The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


8. The Game.


CARLYS POV: We all went and sat down in the lounge room while Harry went to grab a bottle. “Ok well, who ever spins the bottle is the asker, and the person it lands on is the victim” Harry said holding an empty bottle in his hands. Everyone agreed. I was the first person to spin the bottle, it landed on Liam. “Truth” He said before i could even ask him. “well ok then, are you okay with me and Bekki staying here?” I asked looking up at him “Of corse, and with Bekki’s cooking i wish you guys could stay forever!” Liam giggled then grabbed the bottle since it was his turn to spin. The bottle kept spinning until it finally stopped on Bekki. “umm truth, i think ill warm up to a dare” She said looking up to Liam. “well ok then.. Have you ever had a first kiss?” Liam asked smirking. “Nope” Bekki just answered in a calm tone, while all the other boys just sat there looking at her. “What so iv never kissed a guy, is that such a bad thing?” She asked looking at each of the boys. She spun the bottle and it landed on Zayn. “truth” He said when he saw the bottle stop. “Ok well zayn, what did my brother say to you?” Bekki looked at Zayn. “Um he just said that we have to catch up some time soon, thats all” He said and grabbed the bottle. When it stopped, it was pointing to Niall. “DARE!” he shouted. “if you say so.. i dare you to...” Zayn got up and walked into the kitchen, when we returned he came back with a bug chocolate cake. “Ok Niall i dare you to look at this for the rest of the night, but your not allowed to have one bite of it or else !” Zayn said smiling with evil all over his face. Niall grabbed the bottle and spun it, when it landed on Zayn, Niall had a ‘revenge is sweet’ look on his face. “Dare.” “Ok then Zayn i dare you and Bekki to go up stairs and have seven minutes in heaven, and give her, her first kiss.” Niall said laughing. Both Bekki and Zayn stood up and walked over to the stairs. “Come get us in 7 mins” Bekki winked and the both ran up stairs.
While they were up there the boys and I decided to watch a movie. 


BEKKIS POV: When me and Zayn finally got to the top of the stairs i knew he didn’t want to do it, neither did I really, I mean I had feelings for him but i didn’t want to just have sex with him!. We walked into the room i was staying in. “Hey Zayn, lets prank the boys and Carly for making us do this..” I smiled “What do you have in mind?” Zayn said giggling at the evil face i had just put on. “Well, First make your hair messy” I said as both me and him started to mess up our hair. “Come here” I told Zayn and he did what i told him to, “Undo some of your buttons, while i smudge lipstick on your face” And with that Zayn un did a few buttons while i kissed zayn and the cheek and rubbing the lipstick in, i also put some around his mouth so that it looked like we had made out. “Where are you going with this Bekki?” He looked up at me and started the laugh. “Ok well, if we make it look like we had sex, then they will believe us right? Then in the next few weeks if i start craving food, and feeling sick..” I started but Zayn finished it. “They will think i got your preggos, and then it will make them feel bad because of what they made us do” He smiled. “Very good Zayn” i said laughing. “I like the way you think, we are going to make a good team when it comes to pranks” He said laughing. 7 minutes were nearly over so i started to mess up my cloths and hair a bit more, then we laid in the bed waiting for Louis to come get us. Soon enough there was a knock on the door. “Just a seconds i need to find my cloths !” I said looking at zayn who was trying not to laugh. After a few seonds i went over to the door. I opened it and Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall and Carly were all standing there. “WOW is all i can say” I said looking back at Zayn who had now gotten off of the bed and walked over to me. “We should do that more often” Zayn said kissing the top of my head. “Zayn you have a little lipstick... all over your face!” Louis said. Yes, they are buying it. “ehehe whoops sorry” I said blushing. 


CARLYS POV: OMG i cant believe they had just had sex ! good girl Bekki and Zayn from one direction! wow don’t think i would ever say that, maybe in a dream or something because i was such big fans of the boys. 


ZAYN’S POV: The plan was working just like we wanted it to, that will teach the boys ! But honestly who do they think i am? iv known the girl for 2 days and they think i’m just going to have sex with her ! The next few weeks shall be good ones ! We all walked back down stairs at started to watch Step up. I was sat next to Bekki on the two setter couch, While Carly and the rest of the boys were all on the long 5 Seater couch. I loved being this close to Bekki. Just like when i took her out for her birthday and we sat on the beach and watched the sun set. I felt like i needed to just pull her close into me and hug her while watching the movie, but i knew that if i did that she would just pull out of it. 


BEKKIS POV: i was sitting with Zayn on the couch and i really just wanted to be curled into his arms, But i cant. I think i’m starting to have feelings for him. 


CARLYS POV: After sleeping in bed with Harry i wanted to be in his arms while we watched the movie, so i snuggled in close to him hoping he woudnt reject me. When he wrapped his arms around me it felt amazing. I really like this boy, but at the same time im scared because thats what i thought last time. I just pushed that thought to the back of my mind and watched the movie. 

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