The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


9. The Pranks Begin.


BEKKIS POV: I woke up in Zayn’s arms. Guess we had all drifted off half way though the movie because I woke up just as the credits started. I wiggled out of Zayn’s arms smiling at his peaceful face. I walked around the lounge room and saw that everyone else was sleeping, but Carly started to wake up, so i walked over to her. “shh, hey Carly, i have a plan.” I said as Carly rubbed her eyes and wiggled out of Harrys arms. “And what would that be.. Bekki whats with the cheeky face?” She said whispering standing next to me. “Come over here” I said walking up stairs and quiet as i could. When we got up the stairs i walked into Harrys room and grabbed a sharpie permanent texta. “Oh Bekki you wouldn’t?” Carly said laughing. “Your just lucky you woke up.” I said as Carly grabbed the other texta. We slowly walked down back into where the boys where sleeping. I firstly walked over to Zayn first, i drew a mustache, and a beard on him. Then on his forehead i wrote, ‘Bekki + Carly = the best !’ then a drew a love heart on his cheek. We did similar things to the rest of the boys, but the textas away and drifted off to sleep in our rooms. 


I re-awoke early in the morning like always, and all the boys and Carly were still fast asleep. I heard Niall's phone go off. and thats what woke him up. I quickly ran over to him and whispered in his ear “Shhh Niall don’t say anything, your the only person i didn’t draw on, i want to see how long its takes for the to notice.” I whispered into his ear. “Ahahaha ok, please tell me your making breakfast” Niall said rubbing his tummy. “I sure am, oh you got a text.” I said walking back into the kitchen to start making pancakes. before i poured the mix into a pan i heard Naill. “Shit Bekki dont start cooking we have to be in the studio in 5 !” He yelled. “ Ok um can you go wake Carly up and ill wake the rest of these up.” I said moving into the lounge room. I woke each boy up one by one telling them the same thing i had said to Niall. Once everyone as up they walked out the door without looking in the mirror. “Well are you girls coming?” Zayn said walking back into the room. “Oh i thought you guys were just going, let me get my keys.” I said running up the stairs to grab my keys and bag. Luckily me and Carly had just slept in the things we were wearing yesterday and all we had to do was put shoes on. I ran down the stairs to meet all the boys. “Ill go with Bekki, so i can show her how to get there.” Zayn said moving closer to me. there was an echo of Oks and we all jumped into our cars. In Harrys car there was Carly, Niall, Liam and Louis. Carly was in the front with Harry and they boys sat in the back. I turned the car on, and the radio started playing. It was Ed Sheeran, Drunk. I love that song! As we drove i started to sing along. ‘Maybe ill get druuunk again!’ i stoped half way though the song because i had forgotten that Zayn was in the car. I could feel him looking at me. “oh um sorry” I said turning the radio down. “Why be sorry you have an AMAZING voice!” He said with excitement. “um thanks but i don’t” I said starring at the road. “Bekki if you had a bad voice i would have told you to stop singing,” He said turning the radio back up. but the song had already finished. The next song started playing. Beauty and a beat. “oh i love this song !” both me and Zayn said at the same time. we both laughed and started to sing along. ‘Cause allll i need is a beauty and a beaat’ Zayn said staring at me, it brought chills down my spine because i never knew how good of a singer he was. I knew he was in One Direction but iv never heard any of there songs, i wasn’t obsessed like Carly was. When the song had finished, and the radio started to play add breaks, i thought it would be a good time to talk to Zayn about the prank we are going to pull on Carly and the boys. “So Zayn are you ready to be a fake daddy?” I asked laughing while still looking down the road. “As ready as ill ever be, it better teach them a lesson!” He said giggling. “Ok, well i’m going to start to feel sick tomorrow, and craving things” “Sounds like a plan, this shall be good, ahaha we make a good team.. we need to come up with some new mini pranks.. oh take a left here, then the third building is the studio” Zayn said as he pointed to the large buildings. I cant believe he had lasted this long without looking into a mirror and seeing his texta filled face. 


