The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


3. Plane Ride.

Carlys POV;

We sat there in silence for a few seconds. I tried to talk, but i just couldn't. I was sitting with One Direction. I was sitting there smiling at myself for a while untill i felt someone hit me. I looked up and saw Bekki. She had just hit my arm, like she always would, it didnt hurt it was just a slight tap. I think she was on the phone, but to who? "Its Emily, she wants to talk to you.. something got the do with my birthday or something i dont know here" Bekki said confused. "Hey Em !" i screamed into the phone. "When are you going to give Bekki the presssiiee" I heard from the other end. "Um we are at the airport now, and its in my bag, when we get the the hotel room ill give it to her, and ill call you" 'Flight 198 to London now boarding.' "Hey Em i gotta go or ill miss the plane !" and with that i hung up. Once i pressed the 'end' botton i snaped back to what was happening  The 5 boys were still sitting there. Not talking, not really doing anything. I looked over at Bekki, and i could tell she didn't like them because how Harry made me cry. She needs to understand that its okay and she doesnt have to worry about me all the time. Well then again if it wasnt for her, i wouldn't be here today.

"Carly we best be getting the the plane" Bekki said staring at me. "oh um yeah ok" We started to walk to the gates and when i turned around i saw the 5 boys walking behind us. I guess Bekki Saw me looking because she stopped and looked at them "Are you following us or something?" Bekki said with a lot of adittude behind it. "Well um no. We live in London remmber?" Zayn replied. "And im meant to know that how.. I dont really care about you guys, im not a 'fan'. "Bekki replied. I hate Bekki so much right now, why does she have to be such a bitch !? i hit Bekkis arm and we finally got the the plane. I handed both mine and Bekkis tickets the the lady. Because we got them last minute we aren't sitting together. "OK one is in row C seat 2, and the other is in row D seat 2." the lady said with a grin. "C for Carly!" "What ever, your such a loser" Bekki said laughing at me. , 

I finally found my seat, i put my carry on bag p the top and was about to sit down when Harry came over. "Mind if i go in first im seat 1" Harry said with his sweet British accent. "Yeah sure go right ahed" i giggled and let him past. I looked behind me and Bekki was sat in between Zayn and Louis. Niall and Liam were in row B. so i guess it was just me and Harry all alone in a row. Dream come true or what !?'

Bekki's POV

When i saw Harry sit next to Carly i wanted to swap with her. Not like i waited to sit next to him, but i dont want her anywhere near him after how he made her cry. I know im to protective over her, but she was my best friend, she was like my sister. I was about to say something to her when, the Boy with Black Hair started to talk to me. I think his name was Zayn? He was talking to me but i wasnt paying any attention. "Hey look this is going to be a long flight, i thought if i got to know you it wouldnt be so boring." He said louder then he was talking, which made me look at him "OH um yeah sorry, its just that i um -" He cut me off. "Let me guess first time flying such a long distance, your best friend isnt sitting with yu and you dont like me." "Yeah your right, about the first two things anyways... Its him i dont like." I said pointing to Harry. "If i may ask, what did he do?" The other guy sitting next to me asked, im pretty sure his name was Louis. "He made her cry, i know it sounds dumb to you but its a big deal to me, shes been though alot and he just reminded her of everything, the hole reason of comming to London was so she could feel better and as soon as we get into the air port shes crying" both the boys just sat there, "Ill make sure to have a talking to him later" Louis finally replied. "thanks." i said smiling at him. "So why dont we get to know each other?" Zayn asked. I laughed and we started playing 20 questions.

*the game* (zayn- z, Bekki- B)

Z- whats your name ? 

B- Bekki. 

B- How old are you?

Z- 19 

Z- How Old are you ?

B- 17, no wait i turned 18 today.

*game over*

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Zayn screamed. "shhhhhh your gonna wake Louis up!" i scaremed back.

suprisingly he was still fast asleep. as was everyone else in fact. I looked up and saw Carly with her head on Harrys shoulder and the were both fast asleep. I guess she must trust Harry if she did that, she has always been scared to sleep, when there were people she didnt know, afer everything that happened, she came and slept at my house for weeks, because she would walays wake up screaming and her Dad would beat her up badly, for waking him up. 

Me and Zayn finished the game. When we had finished he took off his jumper and i could see his tattos. I love guys with tattoos! I guess he saw me staring "Ahaha i guess you like my tattoos ?" he smirked. "I love tattoos, iv wanted one since i was like 14, and now im old enought to get one ! YAY, aha anyways can you tell me about them?" "sure".

~Hours Later~


I woke up and i was scared i forgot about being on the plane and when i saw Harry i almost screamed. Untill i heard Bekkis giggling with Zayn. The little flirt aha. I looked at my phone and saw that the time was 12:00 in the morning, but then i remembered i stil had to change it, thats better. "We are now landing in London". WOW i slept through the hole flight? Shit Bekkis prob shit scared she hates planes, well what can you expect when she watches "top 50 worst plane crashes" I looked behind me and she was fine. Well that was a suprise. I woke Harry up and told him that we were landing. Once the plane landed, i got my bag and got out the plane waiting for Bekki. When she finally came out she was standing next to Zayn. I guess they really got along. I wish me and HArry didnt sleep though the hole flight i wanted to get to know him better, well i already knew alot about him but i wish we could be friends. "Off to the hotel, Bekki.. I cant belive we actually in LONDON!!!" I grabbed Bekkis hands and we started jumping up and down screaming. All the boys and a few other people looked at us like we were freaks but i dont care im in London with my Bestfriend ! We walked over to collect the bags. "OMG iv always wanted to try somthing, cover me !" Bekki yelled as she stood on the convaer belt. "This is so fun !" she started screaming. "For being 18 your such a baby!" I yelled back at her and pushed her off the conver belt. she fell on her butt and started laughing. I saw our bags so i took them and Bekki finally got up from the floor and we started to walk off. "Hey BEKKI !" I heard someone yell out to her but she kept walking. she is so dumb at times. "OII bekki are you ok there, zayn just called you" I whispered to her. "Oh yeah Zayn?" Bekki said in her sweet voice. "Will i see you again?, oh hey pass me your phone" With that Bekki passed Zayn her phone and he put his number in. "Ill text you" Zayn said running off the the rest of the boys.  That should be me, getting Harrys number, if only we hadnt of slept. And this is probably going to be the only time i was going to see him again. I pushed that to the back of my mind and walked out side and called for a Taxi. 

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