The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


18. The Dream&Flash Back


ZAYNS POV: I woke up with Bekki in my arms, and her face in my chest, i could see her puffy red cheeks and eyes, her make up had left black lines down her cheeks. day sevenof knowing this girl. its been a week and i’m falling for her hard. Bekki started to turn in her sleep, “NO GO PLEASE I BEG OF YOU” She started to scream but yet she was still asleep. “PLEASE I DONT KNOW ANYTHING” She screamed once again, i started to wake her up but it didn’t work. “shhh Bekki its ok i’m here no one can hurt you”I said shaking her to try and wake her up, “NO GO AWAY PLEASE” She scared once again and she started to cry once again, yet she was still fast asleep. “BEKKI wake up its ok i’m here!” I yelled and shook her. Finally her eyes opened and she was crying. “Zayn!” Is all she managed to get out and she hugged me so tight and cried into my chest, which was wet from yesterday but i didn’t mind. “I-i-is Carly here” She said sounding scared. “No she left last night” I said trying to calm her down. “go back to sleep i’m here don’t worry” I said and she went back to sleep a few moments after. 



** Dream and flash back ** 

I was stuck, cornered no where to go. “I know you know TELL ME WHERE SHE PUT IT”  A man in a black mask kept yelling at me. “Please i don’t know anything” But the man just kept getting closer so did the other person beside him. “I know you know what your mother has, tell me where she put it and no one gets hurt, well part from your mummy” The man said and the person beside him held up something that looked like a knife. My mum is just a lawyer how am i meant to know what he is talking about? When he took his mask off it all made sense. It was Corey, the man my mum put in jail, the man that attacked my father, the man that makes his own daughter kill people so nothing happens. “Tell me where the file is.” He said moving closer to me. “NO GO AWAY” I said and spat in his face. “Kill her.” He said and walked off. The person came closer to me, she still had a mask on, i had never seen her face or known her name, i just knew what she did. She walked closer knife in hand i screamed but no one heard me. “Please. please” I begged but she didn’t listen, when she came closer i managed to kick her and she dropped the knife. “Don’t come closer” I said holding the knife up to defend myself. but she didn’t listen, she ran at me and punched me in the in the mouth, when i fell to the ground she kicked me over and over, when she bent down to get the knife i didn’t know what to do, i tried to get her away from me, but i think i cut her because she screamed and ran off, but not after kicking me in the guy and making me cough out blood, she picked the knife up and was about to stab me until she looked into my eyes, she dropped it and i could her her mumble. “sorry, i don’t want to” And with that she ran off, Everything went black i thought i was going to die. 


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