The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


24. My hero.


BEKKIS POV: “You ready?” Zayn said walking down the stairs. “Yup” I smiled and we walked out of the door hand in hand. “The bags are already in the car yeah?” I asked when we arrived to the car park. “Yeah i put them in last night” He smiled and opened the door for me to get in the car. “Can we go to the shops so i can get paint” I said with a slight giggle. “Bek, what are you up to?” Zayn laughed and got into the drivers seat. “I told you, im going to play a prank on Lou” I said and we drove off towards the shops.


~Skip Car ride~ 


“Ok so what did you need?” Zayn said helping my out of the car, it was hard doing things with one arm. Im so happy i get to take it off tomorrow. “I just need some orange paint, and some green” I said with a smile and walked over to the paint section. I found some green and orange body pain, and managed to carry them with the one arm i had. I walked over to the cash register and put them down. I tried getting my money out but it was hard with one arm. I looked up and saw Zayn paying. “What are you doing?” I asked taking the money out of his hand. “Im paying?” He replied with a questioning look. “No your not” I replied giving me a mean look, but he took the money out of my hand and gave it to the lady. “You two make a cute couple.” She smiled and gave Zayn the change. “Why thank you” I said with a smile and Zayn gave me a kiss on the cheek. “YAY off to the beaaacccchh” I smiled and jumped around. “ahaha your such a cutie” Zayn smiled and helped me into the car. 


It took a while but we finally arrived to the beach house. It was HUGE. “Wow” Is all i managed to get out. “ahaha we come here like every year” Zayn said with a smile and got the bags out of the car. “BEKKI !!!” I heard all the boys yell running out of the house. “HEEEEY!” I smiled and waved with my one arm. “Um Bekki. Where is your other ARM?” I heard Louis yell. “Long story, ill tell you guys inside” I smiled and helped Zayn with the bags. I quickly got the paint and put it in my suit case before the boys could see it. With the help of all the boys all out bags were inside. “Ok now Bekki what happened?” Louis asked grabbing a bag of carrots. My plan is going to work! “Well Lou, i think its best if you sit down for this... It happened not soon after the interview, we came back to the hotel and i was eating carrots.” I looked over to Zayn and he gave me a questioning look. “Anyways i was eating the carrots just watching tv then i notices that my finger tips started to turn orange, then it started to come up my arm, i didn’t know what else to do so Zayn rushed me to the hospital, and thats when i found out that i had carrotitist. Its an illness that when you eat to many carrots, you turn into one yourself, its a rare condition but it can and does happen to people. They had to cut my arm off before it got to my hole body.” I told the hole fake story looking straight into Louis’ eyes. He had dropped the bag of carrots. “Y-y-your lying!” He said looking stunned. “I wish i was Lou, i can’t eat another carrot, or else it will spread through my hole body. Lou i cant eat Carrots!” I said with a straight look on my face. When i finished my story Lou put all of the carrots into the bin. “Bekki are you ok now?” Lou asked and all the other boys just stared at me. “Yeah i was just a bit shaken up thats all.” I said and Lou gave me a big hug. “Hey Lou can you get Bek some water she has to take her medication” Zayn asked and Lou went off to the kitchen. “Bekki? What is the paint for..?” Zayn said with a slight giggle. “Um well can you guys help me paint Lou like a carrot tonight?” I smiled and looked at each of the boys. “yeeeeeeesss” They all said and Lou came walking back with a glass of water. “Here you are love” Louis said while handing me a cup of water, and then Zayn handed me my medication. I hate taking tablets. I quickly drank it down before i backed out. “So um we have plans” Liam said with excitement. “Since its only like 1, we thought that we could go to the little town square, go shopping and then head out to dinner” Harry said also with exitment. “Sounds fun” both me and Zayn said at the same time. “Oh and im making lunch now” Niall said from the kitchen. “Hey mate you better save some for us!” Louis said while running into the kitchen. “So Bek are you going to tell us what really happened to your arm?” Harry asked. “Maybe later, im going to get ready” I lied and walked over to my bags. I was yet to find out where i was going to sleep, but i didn’t care. I don’t know how to tell the boys. was i meant to just say ‘oh some guy tried to get me again, the same one my best friend sent and then he kicked me in the rips and now i have a few cracked ones?’ I just don’t think i can handle it. “Hey boo, everything ok” Zayn said sitting beside me. “Yeah i’m fine, um wheres the bathroom?” I asked holding my hair bag. “Oh here ill take you to our room” He said carrying my bags. Our room? I smiled knowing that i was going to be sharing a bed with Zayn. “since our stylest is coming and also Ed, we kinda ran out of rooms, i hope you don’t mind” Zayn said looking sorry as he placed my bags down on the floor in our room. “Not at al” I said with a smile and started to walk around the huge room. It was beautiful. It had a little wooden camping style with wooden floors and walls. The bed was huge and had so many pillows. There were rugs and a walk in closet, and a huge bathroom with a spa in it. It was quite beautiful. I was standing in the middle of the room looking out of the window just staring out to the beach when i felt warm arms wrap around me. “Like the view?” Zayn said in as husky voice. “love it” I smiled and turned around. I lied my head on his chest and we stood there for a while. Just taking everything in. I cant believe this is only like my second week in London. Second week i’m meant to be spending with my best friend...  pushed that thought to the back of my mind. “Lets unpack” Zayn said removing his arms from me. 


