think its gives a ring to my voice. “Well Bekki, this is Dr Andrews, it seems that we miss read your x-rays, you are free to take the brace off tomorrow, but no sooner, and how is your lip?” He asked and I jumped a little with joy. Tomorrow i can have both my arms! but then i forgot my lip. I haven’t put any ice on it what so ever. I touched it lightly, and it didn’t hurt. “Um well i haven’t put any ice on it but it fells and looks fine” I said looking in the mirror and seeing my lip was back to normal. “Well you are a fast healer!” The doctor said and i could tell he was smiling on the other end. “Well thank you, so i can take the brace off tomorrow and don’t have to put the other one on?” I asked hoping that i didn’t have to wear and stupid brace. “That is exactly right, have a good day Bekki” “thanks and you too” I said and hung up. 


“Hey boo, was that the doctor?” Zayn said coming up behind me and giving me a huge hug. “Yeaaah i can take the brace off tomorrow” I said and turned around. Our faces were inches apart. “Well that is great news!” Zayn said kissing me on my fore head. hmm i guess my first kiss will have to wait. “When are we going to leave?” I asked walking into the kitchen and grabbing a carrot. “Well if we get dressed now, and leave in about 5 we can make it by 12” Zayn said also grabbing a carrot. “Your going to need to help me..” I said looking down at my tapped up arm. “Of corse boooo” Zayn giggled stretching out the word ‘boo’ And touching my nose. 


“So what are you going to wear?” Zayn asked walking over to my half empty wardrobe. “You choose” I smiled and sat on the bed. It wasnt long until he walked out holding I simple yet really good looking outfit! “How do you do that?” I asked shocked, i wou;d have never though about them two together. It was a pair of brown high waisted shorts, a patterned flowy top, with a nice jacket to go with it. “Do what boo?” He asked confused. “You picked a perfect outfit!” I smiled and he started to put the cloths on me. Thank god we were boy friend and girl friend because if he was just still ‘Zayn’ then this would be awkward. ‘Hey muffin, can you do my hair? pweeeesse?” I asked making a puppy dog face. “Muffin?” He said with a giggle. “Hey i want you to have a nick name” I said making a sad face. “Naw booo come here” He said holding his arms out. I walked over to him and he huged me really tight. “You don’t have to give me a nick name” He said and kissed the top of my head. “ok now turn around” I did as he said and he started to work on my hair, firstly brushing it then he did a plat all the way down my back. “there you go boo” He said and turned me back around to kiss me on the fore head. “Zayn, when we get to the house im going to play a joke on Louis, play along?” I said with an evil smile. “Should i be worried?” He asked looking at me. “Nah, but can you help me? We need orange paint” I said with a smile. “What are you up to Bekki?” He said with a giggle. “You’ll see, now get dressed so we can make it to the shops before hand” I smiled and let go of my grip around Zayn and he walked off to his room to get changed. I think this will be the best prank i have pulled yet. 

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