The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


2. The AirPort

Bekkis' POV:

Once I was ready, me and Carly made our way down the stairs. My mum and dad had started breakfast. Pancakes. We both went to sit at the table, when we saw two big boxes and a card on each. One read 'Bekki' and the other had 'Carly'. "whats this?" i looked at my mum puzzled. "Well since you guys are leaving later today we thought we could give you both your gifts" she smiled happy at her self. "You dont have to-" Carly began to talk but soon was cut off by my dad "Yes we did, your part of the family... Well go on both of you open them !" he smirked. I took the card first, as did Carly. When we opened it we were both so shocked. The card had a page full and $500 dollers fell out. "WOW" is all Myself and carly could manage to get out. "Once you change it into pounds it should be more" both my parents said at the same time in joy. Me and Carly both looked at each other, and then ran to give both my parents the biggest hug of there lifetime. We sat back down at opened the box. In mine there was a grey jumper with writing on it, a nice pair of jeans that matched and a pair of brown ugg boots. The same was in Carly's apart from it being a purple jumper. "You do know its cold in England.." my mum said with joy. Once again Carly and I went to give them a huge hug. 

Once we finished with all the gifts we are the yum pancakes that my dad had been cooking. Im going to miss these, we was by far the best cook in the world. Well i guess thats why he has his own Restaurant. Me and Carly ran up the stairs to get changed into the outfit that my parents had got us, and just managed to place some last minute things into our suit cases. We pushed the bags down the stairs where my dad cought them and loaded them into the boot of the car. He then through the keys at me, "your 18 old enough to drive now." he said with the huge grin on his face. "Oh yay im going to die before i even get there !" Carly said laughing. "Shut up you!" i replied and gave her a playful push. 

Carlys POV:

We arrived at the airport in once piece. I knew Bekki was a good driver but since we took the car alone, and there was no one supervising i was scared out of my life !. Bekkis mum and dad were in the car behind us, so that they could take Bekki's Car back home. We said our final good-byes and walked into the air port. "Im hungry" "When are you not?" Bekki said laughing. We walked over to the closes food shop. Maccas. "OH MY GOD! BEKKI,remeber when Justin Bieber was in the Air Port and he had Maccas ?!" I said screaming and a few people looked over but i couldn't care less. "How can i not you tell me every day what he ordered."Bekki said a bit erbarmest . "Hey, what can i get you ?" they worker asked. "SEAN IS THAT YOU?"  I yelled once again. "ahaha yeah, let me guess you want 2 big macs, a cheeseburger and  coke?" he asked laughing at me. "And a happy meal" Bekki asked in her inocent voice.  "Anything else?" Sean asked. "Um no that should be all, thanks" I replied mocking Bekkis inocent voice. "That comes to $29.50" i passed him the money and Bekki went to go find a table and grab straws. After about 2 mins our food was ready and i found where Bekki was sitting. We ate our food in silence, because  it had been such a long time since we had, had maccas. "YUUUUUM THAT WAS SO GOOD" I said with the last mouth full of food i had left.

Once Bekki had finished her Happy Meal, we walked over to wear our bags needed to be checked when i bumbed into a person. I guess i got pushed so hard it caused us to fall over or something, because all i can remember is laying on the floor under and guy. His curly brown hair, and greens eyes seemed ever so familier to me. I was staring into his green eyes, when i noticed he wasn't looking at my face.. but at my neck. I stood up fast and grabbed my neck. "What happened?" The green eyed boy said in his sweet british accent, pointing to my neck. "Thats non of your Business." Bekki said in a stern voice. I had forgoten all about my neck till this day. I ran with tears in my eyes to the closest bathroom.

Bekkis POV

As soon as the guy asked what happened to Carly, i felt as if i was going to flip ! I knew that if a made a big deal out of it Carly was going to feel 100 times worse. When she ran off the the bathroom, i started to ran after her when i felt i had grab my wrist. "I didnt mean to hurt her or anything i just wasnt thinking." The british guy said with sorrow. "Let me go." I said with anger. Thats when i noticed his four friends standing behind him. I knew them from somewhere.. but i couldn't put my finger on it. "Whats going on mate?" Said on if his friends who sounded, Irish? The Curly haired boy still had a tight grip on my arm. "Let. Me. Go." i said with anger, If he didn't let go now, i would have the biggest fit ever. "Harry ! mate let her go" Said a different guy, this time he had Black hair with a bit of blonde in his quiff. When he finally let go of me, i ran into the bathroom. I could hear crying and it broke my heart. "Carly come out please, please be happy we are going to London, we are going to get away from all the bad things and start new !" Once i said that the door slowly opened. "You know what, your right !" Carly said smiling. She walked over to the mirrow and fixed her mascara that was running down her face. I gave her a big hug and we walked out back the the bag check in's

We were walking back to the check ins and saw a pack of screaming girls, with there phones out taking photos. Um ok, i thought to myself. We pushed though the crowd and saw big body gards. "Where do you think your going?" One of the big body gards said looking down at us. "Um.. to get our bags, there right there" Carly said confidently.  "Yeah right, like i havnt heard that one before. Nice try girls." The other man said with a huge smile covering his face. "But you dont understa-" i was cut of by the curly haired guy from before. "Its ok Stew they arnt lieing we saw the before" "Well then, im so sorry.." The man said with embarestment.

We got though the Body gards, and then we heard girls screaming at us calling us really rude names. It didnt bother me, but i could see Carly starting to tear up again. I grabbed her hand and we finished doing all the paper work we needed for the Bags. We went to sit down, and waited for our flight to be called. After a few mins the crazy crowd of screaming girls went away. I wonder why there are here. I looked up from my phone and saw 5 guys coming in our direction. Great. The curly hair guy that made my best friend cry, and hes 4 other mates. I texted Carly and told her to go get me some Apple Juice. "Could have just said it out loud you know.." she said as she got up and walked over to the small cafe with a huge line. 

The 5 guys came and sat around me. *Beep beep* 'I wish this line wasnt so big, they look cute ;)' I smiled as i read Carlys Text. 'shhh just get me my juice, after all it is my birthday' I texted back. I put my phone away and looked up and the 5 boys now standing infront of me. "Im sorry about what happened earlier, with your friend... Im Harry." The curly haird guy said. I just sat there. After a few long seconds i thought i should reply. "Bekki." I stuck my hand out to shake his. "oh um these are my friends, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn" he said pointing to each of them. They all stuck there hands out and i shook it. *Beep Beep* 'ooOooOOOo got anyones phone number yet ;) x Carly'. "Like i said im so sorry i never knew it would make her cry or anything.." Harry trailed off as he saw Carly walking over with 2 juices in her hands.


Carlys POV: .

I walked over and frozed. Bekki was sitting with One Direction. The One Direction that i was in love with, the one direction i had all over my walls. I looked up from my juice i was holding and say the same guy i had bumped into. "Oh My God" I wispered under my breath. I went and sat next to Bekki and hander her the juice. I then picked up my phone and texted Bekki 'OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG THATS ONE DIRECTION BEKKI LOOK !' i pressed send and looked  at her until she got it. "Oh um this is Carly, my friend.." Bekki said to the boys. "Hello" all the boys said at once. This was my dream, the reason i wanted to go to London, the reason im still alive. I owe these boys everything. 

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