“Lunch is ready! come eat before Niall gets it all!” I heard Lou yell from the kitchen. I smiled and got up from the floor. “Are you coming?” I smiled and walked over to Zayn who was still sitting on the floor unpacking his stuff. “Help me up?” He said with a cheeky smile. I gave him my hand and he pulled me down so i fell on the floor. “ow Zayn my ribs!” I screamed. It really didn’t hurt, i was just giving him pay back. “Bekki i am so so so so sorry!” He said lifting me up so i was wrapped in his arms. “Just joking” I said and quickly kissed him on the cheek and ran down stairs with Zayn hot on my trail. 


“This smells amazing!” I said while grabbing a plate and sitting at the table along with the other boys. Zayn came down a few seconds later also grabbing a plate and sitting next to me. The boys had made chicken sandwiches. We quickly ate then got ready to go out. I got changed into some leggings and an oversized jumper with borwn ugg boots on and Zayn did my hair, since i still had only one arm to use. “YOU GUYS COMING?!” I heard Harry yell from down stairs. I grabbed my phone and money and both me and Zayn made out way down stairs. “Hey why don’t we walk there? I mean its only like 20 minutes away” Niall suggested and we all agreed. 


I was walking with Zayn at the back just talking, in front of us were Harry and Liam and in front of them was Louis and Niall. We finally got into the little town square and it was adorable. There were little shops and park benches and a big water feature in the middle. There were grass patches and little park areas. I saw couples having pick-nicks near the park area, and just to the left there was the beach. “OH MY YOUR ONE DIRECTION!” I heard a scream. I thought coming here we wouldn’t run into crazy fans because it was a place where older people would live, like older people since there were little cottages. “GRANDMA LOOK ITS HARRY!” I heard the girl scream and then an older lady look up. “Oh your right Maddy his curls are amazing!” I giggled as the old lady came over and started to play with Harrys curls. “OH MY GOD ZAYN CAN I LIKE TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU!” I heard the Girl scream and a backed away from Zayn, i really didn’t want to get in her way. “Hey You! Take the picture!” I heard the girl ask.. wait demand. I took the camera and the girl wrapped her arms around Zayn. “Smile” I said and took the pitcher. “Thanks” She said and look the camera out of my hands. I just smiled. “WAIT! your Bekki right?” She asked eyeing me up and down. “Yeah” I said with a smile. “YOU SLUT!” She screamed and pounced at me. “YOU SLUT! GET AWAY FROM ZAYN GET AWAY FROM ONE DIRECTION YOUR SUCH AN UGLY SLUT AND YOUR SO FAT!” She started screaming and punching me but i kept blocking, as well as i could with the one arm i had. Then she hit my ribs. I screamed in pain. Zayn was trying to get her off of me already. “Get off of her!” I heard the old lady yell. But the girl was strong she had a grip on my hair. She started to pull it and thats when i got mad. No one. No one pulls my hair! I slapped her hard across the face, then she punched my in the ribs harder then last time. I screamed in pain once again and all the were trying to pull her off of me. “I HATE YOU YOUR SUCH A BITCH, STAY AWAY FROM MY BOYS YOU HEAR ME!” She said and got up off of me. “BOO! are you ok?!” Zayn yelled and came rushing over to me. “Boo?” The girl looked at me like she was about to jump at me again. I saw Harry grab hold of her. “My ribs” Is all i managed to get out. It hurt so much to move. “Don’t worry boo, everything is going to be ok” Zayn said lifting my up bridal style. It hurt a little but it was better then being on the floor. I looked over at the girl that was getting yelled at by her grandmother. “Give me the camera” The old Lady said and then the girl handed her the camrea. “There” The old lady smiled and handed the girl the camra back. “YOU DELETED THE PHOTO!” I heard the girl yell and i could help my smirk. “YOU BITCH THIS IS YOR FULT!” She yelled and ran over to where Zayn was holding me. I flinched and nuzzled my face into Zayn’s chest. “STAY AWAY FORM HER!” I heard Zayn yell and i wrapped my arms around him tighter. 


