The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


1. The Morning.

Carly's POV:

I woke up to the sound of screaming and things being throne around down stairs. I slowly got up and walked over the the door to hear what was going on. When I was at my door I could hear the sound of my yet again drunk father yelling at my mother. I hated this. I hate being here. Some days I wish i could just get up and run for my life. I know what you are thinking, its not that bad its only an argument. Well it is for now, but once my mum leaves the house thats when my drunk father thinks its time for me to be punished. As soon as my mum is out of the house i knew he would come running up the stairs to get me. My father would beat me up and make me go steal him more beer, but he also does worse. The only person that knows my deepest darkest secret is my best friend Bekki. 

I ran back over to my bed and pretended that i was sleeping when i heard foot steps come up the stairs. I heard my door slowly open and i froze. To my surprise there was no yelling at my to get up. Normally my dad would scream at the top of his lungs for me to wake up, and go get him his beer.  I heard light foot steps come closer and i tensed up. I was so scared i couldn't breath, god knowns what he is going to do to might right now.  "Wake up Carly" I heard the sweet voice of my best friend next to my ear, she started to shake me and i sat up. I guess she could see the worry on my face because she then sat with me one my bed hugging my and telling me things were going to be ok. 

Bekki's POV:

When I went to Carly's house to wake her up for school i could hear the yelling and the fight between her mum and dad. I really gelt sorry for her, i wish she could just come and live with me to get away from her horrid life. I saw her mum leave and soon after her drunk dad stumble out of the house, and went in the direction of the liquor store. As he left the door to the house open i just walked in and went straight to Carly's room, where she was sound asleep. How could she sleep though all of that? I slowly walked over to her bed to wake her up. When she finally sat up i could see the worry in her face. That girl is one good actress, she wasn't asleep. I moved next to her and gave her a tight hug. I walked over to her closet and pulled out a baby blue jumper and a pair of jeans. I know im just her best friend but i feel as if im more like her sister.

Once she was dressed and her bag was packed we started to walk to school.  We arrived after a 30 min walk, and had 5 mins to spear. "World Record" Carly smiled like an idiot. Normally we would be 5 mins late. But i guess after today we really just needed to get away from that house. We were standing at our lockers when the PA system went off, it was the priceable. "Sorry for the late notice, but i would like to inform all the students that due to renovations around the school, the holidays will start today. Since this is the case, today all students and teachers will now finish at 12:30. Enjoy your 6.. now 8 week holidays, that is all". With that said everyone cheered. I looked over at Carly and she had the biggest smile on her face. "I guess we get to go to London Early !' She yelled and ran up and gave me the biggest hug a tiny girl could give. 


~ A few hours later ~

The final bell rang and everyone ran outside. "What am i meant to tell my mum and dad?" Carly asked in an up set tone as she glanced over to me. "well tell them that your coming to stay with me for a few days, after all i am 18 in 2 days and i should be responsible enough to look after you" i replied playfully. "Your only older then me by a week" and with that Carly shoved me playfully. We walked back to my house. Carly and I started to pack my things and get everything ready so that in 3 days we could leave and go to ENGLAND !, One we finished with all of my things we walked to Carly's house. 

Carly's POV:,

While we were walking back to my house to get my things ready i was scared. What if my father found out i was going to London, what if he didn't let me go? What if he hurts Bekki? all these things started rushing though my head. As we got closer to the house, i could see only my mums car, that was I good thing.. I hoped. I walked though the front door with Bekki close behind me. My mum was sitting on the couch, for once she looked, happy. Me and Bekki ran up to my room and started to pack, about an hour had passed we were nearly done, i ran down stairs to tell my mum out plan, well half of it anyways. I told my mum that i was going to stay with Bekki for a few weeks so we could do something for her 18th. She looked at me as if to say no, but then stood up and smiled, she hugged me and told me to stay safe. I could see in her eyes that she was scared. "Hey mum, if you want me to st-" i was cut off "No darling go have fun, i might go stay and untie Jens for a couple of weeks anyway". We both turned when Bekki came down the stairs hold the two big suit cases. "Do you think you could have packed anything else?" My mum laughed. Im going to miss that, i hate to break her heart but i have to, i cant stand to be anywhere near my dad. I kissed my mum good bye, and walked back over to Bekki's.

~ 2 days later ~ 

Bekki's POV:

I woke up with Carly Jumping up and down holding a box, yelling Happy Birthday. Oh yay i thought, todays my birthday, im officially 18.  I hate birthdays, i hate being 'old', i know 18 isn't old, but im the oldest out of all my friends. Iv been this year since my 14th Birthday. "Good morning.. Oh my god is that a grey?!" Carly screamed. I jumped up and ran over to the mirro, all i could see was my normal hair colour, its hard to describe, its light blonde in parts, dark blonde in others and had some brown. "Just joking" Carly smirked, i sat down on my bed and Carly handed me the big box. It was black and had a purple ribbon on it. I opened it, and saw a black hoodie, with the English Flag on it. "I love it !" I screamed and gave her a huge hug. I got up had a shower, did my hair and makeup, and got all my bags finally packed. I only hit my then, I was going to London, With my best friend! 

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