CARLYS POV: I cant believe that non of the boys have said anything about each others faces.. Bekki must have said something. We finally reached the studio and waited for Bekki and Zayn to come. “So what do you guys think about Bekki?” I asked out of the blue. “She’s nice, and amazing cook and really beautiful” Louis said and all the boys agreed. We waited for about 3 minutes, then i saw Bekki’s car come around the corner. “They are here!” I said smiling. When Zayn and Carly got out of the car, we all walked into the large white building. When we got in i was amazed ! It was so beautiful in there, it all looked new. I saw a man come over, and he just looked at the boys and started laughing, “Who is Bekki and Carly and why are they amazing, and the best?” He looked puzzled and started laughing again. yay our plan was working. “Niall you look good in a mustache !” The man said laughing. “Wait what? i dont have anything on my face, its just the boys that do” Niall said looking confused. Right then Bekki pulled of 5 mini mirrors and handed one to each boy. “BEKKI ! CARLY ! IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!” All the boys said at the same time. “It wasn’t me! all her idea!” i yelled pointing to Bekki. “Yup all me” Bekki said through laughs. The next thing i know is all the boys picked Bekki up and ran into another room, as i followed them i saw her trying to get out of there hold. They through her on the couch and started to tickle her. How did they knew she hates that? “Stop... ahahah. pleasee... aahaah i cant breath please stop... ahah im sorry.” bekki said turning red from laughing.  i just stood back and watched, it was so funny! “hey guys.. i don’t feel to well” Bekki said finally getting our of the boys grip and running away in the direction of the bath room. All the boys stood back and had a worried look on there face. “Ill go see if she’s ok” Zayn said running in the same direction Bekki had gone. “Boys !  go wash your faces !” The man said walking into the room. “good luck with that.. your going to need a lot of soap, oh and scrub hard!” I yelled laughing at the boys. “Well then, your going to have to help me!” Harry said grabbing my arm and dragging me off the another bathroom. 


BEKKIS POV: I had to do something to get out of the boys grip, i cant stand being tickled so i decided mine and Zayn’s life lesson will start today. I ran off to the bath room holding one hand to my mouth then the other around my stomach. Once i reached the bathroom i started laughing until i heard the door open so i ran over to the sink and started to wash my hands and mouth. “Don’t worry its just me” Zayn giggled and walked in. “oh thank god, i was thinking that i was going to have to actually throw up.. ew!” I giggled and turned the tap off. “do you think they are going to believe it?” Zayn asked moving towards me. “Um yeah they should its been around what two days?” I replied drying my hands with the towel i found in the bath room. I wet the towel and walked over to Zayn. “What are you doing?” He asked confused. “Washing your face” I replied and started to scrub his face. I was surprised by how easily it all came off, after about 5 minutes his face was clear of any texta. I don’t know why but while i was washing his face and looking into his eyes while he was staring into mine i just wanted to kiss him. But i knew that if i had done that i would only make a fool of myself. 


Once i had finished washing Zayn’s face we walked back into the place where they had tickled me. “Hey Zayn, i see you got the stuff off of your face, the others are trying to do the same... Hey is this ‘mystery girl’?” The man asked looking at Zayn. “Mystery girl? um no she’s my friend” Zayn said looking confused, so was I. “Here look” The man said passing Zayn his phone. I looked over Zayn shoulder and saw me and him holding hands, and i was wearing the black dress I wore for my birthday. “Hey, thats when you took me to maccas and we were trying to get past them people taking photos” I said looking away from the man. “Well it seems you have been trending on twitter, a lot, people think you two are dating.. and they like it” The man said while Zayn passed his phone back to him.  I was about to say something but then the rest of the boys came back into the room. Their faces where red because of how hard they had to rub there face to get everything off. “Ok now that we are ready can we have our meeting?” The Man said gesturing for the boys to move into the other room. “Well are you two coming?” The man turned and asked Me and Carly. we just nodded and followed after the boys. The meeting was kinda boring but Carly took interest in it, because they boys had to work on a new album and come up with new songs. I haven't even heard one of there songs and now they are going to be writing a hole new album? 


CARLYS POV: While i was washing the boys faces, i was sat on the bench with Harry in-between my legs. I could see him looking at my neck. I need to start wearing my jumpers more often. Should i tell him? If i tell him is he going to look at me different? i turned my body so that he could no longer see. after a good ten minutes all the boys faces were clean but red. We walked out and saw Bekki with Zayn, his face was also clean. We went into the boys meeting, it was so exiting they are going to have to make a new album that means new songs ! omg i’m fan girling inside ! Once the interview was over the man intoduced himself “Oh my im sorry.. im Simon Cowell.” He said whilst shaking both mine and Bekki’s hand. “So what to do now” I asked as we walked back out to the cars. “Well Bekki’s not feeling to well, and i think we should start to write the songs now, even if we just get the tune to one song down, becuase Simon wants them soon” Zayn says making his way to Bekki’s car. “Ok well ill call everyone and tell them to meet us at our hotel in an hour.” Harry said as he got into his car. We all got into the same spots that we had been in before. ~Skip car die~ When we got back to the hotel, i saw Bekki running for the bathroom holding her mouth just like she had done at the studio. I wonder whats up with her, i know i should go check but i cant stand it when people are throwing up. It must have just been something she ate. I walked into my room, and got my cloths out, grabbed a towel and walked into the bathroom. I turned the hot water on and waited for it to steam up before jumping into the shower. 


ZAYNS POV: Bekki was so good at this, people are starting to ask whats wrong, and why she’s beening sick. i just cant wait to see there face when we tell them that she is ‘having a baby’. That will teach them not to make me and a girl iv known for a day have seven minutes in heaven and pressure Bekki into having her first kiss. “Ill go see if she’s ok” I said before anyone else could. This should be a fun couple of weeks! 

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