The girl stormed off getting yelled at by her grandmother. “Boo are you ok?” Zayn asked looking down at me. “Ill be fine, i think ill just have to wear the stupid brace a little longer” I managed to say, it still hurt a little to talk but not that bad anymore. “Bekki we are taking you to the doctors” I heard Louis say. “Lou can you take her? I left my phone at the house i need to call the doctor” I heard Zayn say then he passed me over to Louis. I turned my head and saw Zayn running off back to the house. “Lou i can walk, you can out my down” I said and he gently placed my feet on the ground. I took one step and nearly feel. It hurt so bad! I tried to take another step but it hurt way to much. “Come here” I felt Louis arms wrap around me and then he was carrying me. “Thanks Louis!” I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. 


Louis had carried me to the small doctors office. They saw me and they must have seen the amount of pain i was in because they let us go right in. Lou placed me on the Bed and the rest of the boys came in and sat on the chair. Zayn still wasn’t back. “What seems to be the problem?” The doctor asked when he walked into the room. “He ribs, some girl just attacked her.” Niall said with worry on his face. “Ok may i look?” The doctor asked gesturing i take my top off. I looked over at the boys and i guess they got the message because they all got up and walked out of the room. The doctor took og my top and saw that i was wearing a brace. “I see you hurt your ribs before?” He said undoing the brace. “yeah, i kind of got attacked before, i have 3 cracked ribs” I stated and then the doctor un did the tape so i was able to move my arm around. yay i had both my arms back. “It seems there is server brusing already, when did this happen?” The doctor asked touching my ribs just below my boobs. It made me feel a little unconfutable. “Well it happend like 3 minutes ago, but the other thing happened about 2 or 3 days ago” I said and he was still rubbing my rib’s it really hurt. “hmm i see, i see” He kept rubbing getting a little higher each time, getting closer to my boobs. It felt really weird, since i was only wearing a bra. “So um do i need to wear the brace anymore?” I asked as the doctor was still feeling my ribs, inches way form my boobs. “hmm im not sure yet” He said and continued rubbing me. It hurt really badly, i was black and blue from bruising. 


ZAYNS POV: I cant belive Bekki just got attacked, i really shouldnt be leaving her alone right now but i had to get my phone so i could ring the doctor that already knew everything that happened to Bekki. I finally found my phone after a few minutes of serching then ran back to where i had last seen Bekki. I looked around and saw the docotos so i ran over there. When i got inside i saw all of the boys waiting in the waiting room. “Where is she?” i asked a bit out of breath form running. “down the hall room 3” Liam said smiling. I walked down the hall and heard screaming “GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!” I ran into the room and saw that the doctor had is hands on Bekkis breast, and she was only in a bra, and her leggins of course. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?” I yelled and shoved the doctor out of the way. “ZAYN!” I heard Bekki scream and she jumped off the bed and wrapped her hands around me laying her head on my chest. I could hear her crying. “BOO i am so sorry i should have never left you alone, i should have never let that girl hurt you, i should have never let that guy get you, i should have stopped Carly from doing all them things to you!” I said and hugged Bekki back. I quickly let go when i saw all the brusis she had on her left side. It must have really hurt her when i hugged her. “Excuse me but i need to examine the girl please leave” I doctor said pushing Bekki away form me. “PLEASE ZAYN DONT LEAVE ME WITH HIM!” Bekki screamed and started to cry more. I tried to get past the doctor but he pushed me out of the room and locked it. “NO PLEASE GETAWAY FROM ME!” “OWW DONT TOUCH ME IT HURTS!” GET YOUR HAND OFF OF MY” I heard screaming and crying form the other side of the door. I cant take this anymore. I kicked the door down to find the doctor rubbing on Bekki’s breast and trying to kiss her. I ran over to him and punched him in the face. I quickly grabbed Bekki’s jumper, i was about to put it on her when i saw the doctor get up, i quickly picked her up and carried her out of the room slamming the door on the doc’s face. I ran out into the waiting room and all the boys stood up. Bekki was still in my arms but she had the jumper over her self coving her. “Can someone take her?” I asked and Lou came over. He got Bekki in his arms. I went over to the front desk to tell her about everything. 


