The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


20. the truth comes out.


BEKKIS POV: We were driving to some place to eat lunch, but i really didn’t want to eat anywhere apart from home, who knows what people will put in my food this time? We soon arrived at Nando’s. “Hope your hungry!” Niall said running into Nando’s. “mmm yay so hungry” I mumbled to myself. “Don’t you like nandos” Zayn asked helping me out of the car. “I love Nando’s i’m just no hungry” I said as my tummy rumbled. great. “Yeah not hungry.. don’t worry i promise nothing will happen this time” Zayn said wrapping his arm around my shoulder. Before each of the boys went in they put dark glasses, hats and/or beanies on. I had to put a beanie on and a pair of glasses too, because people knew what i looked like and that i was good friends with the boys. “Just this way- Wait you’re” The lady begin “shhhhh please!” All the boys said at once. “Oh yes um sorry, just this way to your table” The lady said and walked us to the table. She didn’t see me because i was standing behind Liam, i was kind of hiding. We all took a seat and the lady walked away, she still hadn’t seen me. I don’t want any of the waiters, waitresses and cooks to see me, because that way i wont get sick before they wont know its for me. We were sitting in a booth. At the start it was Liam, then Niall, then Zayn then me then Louis and then Harry. After a few minutes the Lady came back with menus. I tried to hide between Louis and Zayn but it didn’t really work. “here are your menus- Bekki Black?!” The lady started to say and i worried for what would come next. “Thanks” Harry said taking the menus and giving her a mean look. “Bekki you are such a lucky girl! i wish i was Zayn’s girl friend!” She said and started to walk off. “Um we are just friends?” I questioned her. “oh..” She said and smiled and walked away. A man walked over to take our oder’s once he wrote it all down he looked at me. I gave him a questioning look. “Sorry, its just you look really pretty but in person you look beautiful.” He said with a flirty voice. “Um thanks” I gave him a smile and thought he would walk off. But he didn’t “Hey come over here i need to see somthing” He said monioning for me to come over the the side. “Um, id rather not.. i dont want to make the boys move” I said a bit scared and moved closer to Zayn. “Come on i just need to see something!” He said once again and tried to grab my hand that was on the table. I quickly moved it away. “No.” I said and gave him a death look. “Mate, just let her be” Harry said and looked at me, i must have had a scared look on my face. “Stay out of this curly” The man said in a really rude tone. “Now Bekki we can do this the hard way of the easy way, all you need to do is come with me, not so hard is it?” He said giving me a little wink. “LOOK. i don’t want to go anywhere with you, now please let me and my friends eat in peace.” I said yelling a bit but i didn’t care. “No, you dont get food till i put the order in and since its still with me, then i guess you wont be getting food for a while. now if you simply just come with me out the back, everyone can get there food, and i will leave you alone.” He said to me, and i got ready scared. I could see that the boys were really hungrey and they have had a long day. “Fine.” I said getting up but none of the boys moved. “Let her out” The man said grabbing my hand. I was really scared now. All of the boys got up apart from Zayn. “Zayn let me through so you guys can eat don’t worry about me.” I whisperred to him “IM coming with you” He said getting up and looking at the man. “fine.” The man said and pulled me out of the booth and ran towards the kitchen still pulling me. “SLOW DOWN!” I yelled he was going to rip my arm out! “No i need to get away from the boy of yours” He said and turned a corner, the next thing i know was we were outside and he was still running. “What are you doing?” I screamed as he pulled me into an empty ally way. “Shh baby, its a gift from Carly.” He said kissing my cheek. “Get off of me!” I yelled and slapped him. “Nope i dont think so” He said grabbing my hands and pulling thm over my head. Zayn hurry please come find me. I screamed as louad as i could and into this guys ear, because of what i did he slapped me hard across the face. “Now now no need for that” He said and was about to kiss my lips. Ew he was not going to be my first kiss. I quickly thought and kicked him where the sun dont shine. then ran for it. “ZAAAYN!” I screamed and screamed over again, i had no idea where i was going. then i bumbed into someone. I fell on my bum, and when i looked up all i could see was someone wearing dark sunnys and a hoodie. I screamed and tried to get up and run again but the guy got me, When he had my standing up i saw that it was Zayn. I gave him a huge hug and started to cry. Carly had planned this. She told the man what to do. “Shh Bekki come one lets get out of here” He said and picked my up bridal style. I was still crying into his chest. How could my best friend do this to me? Wait my ex best friend, how could se do this to me? CLICK CLICK CLICK.  Shit. I didn’t look up from Zayn’s chest but i knew it was the paps. “HEy get away from them!” I heard a voice say, i made it out to be Louis’. “Lou take her,im going to get her bag” Zayn said handing me to Louis who was now holding me, i was still crying but now into Louis; chest. CLICK CLICK CLICK “HEY! LEAVE THEM ALONE” Niall yelled “LOU RUN THEY ARE GETTING CLOSER” Liam said and i felt Lou run, wow he must be strong if he could hold me and ran. We finally reached the car and he put me in the back. Soon after the door opened and closed again and i felt arms wrap around me and the car start to drive off. I looked up to find it was Zayn. I feel safe now that im in his arms. “Im so sorry guys” I said in between sobs. “Bekki why are you sorry fro you did nothing wrong, just dont worry about it ok” Harry said smiling at me and the rest of the boys agrred. “But-” I was cut off, “Bekki don’t worry you didn’t do anything” Niall said and turned to smile at me. I was still crying about what had happened. “You look tired” Zayn said hugging my tighter. “mmmhumm” I mumbled and soon i was asleep. 


