The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


6. The Surprise.


CARLYS POV: I had almost forgot about the present that me and Emily had gotten for Bekki. I new she was going to love it, I jumped out of Harrys arms and ran up stairs. Once i got to me room I looked around for the little black box, after a few minutes i remembered where I had put it and ran back down the stairs. Bekki was still standing in the same place I left her, only this time Harry and Zayn were next to her. I handed her the box saying Happy Birthday and stood back. “Wait it’s your birthday?” Harry said surprised. “yeah, im 18 now,” Bekki smiled and started to open the box. “Why didnt you tell me?” Harry whispered in my ear. “I don’t know i guess it never crossed my mind to tell you” i whispered back 


BEKKIS POV: i started to open the little black box. When i had it finally opened i took out a Keys. “Key’s?” I questioned Carly. “You will get the rest tomorrow” She winked. gosh i hate her and hew little surprises. “Its been a long day why don’ we all call it a night?” Harry announced and we all said good night to one another. “Oh and Happy Birthday Bekki !” Harry came up and gave me a big hug then ran up the stairs followed. “Happy Birthday Bekki,” Carly kissed me on the cheek and went up to her room. That left me and Zayn. “I had fun today, thanks so much, i normally don’t do anything like that.” I smiled at him and gave him a hug. “We should do it more often i had a really good time to !” He smiled back and looked into my eyes. He needs to stop doing that ! i’m going to melt in his eyes one day, they are just so amazing ! He started to lean in for a kiss when the door opened. WE both jumped back and rubbed the back of our necks. “Hey Zayinie pooooo” Niall said walking through the door and straight for the kitchen. “Hey Niall, wheres the other boys?” Zayn asked right as Liam and Louis walked through the door. “Hey Zayn” Liam Said and came into the same room as us followed my Louis. “You to look dressed up where are you going at this time its almost 12” Louis asked winking at Zayn. “Well um we just got back” I answered. “ooOooOo where from?” Liam and Louis both said at the same time. “Well I took her out to maccas for her birthday dinner” Zayn answered blushing. “Very romantic Zayn... Wait what your BIRTHDAY?” Liam yelled looking at me. i wish Zayn didnt say anything i hate my birthdays. Niall walked in to the room and also asked if it was really my birthday. “Yeah um its my birthday..” I said trying to look happy. “Well why didn’t you said  anything ?!” Louis looked at me. “Well i only kinda met you today, and i don’t really know you, and i hate my birthdays.” I said looking back at Louis. “Happy Birthday Bekki” All the boys yelled. “its not my birthday anymore, look its 12:01” i said smiling, thank god it wasn’t my birthday anymore i cant stand people yelling Happy Birthday. all the boys look at me mad, i dont know why. “Well then today when we wake up your going to get to know us better, and we are going to do something for your birthday ! Niall said and all the boys agreed. “oh yay i cant wait. im going to bed, night guys.” i smiled and waved good by then walked up the stairs to my room. 


CARLYS POV: I was getting changed into my pjs when i started to hear noises down stairs, i knew it was only Bekki and the boys but this is the first time i was going to be sleeping in a new place, apart from my house and Bekkis since that night. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and i froze, i knew it would only have been Bekki or someone like that but i don’t know why im scared. When i couldn’t hear the foot steps anymore, i walked up the the door and opened it. I saw shadows, and then all flash backs started coming. I dropped the the floor and cried. I was curled into a ball, and cried myself to sleep. I woke up and saw i was on the floor, but this time i knew where i was. I turned the lights on and walked to the bed. I was about the get in when i heard a loud bang come from down stairs. I cant take it any more. I ran out of my room, and into the closet one i could find. “Lou is that you?” I heard a husky voice say. “n-n-noo its m-me Carly.” i said scared for my life. Suddenly the person Sat up and i jumped. I saw brown curls and felt more safe. “Whats wrong?” Harry asked in his sleepy voice. He got up and walked over to me. He wrapped his arm around me and lead me to his bed. “i don’t want to talk about it, but do you mind if i stay in here?” I said rubbing my neck and looking around his room. “Sure, do you want me to sleep on the floor... or? Harry asked looking worried. “Um no thats fine can you just protect me?” i said and we both slipped under the blanket. I started to drift of, i felt so much safer now, with Harry.


