The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


12. SHES WHAT ?!


ZAYN POV: Bekki is either a really good actress, or she’s really sick. But why would she be the only one to get sick out of 10 of us? Me and the boys are fine, and the other girls are fine too, it cant just be Bekki’s food that made her sick, i have a bad feeling that someone had done this to hurt her. I grabbed my keys and a pair of her ugg boot slippers and carried her out the door to the car. “Zayn i don’t want to get in your car, what if i be sick” She said with a sad, sick face. She was so pale, and you could see she wasn’t feeling her best. But the funny thing is, she still looked beautiful to me. I just realized i was still holding her in my arms. “Don’t worry i can clean it” I said with a smile on me face walking towards the car. “But Zayn its a Bentley!” She said looking at it. How did she know all the names of cars? it was really cute. “all well” I said opening the door. “Zayn im going to be sick again!” She said jumping out of my hands running back to the room, i ran after her, i cant stand to see her so sick. I really like her, i wish she only knew how i felt. She ran into the hotel and into the bath room down stairs, without thinking i followed her straight into the girls bathroom. “ew perv get out... oh wait your Zayn, i knew you would come for me” One of the girls in our hotel said, she was kinda scary. I ran over to Bekki who was trying to through up but there was nothing left in her. I rubbed her back and she held the toilet. When she couldn’t get anything out i could see the pain in her eyes. I know the feeling when your body needs to through up but theres nothing left in you. I picked her up once again and walked to the car where the lady at the front desk handed me a towl. “Here just in case she bees sick” She said with a smile handing the towl to Bekki who was still in my arms. When we got into the car park i put her in the seat and i quickly went into the drivers side. It was a quiet drive to the doctors but it wasn’t wired.    CARLYS POV: “Um Carly, i think we need to talk” I heard Harry say, i really didn’t want to hear what he had to say, i resized i should reply, so i just nodded and walked into the lunge room so that we didn’t wake the rest of the boys up. Harry sat next to me, i could already tell this wasn’t going to be good. “Carly i think we should” He was cut off by Liam walking in the room, “Hey guys have you seen Bekki and Zayn?” He asked sleepily. “Um no, maybe there upstairs?” I said, i really have no idea where they are, its not like Bekki to leave without saying anything, and it was early in the morning, Zayn should still be sleeping. “OK ill go see” Liam said leaving me and Harry alone again to talk. “Anyway um Carly i think we should” He was cut of once again but a hungry Niall. “Has Bekki made food yet” He asked stumbling to the kitchen. “No, i dont know where she is” I replied. “Ill go see if she’s up stairs.” He said walking up the stairs. “OK well like i was saying i think we should” And once again he was stopped this time by Louis. “Hey are Bekki and Zayn still here? Bekki was really sick this morning and i don’t know where they went” Louis asked with a worried face. “Sick? How sick?” I said as i stood up and walked over to him. “She was pretty bad, she was really pail, didnt look to good” He said. “Maybe he took her outside for air?” I said a bit worried about where they could be. “Yeah ill go see” He said and walked out the door to go down stairs. “Carly please i need to say this quick before the boys come back” Harry said looking at me telling me to sit down. I sat next to him and he started. “Well, Carly i think we should... um you know, have some distance, i dont want to be leading you on or anything.” He said looking at his hands. um wow, i thought that he liked me back, guess not. I cant take this, my best friend cnt be found and is sick. i just stood up and walked up to my room.    HARRYS POV: I had to say it, i dont want her getting hurt, iv never really been the one to keep a girl friend. And if Carly was going to be my room mate, i wish we could get to be friends but im scared that if i try somthing that it can ruin everything. When i told her i saw pain in her eyes, did she really feel the same way i felt about her? And iv just hurt her. Good one Harry. I got up and walked out to go down stairs to help Lou look for Zayn and Bekki.  ZAYNS POV: We soon arrived at the doctors and poor Bekki kept feeling like she had to be sick up there was nothing in her. I got out and went around to her side where she was curled into a ball in the seat. She was so cute. I reached in and picked her up. “Zayn you dont have to carry me” She said trying to get out of my grip. “But your sick and i want to” I replied looking down at her smiling. When we got into the doctors the girl at the front desk noticed me straight away, grate i forgot my sunnies and hat. “Z-Z-Z-AYN M-M-MALIK?!” She screamed and everyone else in the room looked up from there books and magazines. perfect! “shhhhh !” I said quickly, and then Bekki started to ‘be sick’ again, seeing as there was nothing left in her body to come out. “oh she dont look to good, take her straight in” The girl said with a