ZAYNS POV: What was the guys problem? Bekki said no, why cant he just accept that, i felt bad when she got up to go with him because she thought if she did we could eat. I would go a year without eating anything just to keep her safe. When he dragged her through the kitchen and out the back i was following them, until the chefs started to yell because i wasnt allowed to be back there. i ran out dispite what they were saying and i couldn’t see them anywhere. No. I cant loose her ! I kept running looking down all the streets so i could find her. I saw her running but she wasnt looking where she was going and i didnt know what to do, before i did anything she was flat on her bottom, she didnt know it was me because of the stupid dark glasses i head to wear. But when she finally saw that it was me she started to cry, I hate seeing her like this. I picked her up and strted to walk back to Nando’s. CLICK CLICK. omg i hate the paps ! I handed Bekki to Louis so i could go back and get her bags. I ran off to the car and got in next to Bekki who was still crying. I qucikly wrapped her in my arms and she cried into my chest. What had that guy done to her? And i still had to find out what Carly had meant when she said ‘i should have killed you when my father told me to’. but i guess she was going to tell me when she was ready. “You look tired”  I hugged her tighter while saying that. “mmmhumm” She mummbled and soon she was asleep in my arms. I loved this feeling of her sleeping in my arms, this has happened for about the 7th time. We soon arrived back at the house and Bekki was still asleep. So i picked her up and carried her inside, Louis grabbed her bag and Harry opened the doors, She had a big day. She had joined in on 2 interviews, she had gotten some hate from ‘fans’ and then that thing at Nando’s, all that along with gifhting with her bet friend, and getting attacked by paps yesterday. I didn’t blame her for sleeping. I put her up stairs and in her bed, she rolled around a little but then finally stopped and i walked out. “Hey um Zayn..” Niall said when he saw me coming down the stairs. “Yeah mate?” I asked and sat in the lunge. “Um we just want to know how Bekki is going?” Liam asked a bit upset. “Why don’t you ask her when she wakes up, i dont know as much more then you guys do” I replied, why were they asking me? “Um what about everything with the baby?” Harry asked and looking guilty. “Im not to sure, she still gets sick in the morning before anyone wakes up” I said trying my best to lie. “I feel so bad” Louis said looking at his hands. “Dont worry mate, we will talk to Bekki about it when she wakes up” I smiled and we began to watch tv.


BEKKIS POV: I woke up screaming from a horrible nightmare, the one i had before the only difference was after the girl had ran away the Man from Nando’s came and tried to rape me. Before anything happened i woke up.


LOUIS’ POV: All the boys had gone out so they could go get some dinner/lunch. I stayed home because i really couldnt be bothered getting up. I was sat watching tv when i heard a loud scream, coming from Bekki’s room. I straight away ran up and saw her sitting on her bed crying with pure fear on her face. “BEKKI! Whats wrong love?” I said running over to her and holding her in my arms. “i-i-i-i-” Is all she could her got she was crying really hard right now, “shhh, its ok im here” I said and rubbed her back and held her in my grip. After about 5 minutes of just sitting there with Bekki in my arms she finally spoke. “I had a bad dream, Lou, Im scared.” She said and started to cry once again. “Dont worry Bekki nothing bad is going to happen to you, you have me and Zayn and Liam and Niall and Harry and Paul and Simon and everyone else that i know, they will protect you” I said hugging her really tight by now. “Thanks Lou, um i cant breath” She said and i quickly loosened my grip on her. “Lou stay here im just going to the bathroom, pleasedont leave” She said and i just nodded. “I wont go anywhere!” I said and smiled as she got up and walked to her bathroom. “SHIT LOUIS!” I heard her call, “What is it Bekki?!” I said and jumped up. “um Lou, if you look at the top drawer on the left side of the bed, can yiu get me a pad, please?” I heard her say. i did what she said and she stuck her hand out so i could give her, her pad. Wait why would she need a pad, i may be a guy but i know that girls only need pads on there period, and you don’t get your period when your meant to be having a baby, something is just not right. “Thank you so much Lou!” She said and walked out. “Um Bekki... i thought you were having a baby?!” He yelled. 


