The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


5. The Dates.

CARLY’S POV: I cant believe that, number one, in in London, with my best friend, number 2 i will be 18 in a week and number 3 i have a house alone with the one the only Harry Styles. It seems that my life is starting to get better, finally. Me and Harry were sitting on the couch when the end of the movie came, i always hated this part. The part where Katie would play bloody mary with the baby sitter and the hole room starts to shake, and then she blames it on her imaginary friend Toby. I jumped a little in my seat. “A little scared are we?” Harry said sarcastically. “pfft what no, not at all...” I said trying to keep a serious face. “Well then if she’s not afraid of scary movies, we should watch them all night shouldn’t we Toby?” Harry asked looking at the empty seat. “Thats not even funny. but scary movie marathon it is !” i jumped up from my seat and got all the scary movies i could find. I put in Insidious. I wasn’t scared of this movie because i have seen it before with Bekki. The only movies i was scared of was the Paranormal Activity ones because they say that there are based on a true story. The truth was i actually love scary movies. 

After about 3 movies i started to get tired. but i didn’t want to go to bed because i haven't really talked to Harry, we have just been sitting and watching the movies. I was getting really tired now, i kept yorning non stop. “I think its time for bed” Harry said yorning as well. “But its only 10, 30, and i’m not even tired.” i said yorning. “Your such a liar, one more movie then i think we should call it a night.” Harry said looking into my eyes. “Or we could just talk, i havn’t gotten to know you that much...” Harry said looking at me with a hopeful face that i was going to agree.    I agreed and we started talking. I forgot that it was Harry Styles from One Direction i was talking to, he was just so down to earth about everything. The house was starting to warm up because the heater was on. So i decided to take my jumper off, now i was just in my plain white singlet and leggings.  Harry statred to stair at me, but not into my eyes. It was just like the time i got pushed into him. I guess he noticed my eyes starting to water because he all of a sudden looked away from my neck. I just cant get rid of the past no matter how hard i try. “I-I-Im sorry, i didnt mean to...” Harry trailed of scraching the back of his neck. “Umm its fine... i think im going to go off the bed, night.” I stood up and walked to the stairs when i hard grabbed my arm. I turned to see Harry standing there with his beautiful eyes looking into mine. “We still have one more movie to watch, please ?” How could i say no to his sweet noice. I turned and sat on the couch while Harry put in the last movie. The Exorcism. Harry came back and sat next to me, i didn’t like this movie. It didn’t scare me i just, i don’t know why, but i never liked this one, it gave me the creeps but never actually scared me. I was tired so i snuggled up with Harry. I guess i fell asleep because i was woken up but the front door opening. After them scary movies i thought something was going to come up behind me and kill me. Thats when i felt Arms wrapped around me, and i didnt know where i was. I was terrified. Pitch black and i couldnt see a thing, i had arms around me and i could hear the door close with foot steps soon after. I hear whispers. This is it im doing to die, He’s found me. thats all i could think. When the foot steps got closer i let out a little scream and the lights quickly turned on. “WHATS GOING ON?!” i heard a yell. I turned around to see Harry. Thank god, i thought it was someone else. “Calm down Harry its just us.” I looked up to see Zayn’s arm around Bekki. Oh right I forgot that they went out for dinner. “Carly are you ok, i heard a scream” Bekki looked at me worringly. “oh um yeah I'm fine i just forgot where i was i heard the door open and i just thought it was... um yeah I'm fine.” I said feeling worried. Bekki walked over to me “He wont find you here i promise.” She whispered in my ear and kissed him on the fore head.          