HARRY’S POV: When i saw Carly standing there it looked like she was crying. I went up to her side and moved to my bed. How could she still look beautiful even though she had water marks on her face, her eyes were puffy and red and her hair was all messy. We slid down under the blanket and she feel asleep in my arms. I watched her as she slept, she was so peacefull, the way she would keep snuggling in close to me. I slowly started to drift of watching Carly sleep. 



BEKKIS POV: I woke up and looked at my phone 6 in the morning. I got up out of bed and walked into the bath room, and washed my face. I loved my hair, it was never messy or anything in the morning all i had to go was give it a quick brush to get some nots out and then it was straight. Got changed into some black skinny jeans and a red jumper, then put my brown ugg boots on. I walked out of my room and i could hear snoring. I guess im the only one that gets up early. I walked down stairs, into the kitchen to see what i could cook. I didn’t know where things where, but i managed to find stuff to make pancakes, scrambled eggs, french toast and banana bread. I started cooking, and while i was waiting to flip the pancakes i set up the table. It took me an hour or so but i had finished, and washed all the dishes i had used. I laid all the food out on the table. Now time to wake up everyone. I walked up the stairs and knocked on the first door. Liam’s. “come in” i heard a sleepy voice say. “do you want me to help wake everyone up, i made breakfast.” i smiled and he leaped out of his bed. Next room was Niall’s, “Foods ready” Liam said nocking on the door, before i could reach for the handle Niall was up and ready to go. He was about to race down stairs but Liam grabbed his arm, “your going to help wake everyone else up first mate.” Niall made a puppy dog face but, he walked with us to the next room. It was Louis’. Niall and Liam decided to go in and jump on him while i go to the next room. Zayn’s. I knocked on the door and walked in, “get up sleepy head i made breakfast” i said shacking Zayn. “Its too early !” he rolled over. “get up Zayn its going to get cold ! and Niall’s not allowed to eat untill you come down” I said shaking him again. “noooo I want to sleep” Zayn said pulling the duvet over his head. Thats it. This boy if going to get up one way or another. I stood at the end of his bed and pulled the duvet off of him. Little did i know he was just wearing tracksuit pants. “HEY!” Zayn yelled and tried to reach of the duvet. “i never knew you had more tattoos !” I said and Zayn sat up. “Oh shit Bekki sorry” He quickly got up and put a shirt on. Damn he had abs !. He walked out to find Liam, Niall and Louis in Carlys room. When we walked in she wasnt there. “Hey how did you get Zayn out of bed?!” Louis said shocked. “I have my ways, but wheres Carly?” I looked around her room to find her. “I dont know, ill go see if Harry knows where she is” Louis said and walked off in the direction of Harrys room. 


CARLYS POV: I could hear voices, out side the room, but this time i didnt get scared i knew it was only Bekki and the boys. I was happy i spent the night in Harrys room, he look’s so cute sleeping. “Hey Hazza have you seen Car- oh hi Carly, um food is ready” Louis said shocked.  Harry rubbed his eyes, because louis had woken him up. “mmm Morning beautiful,” Harry said in his sweet, sexy, british morning voice. “Hey Haz, Foods ready” Louis said still standing in the door way. I jumped up form bed and walked towards the door, Louis just winked at me and smirked, I was soon followed by Harry. When we got down stairs i saw a table full of food. Bekki. Damn that girl can cook ! I sat at the table next to Liam and then Harry sat next to me. We all ate, it was so yum ! Niall ended up eating the most. “Oh Em Gee Bekki did you make all of this? I LOVE YOU ! this is amazing !” 

Niall Said with a mouth full of food. That boy can sure eat and then still be so skinny. 


After we all had finished eating, Bekki and Zayn were washing the dishes when I heard a knock on the door. Finally. I went over and answered it, the Man told me that Bekkis gift was waiting for her down stairs. “Bekki bring your keys your getting the rest for your surprise !” I yelled from the door. I was soon joined by Bekki and we went down stairs into the car park. 


BEKKIS POV: “Bekki bring your keys your getting the rest of the surprise” i heard Carly yell from the front door. I wonder what it could be. I raced up to my room and grabbed the keys then joined her by the door. We went into the car park. “Push the button” Carly said smiling at me. I did what she was told. *BEEEEEP* The sound of a car unlocking echoed the car park. I looked up from the keys and saw the lights flash. NO WAY A CAR? Carly and Emily got me a car?! “Oh my god i love it thank you !” i grabbed Carly into a big bear hug. It was a black sports car, with leather seats. It looked amazing ! I cant wait to drive it. 

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