LOUIS’ POV: “Can someone take her?” Zayn asked and i went over, i took Bekki in my arms and noticed all the bruising near her ribs, because her jumper was slipping. Then i noticed she was in a bra. She tried moving to get the jumper but she moaned in pain. I moved it and covered her. “Thanks Lou” Bekki said and nuzzled her face into my chest. I held her closer. I cant believe anyone would want to hurt her! I didn’t know what happend in the room, but i could hear Zayn yelling at the front desk. “Louis can we go outside, i don’t want to be near him” I heard Bekki ask and look towards a gut that looks as if he was beat up, then i noticed he was the doctor. “Sure love” I smiled and walked outside with Bekki in my arms. She wasn’t wearing her jumper but it was wrapped around her, i hope she wont get cold. “Lou im scared” I heard Bekki saw and when i looked down i also noticed she was crying. “Don’t worry Bekki, everything is going to be fine, i got you” I said and kissed her on the fore head, She smiled and turned to look back inside. I felt her tense up when a man walked out. “L-L-Louis” Is all she managed to mumble out. I held her tighter and started to power walk away from him. “COME BACK HERE BABY WE ARNT FINISHED!” I heard the man say and Bekki started to cry. “Bekki everything is going to be fine, Text Zayn and tell him we are going for a walk,” I said passing Bekki my phone. She took it and started to text Zayn. 


ZAYNS POV: “we are so sorry, we had no idea he was meant to be our best! i will make sure he is dealt with” The lady said with a smile. The man walked into the room and i saw Lou walk out with Bekki. “YOU! YOUR FILTHY YOU ARE FIRED!” I heard the lady yell and the man gave her the finger and walked out side. “Thank you” I said with a smile. “Um can i have an autograph?” The lady asked a bit nerves. “Well its the least i can do” I smiled and she handed me a piece of paper.  I felt my phone vibrate, it was a text. 

LOU: Zayn, Lou is taking me for a walk, please come. Bekki. 

Why would Bekki use Louis’ phone? Then i noticed that the guy had followed them. I ran out of the room and the rest of the boys followed. “HEY BABY WHERE YOU GOING?” I heard the man yell, i picked up speed and saw Lou with Bekki trying to run away from the man. I got close to him and tackled him to the floor. “Call the cops” I heard Niall shout and then Liam rang. I still had the man pinned down when the cops came, Lou and Bekki had kept walking. 


BEKKS POV: “Lou i think we can stop now” i said but Lou kept walking “The way he was talking to you, i don’t want you anywhere near him!” Louis said and walked over to a park bench. He slowly put my down and it hurt. It was cold outside, then i remembered i wasn't wearing my jumper, i only had it wrapped around me. I quickly put it on which was really painful since i had to have my arms up, but Louis helped me. “Lou, your the best” I said and kissed him on the cheek. “I love you little sister” He said with a wink. “And i love you to big bro” I said and gave him another kiss on the cheek and hugged him, which also hurt. 


It wasn’t long until Zayn and the rest of the boys found us. I had my head rested on Lou’s shoulder and he had his arm wrapped around me. I was so happy to see Zayn. I got up and jumped into his arms, which killed! “My hero” I whispered into him ear. It was true he had saved me all them times. “My princess” He whispered back and then picked me up. “we are going back to the doctors” He said and i tensed up. “Don’t worry he got fired” Zayn said and a smiled.


When we got back to the doctors Zayn made sure it was a girl that was going to check me and he wouldn’t leave to room. He also made sure it was a different room, because i was still scared to go into the same room. After about half an hour, which included x-rays and the girl looking at me bruising i found out that now i had 5 cracks in my ribs, i was bleeding internally which was causing the fast bruising, and that I needed to wear the brace for 3 more days,  take medication and rub lotion onto my bruising. The girl tapped my arm back to my ribs, then set up the brace. It had to be tighter then last time. She put the cream on my bruises, gave me the medication and then we were able to leave. Hopefully i can take the brace off earlier. It was late so we only got to go into a few shops before we went out to dinner. 

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