BEKKIS POV: (at the restraint). When we got out of the car, i was amazed ! This place looked stunning, but it also looked like food was going to cost hundreds of dollars. We walked inside and i took one look at the menu, 89 dollars of one plate of pasta. I dont think so. “Zayn i don’t want you to spend this much on me, id rather go to Maccas or something” I said and the waitress looked at me like i was on drugs. “But its your birthday” He replied looking into my eyes. “Wait did you said you would rather Maccas?” He smiled and laughted. “What’s so funny?” “Nothing, iv just never met a girl that would eat, let alone rather go Maccas then a fancy place like this, but i like it, let go to Maccas then” He smiled and we walked out back to the cars. When we arrived we took a seat at one of the booths. “I think im a bit overdressed..” I said looking around at people in trackies and jumpers. “But you look beautiful, ill go order what would you like ?” Zayn said sweetly. “Um can i please have a happy meal?” I said blushing. Zayn looked at me weird. “What i like the toys, and dont judge me ok, thats all iv ever had” I said with embarrassment, I love Happy Meals so much iv never tried anything else. “Well tonight your going to try something new.” and with that Zayn walked over to the counter. I was surprised no one noticed him, but after all it was all Dads getting food for the family that was probably at home, or people how had just finished work and didn’t feel like cooking, so there was no teenage girls. Zayn came back with a try full of food, He handed me the little toy you get with happy meals and smiled “Aw you got me the toy, but no happy meal?” I questioned “Like i said your going to try something new, weather you like it or not.” Zayn handed me a burger. It said Mc Chicken on it. I unwrapped the paper and looked at it. “What if i don’t like it?” “Well then ill just have to eat it” Zayn smiled. I took a bit, it was amazing, it was so good. Iv never had a Burger form maccas only chicken nuggets. “You like it?” Zayn said laughing at me and getting a napkin to wipe away some of the mayonnaise. I just nodded and took another bite. We had a feast Zayn ordered almost everything form the menu. When we finished eating we just sat and talked for a while until a crowd of girls came through the door. Zayn saw them and put his head down. I guess one of them saw him and the next thing i know is that the hole booth was crowded. all i heard was screams and people asking for photos and autographs. Then i heard a girl ask who i was. Then another girl scream at me and say “Ew Zayn please tell me your not dating that.. she looks like a PIG !” Wow do these girls know some people have feelings? But i just put it aside and sat there. i saw Zayn talking to the girls, when another one asked the same thing instead calling me a big fat ugly slut. “WOW, WOW , WOOOW. please don’t talk about her like that, she is my beautiful friend and its her birthday so i tried taking her out for a peaceful dinner before you came along.” Zayn said in a pissed off tone. “Sorry we though you her were a couple, Happy Birthday, we will leave you alone now” The girls walked away but one stayed. “Your still an ugly fatty, you don’t deserve to be friends with Zayn your to ugly, i mean have you looked at your self lately, and your probably a slut, just leave him alone!” the girl screamed and ran off to her friends. I started to tear up, that girl was right i don’t think i should be here with Zayn, he;s from freakin one direction and im a no body, why did he even take me out for dinner. “Dont worry about them Bekki, your beautiful and your amazing, hey lets get out of here.” He grabbed my hand and lead me outside. *Click *Click *Click “HEY ZAYN WHOS THE GIRL?!” “IS THAT A NEW GIRL FRIEND” Zayn was still holding my hand, he pulled me through all of the paparazzi and when we finally got the the car he opened the door for me. He was such a romantic !  “Im so sorry” Zayn said once he got into the drivers seat. “For what? its not your fault don’t worry” I smiled and we drove off, but not in the direction to the hotel. “Where are we going?” I turned to look at Zayn, he smiled, “Its a surprise” He smirked and continued to drive. Ed Sheeran’s song, drunk came on the radio and i couldn’t help but sing. I love his songs ! I forgot Zayn was in the car. When the song finished i sat awkwardly. “You have an amazing voice!” Zayn said and stopped the car. “no i dont.” I replied. “Yes you do, don’t argue with me, i always win!” he looked right into my eyes. “I never loose and argument, so no i don’t anyway where are we?” I said still looking into his brown eyes. “The beach, i thought we could sit on the sand and watch the sun set and talk” “That sounds Amazing”    ~Few hours later~  We finally got back to the hotel room after an amazing night, me and Zayn had become really close. He had his arm around me and i had my heels in my hand. We walked into the lounge room when i heard Carly scream. all i could think about was if she’s ok, when i saw her she was sitting in Harrys arms. She must of fallen asleep and had a bad dream. “Carly are you ok i heard a scream?” I asked looking at her, ““oh um yeah I'm fine i just forgot where i was i heard the door open and i just thought it was... um yeah I'm fine.” she said looking up form her hands. I walked over and told her everything was going to be ok and kissed her on the head. Zayn was standing next to me when Carly leaped up and said she had to give me something that was from her and Emily. 
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