worry look on her face, when she said that a doctor came into the room and saw Bekki. “just this way” He said and quickly walked off, i followed him with Bekki still in my arms, when we got into the small room i sat her on the bed. “Please tell me whats wrong” I asked the man in a pleading voice. He just nodded and started to look at Bekki, he did a few tests. “She needs to go the to hospital” He said with a worried look on his face. and with the he wrote down something on a piece of paper, handed it to me and pushed us out the door “quick !” He yelled. Now i was scared, i grabbed Carly running to the car with her in my arms. I quickly got her into the car and drove as fast as i could to the hospital. It only took us 5 mins and i got her out of the car, ran the the front desk with Bekki in my arms. Bekki handed the paper that the doctor had given her, to the ;ady at the desk. She looked up and screamed. Great another fan. “PLEASE HELP HER” i Said and wel kind of begged. “Oh right” she said and looked at the paper and he face didnt look as happy as before. she called of someone and they came running with a bed. everything happened so fast, they told her to put her down and then they ran out of the room pushing my back to stay in the waiting room. They had just taken Bekki away from me. Only four days and i was falling for her. well five if you count the air port. I sat in the waiting room for what seemed like hours, until finally i heard a ladys voice. “Zayn you can come see her now” She said and i shot up and ran over to her room. “ill give you two a few minutes alone, ill be back soon to put in an IV” The nurse said walking out the room. “Bekki i was so worried !” I said running over to her side. “I was scared Zayn, the doctors said that i was drugged with a poison” She said in a shaky voice. “they said you got me here just in time” She said as i grabbed her hand. “A-are you ok now?” I said shocked. “Yeah they drained it out of my system, but i have to stay over night” She said looking into my eyes. “Zayn.. im scared of hospitals” She said in her sweet, cute voice. “Dont worry im here” I said and sat down in the seat still holing her hand. The nurse came back in with the Iv bag. “hey sweety how are you feeling?” She said setting the bag on the holder and walking over to Bekki. “Is that a NEDAL?” Bekki said jumping out of the bed. “Yes sweety, i have to put this in your arm so you dont get sick again” The nurse said walked over to Bekki. “no, no no no noooo” Bekki said tryig to walk out of the room but i stopped her. “Its going to help you, if you want to hold my hand it wont hurt, promise” I said wrapping my arms around her little body. “um ok, only if you do somthing for me” Bekki said looking at the nurse. “Ok sweety, what will that be?” the nurse said directing Bekki to sit back down on the bed. “Can you help me and Zayn, give our friends a lesson? When they get here, can you walk in and say that I was posined but the baby is fine” She said with a cheeky grin. “But your not having a baby, are you?” The nurse said looking confused. “no no not at all, but our friends well they tried to force me to do something that i didnt want to do, so now they are going to have to pay” I said smiling at Bekki. She was cheeky. “Ohhh yes sure” The nurse said laughing as she put the nedal into Bekki’s arm. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR” Bekki scrammed. “Well i had to do it when you wernt paying attention, did you really feel it?” The nurse said with a cheeky grin. “no” Bekki mumbled and the nurse walked out of the room.    LOUIS’ POV: Where were Zayn and Bekki, i was really worried because after all she looked really bad when i saw her. I decided to text Zayn. *Hey Zayn, where are you? we have looked every where, we are worried, hows Bekki?* and Send. I walked back into our pent house and i felt my phone vibrate. From Zayn *Sorry mate, um Bekki’s in hospital, can you bring all the guys and Carly, she’s scared. Room 301* SHIT she’s in HOSPITAL?! I quickly got changed and ran all over the rooms to get everyone ready to go to the hospital, we decided to take the van so we could just take the one Car. We arrived at the hospital after 15 minutes and all rushed inside. room 299, 300, THERE ! 301 We all ran into her room, where she was laying in bed alone with no one else in the room with an IV in her arm. After a few seconds, Zayn walked in behind us with maccas, and a nurse behind him. He walked in hand handed the Happy Meal to Bekki. “Well, shes stable, shes been poisoned, but the baby is fine.” The nurse said looking down at her clip board the walked back out the room. Oh so Bekki's fine thats good. Wait. The babies fine? what baby? BEKKI CANT BE CAN SHE?! “um hi guys” Bekki said as she ate her chips. “um boys, Carly i think its time to tell you something” Zayn said looking at Bekki, she gave him a nod. “Bekki's having a baby.” Zayn said in a quiet voice. I cant help to think that its all our fault, if we hadn't of made her, have her first kiss, and go have ‘7 mins in heven with Zayn she would never have gotten pregnant at the age of 18. “SHES WHAT?!” Is all i heard everyone else say but i didn't say anything i felt guilty. 
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