BEKKIS POV: I needed to pee so i got up and told Louis to stay there because i was scared, i soon found out that i had my period. yay. thank god Louis was there so i asked him for a pad. When i walked out Louis was sitting on my bed, “Um Bekki... i thought you were having a baby?!” He yelled. shit. i had forgotten. “Oh um yeah well um well the thing is um” I said rubbing the back of my neck. “Im not having a baby, i never was... It was kinda a prank on you and the boys, after all you were going to make me and Zayn kiss, and you knew it would be my first time!” I said. “Im so sorry i should have never done that to you! But a prank like that Bekki !! well i must say you got us good” Louis said and gave me a little push. “You have to tell the other guys they are worried sick about you!” Louis got up and i heard the front door open. “I will, now” I said smiling and followed Louis down stairs. We had gotten half way down when we were stopped my Zayn coming up. “I was just about to come check on you” Zayn said with a smile, turned and walked down the stairs. “Zayn i think its time to tell them..” I said and Zayn just nodded. All the boys were in the kitchen. I followed Zayn and Louis and all the boys looked up at me, i think that had gone to get food because they had subway bags. “What is it Bekki?” Harry asked hadning me and subway bag. “Thanks. Umm welllll” I said stretching out the L. “Im not having a baby..” I said and all the boys stood there like someone had been shot. “BEKKI ! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!” They all yelled. “Hey ! you guys were going to make me have my first kiss and sex for the first time with Zayn when i had only known him for a day! so i think its a good life lesson, you shouldn’t make people do something they don’t want to because you never know what will happen after” I said yelling back at them. “I guess your right, we are sorry” Niall said and gave me a big hug. “IM sorry too” Harry said. “Same here” Liam said and we all had a group hug. It was funny to see how much the boys cared, but it was also cute. “Lets eat its getting late now” Niall said and we all sat at the dinning table and ate our subway. How did the boys know what one to get me? Then i looked over and saw Zayn eating the same one. We are so alike. After we finished eating and talking about the song that we are meant to be working on. I looked over at the time at it was already 12. wow we had been talking for hours! “I think we should get off to bed” Liam said we all agreed and walked up to our rooms. This is going to be the first night i was going to fall asleep not in Zayn’s arms, and also the first time im actually going to fall asleep in my bed with out having to be carried or without Zayn. I had a quick shower and it was a cold night so i put on a pair of trackis and a long sleeved top. I looked over at the time and it was now 12;30, i thought i took  fast shower, I walked over to my bed grabbing my phone and lay down. I couldn’t sleep, so i went on twitter. There were more photos of my and Zayn, there were ones from me crying into his chest, and then ones of me crying into Louis chest. there were other ones from me getting dragged my the guy and then more of my and Zayn sitting together, there was photos everywhere. i looked through some tweets, some where really nice, people were saying how cute me and Zayn are together and how he should go out, others said me and Louis looked cute together when i was crying into his chest, then there was the mean ones. Saying that im ugly, im a slut, and everything like that. Then i rembered i wasnt even following any of the boys. It wasnt hard to find them so i clicked follow, they would see it until the morning, but all well. I followed some of the people that had send the nice tweets back. Then i got a notification, Zayn Malik is now following you. oh no. did i wake him up? Then i got a mention. *How do all our fans get Bekki’s twitter and i couldn’t find it till now? xx* I decided to reply. *You didn’t find it, i followed you just then! :)* I giggled and put my phone down till it went off again. *Shh you i still had to find if it was the real you or not ;)* Zayn had replied, *What ever, Zayn can you go tell Harry to shut up i can hear him snoring from my room!* I pressed send and then i heard Harry snore again. *I cant hear anything from my room, so you can suffer ;)* Zayn tweeted not long after i had. *How can you not hear him! You room is next to mine* I tweeted and giggled because i heard Harry snore again. *Just go to sleep we have work in the morning, good night* Zayn tweeted. *niiiggghhhht* I replied and set my phone down. I cant sleep. I lay there for a while but still i couldn’t sleep, even though Harry wasn’t snoring anymore, I went back on twitter to see everyone commention on mine and Zayn’s little twitter chat. *go out already* one said and i smiled at. i kept reading and only say really nice ones, not one of them rude. I put my phone back down but looked at the time 1am in the morning. Why? Why cant i sleep? *Beep* I turned my head to see my phone vibrating, i got a text message. FROM ZAYN: Bekki are you awake?  

TO ZAYN: Yeah i cant sleep

FROM ZAYN: me neather, wanna come to my room?
TO ZAYN: Ok ill be there in a min. 

I smiled and got up out of bed to hear Harry snoring once again, i hope Zayn wasnt lying about not being able to hear Harry. 


ZAYNS POV: It was 1 in the morning and i couldn’t sleep. i decided to text Bekki, She was up too, I asked her to come to my room. I don’t know why, i just did. I lay in bed for a while until i saw the door open and Bekki walk my way, i opened my arms for her to lay in and she slid under the blanket. After a few seconds we were both fast asleep. I finally figured it out, i could now only fall asleep with Bekki in my arms, well thats what it looked like anyways. 

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