The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


4. The Hotel



We stood outside for about 10 minutes before the cab came. The man Helped us to put our huge bags into the boot and off we went to our hotel. We arrived at a huge, beautiful hotel. It had a nice garden, pond and decretive rocks on the outside. Inside was even better. it was so big and beautiful! I walked up the the lady at the front desk, her name was Anna. “Hey i have a room with 2 beds under the name of Carly.” I said polity. “Sorry i cant see that here are you sure this is the right hotel. “yes i’m sure, maybe you spelt it wrong its C-A-R-L-Y.” “ok just a second.” when the lady came back she said she still couldn’t find out room. “Oh shit, Bekki, i think i forgot the press the ‘book rooms’ button. We had school and i was running late i thought it would just do it automatically.” “Oh my god Carly i gave you one job, to get the room !” “Im sorry i didn’t think about it” “Is there any spare rooms we could book for 5 weeks?” Bekki asked the lady, she looked down at her computer and had a sad look on her face. “i’m so sorry girls but we have no more rooms available until the 19th of March” The lady said. “BUT ITS OCTOBER!” Bekki screamed. right then 5 boys walked in wearing black hoodies and dark glasses. 

“Oh Mr Styles your back already?” the lady said with a huge smile on her face. “we sure are, do you have our key?” the lady passed Harry a key i guess to there room. “thanks love... OMG Carly?” Harry screamed and gave me a hug. “what are you doing here?” He asked me. “Um well we are staying at the hotel” i was going to keep talking but Bekki cut me off “We were meant to be staying here, but Carly forgot to book the room, so i guess we will just have to find another hotel.” “WAIT, you can stay with us, he have a spare room, i mean if you’d like” Zayn said staring into Bekkis eyes. “That would be awsome!” I said i think a little to soon, because i was looking at Harry. And before Bekki could even say anything the boys had our bags and went to the elevator. 



i cant believe Carly forgot to book the rooms, out of everything she could have done. But when Zayn asked if we wanted to stay at him room i didn't know what to say, i didn't want to take advantage of them. I wanted to say no, and that we will get a different hotel but loud mouth Carly screams yes. I was still standing at the front desk when the lady looked at me confused “Are you going to go with them or.. ?” she started to trail off. I snapped back to what was happening and ran after them just in time that the elevator doors didn't shut on me. When we got the there apartment, it was HUGE there was so many rooms. And i huge kitchen. I love cooking, I'm part Italian so it kinda runs in my blood. Tomorrow we shall have a big breakfast so i can say thanks to all the boys. 

Zayn lead me to my room, he opened the door and i just stood there, i couldn't say a word it was beautiful ! it was a baby blue color, my favorite and it had its own bathroom.  There was a double bed and a set of draws. There was so much space unlike my room at home with a tiny bed and not really any room. “like it?” “LOVE IT, but wait are you sure its okay for us to stay here? i mean i don't want to -” Zayn cut me off. God i hate being cut off when im trying to talk. “Im sure, its just been an empty room anyways. And im next door” he said with a smile. he helped me unpack all my bags and we were talking a lot. I think im stating to like him. But i only just met him !

“Its still your Birthday you know... London’s a day late, lets do something!” Zayn said happily. “Um no thats fine, i don't really do anything on my birthday.” He looked at me like im the weirdest person alive. “Well you do know, here put this on and meet me down stairs when your ready” He said handing me one of my dresses. I did what he said and went down stairs. 



I hate Bekki, i still love her and everything but she’s getting all the attention. Wait, it is still her birthday i guess thats ok. I was unpacking my stuff when i heard a knock on the door, it was Zayn, i wish it was Harry. “Hey i was wandering if you wanted to come out with me and Bekki tonight? he asked nicely. “Nah go ahead I have a lot of un packing to do thanks anyways.” and with that he nodded and walked out. Pfft as if i'm going to go out with them, i cant tell Bekki likes him. I heard the front door shut and I guessed it was Bekki leaving. I walked out of the room I was staying in and saw Zayn sitting on the couch. I guess I was wrong. I went and sat next to him. It was silent until we heard someone walking down the stairs. It was bekki. She looked beautiful. She was wearing a short black dress with one sleave that went down to her wrist. She had black heels and had her hair curled to one side. “You look amazing!” I heard Zayn say next to me. I hope they get together, that was cute. She walked down stairs and stood next to Zayn, “Hey Harry we are going now, oh Liam, Louis and Niall left too, they went to see there girls.” Zayn yelled. I was going to be alone with Harry for the night!? WOW I cant believe it! I might finally get to know him better! Harry came running down the stairs just as Bekki and Zayn left. “I guess we have the house to our selfs, wanna watch a movie or something?” Harry asked in his sweet sweet British accent. “Sure, something scary? I love scary movies!” Harry just laughed at me and but in Paranormal Activity. 

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