The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


16. more drama


ZAYNS POV: “I see the way she looks at you” Georgina said, i couldn’t help but smile thinking that Bekki might actually like me back. But then again it might just be her acting because of how we are meant to be having the ‘baby.’ “Zayn stop smiling like an idiot” I hear Harry say while he walked into the kitchen . “How are me meant to cook in this mess?” Niall looked around at the filith we had left from the food fight. “Why don’t we order pizza or something?” Liam said walking through the door. “Ill call now” I said walking out of the kitchen to get my phone. “Georgina what would you like?” I asked with pen and paper in my hand, i knew this was going to be a lot of food, i mean we are boys, there are five of us, plus Bekki, Carly and Georgina. “Um can i please have a cheese pizza?” She said with a smile on her face, i wrote it down then the boys said what they wanted. “Hawaiian. chicken. Vegetarian, sea food” Is all i heard i quickly wrote it all down and walked up stairs to get Bekki’s order. I knocked on the door, and remembered she was in the shower. I walked over to Carly’s room. “Hey Carly we are getting pizza do you want any?” I asked knocking on the door. “Come in” I heard Carly yell, so i did ask she asked, she probably couldn’t hear me. 


CARLY POV: This is where i start my plan. “Hey Carly we are getting pizza do you want any?” I heard Zayn say. “Come in” I said in a flirty tone, as he opened the door i texted Bekki. **Hey Bekki can we talk? Come in my room I cant be stuffed walking there ahah :)”  And sent. “Hey um did you want pizza?” I heard Zayn ask. I hoped off my bed and walked closer to him. “Have i ever told you how hot you look?” I whispered in his ear with a flirty tone, now my body was up against his. Bekki should be here any second. “um ok” He zayn and tired to take a step back. “Come on Zayn.. I know you want me” I said wrapping my arms around his neck and bringing him closer. I could see the door start to open. “CARLY GET OFF OF ME !” Zayn yelled and somehow got out of my grip, he walked over the the door that was already starting to open. When he opened it fully i could see Bekki. If she had have been a few seconds earlier she would have seen ! She would have felt the pain i felt when Harry lead me on then just dropped me. ITS NOT FAIR !


BEKKIS POV: I got Carly text message when i got out of the shower, so i quickly grabbed some shorts and a hoodie, i started to walk to her room when i saw Zayn walk in. Well this is interesting. I walked over to her room and opened the door a little so i could see inside but it looked as if the door was still closed. “Hey um did you want pizza” I heard Zayn ask Carly, oh so he just wanted to know if she was hungry, i was about to open the door when i saw Carly walk closer to Zayn, um what is this? “Have  i ever told you how hot you look?” Carly said with her body against Zayn in her flirty voice. wow have them to had a thing, and i was just nothing to Zayn? I started to tear up but then i saw Zayn step away. “Come on Zayn.. I know you want me” Carly said wrapping her arms around Zayn and whispering into his ear. THAT BITCH. “Get off me !” I heard Zayn yell and get out of Carly's grip, the next thing i know is that Zayn is standing next to me with his arm wrapped around me, i could see anger on Carly's face. What was with her lately? “Carly would you like pizza yes or no?” I said in a pissed off tone, well because i was. “NO” She said slamming the door in our faces. “What was that about? I saw everything.” I said looking at Zayn, he looked like he was ready to punch something, he still had is arm around my waist, but his face was full of fury. “I don't even know, she i don't know, she just went all weird and flirty.” He sad looking down on me. It was kind of cute how i had to look up and he had to look down because i was shorter then him. “ok, i will talk to her some other time.” I said smiling at him. “So did you want pizza?” He asked me. “Um yeah can i have.. wait are they going to know who its for?” I asked a bit scared if i was going to get sick again. “No, ill say my name is Jack like i always do, don't worry you will be safe.” He said in a sweet tone. “Ok well can i please have seafood with chicken?” I asked with a smile. “Of corse ! and i have that too, ahah we are so alike.” Zayn said as we walked down the stairs. It looked like all the boys had, had a shower are changed because they were no longer covered in food, only Zayn was, and now i was going to have to change my hoodie because he had his arm wrapped around me, but i didn't care. “shhh I'm going to oder now” Zayn said walking past everyone and into the kitchen. “Hey mate El and Danni are coming and they would like a cheese pizza” Lou said with a smile on his face. “Sure mate” Zayn said and started to ring the pizza place. After having to say the order over a few time the man finally got it, i couldn't blame him there was a lot of pizzas to remember. “They said it will be here in 30mins” I said joing the boys in the lounge room where they had the new on. “Zayn Malik's Mystery girl in hospital yesterday, doctors say she was drugged and poisoned at a restaurant on purpose.” The reporter said and then photos on me and Zayn came on the tv, ones from the restaurant and one from me and him sleeping in the hospital holding hands. Why do people take these photos?! “Question is, when is mr Malik going to tell us who his Mystery girl is?” The reporter said, and then it moved on to something about pertral and gas prices. “So Mystery girl.. Hows the baby going?” Harry said smiling. “BABY?!” Georgina yelled at the top of her lungs. Shit only the boys are meant to know. “Um good, I'm starting to crave Nutella but we don't have any” I giggled and rubbed my tummy. “Um Bekki a word?” I heard Georgina say pulling my arm the the still messy kitchen. “YOUR HAVING A BABY?!” She yelled. “shhh” I said trying to calm her down. “OMG WHO IS THE DAD?” She screamed once again. “GEORGINA LISTEN TO ME” I said screaming, she just nodded so i went on. “Ok well the first night we stayed here the boys and Carly dared me and Zayn to spend 7 mins in heaven right after they found out that i have never had my first kiss, so as i joke me and Zayn thought it would be funny to make the boys feel guilt if we made it look like we had done it and now I'm having a baby, its a little life lesson” I said whispering making sure she was the only one that could here, even if no one else was in the room. “Ohhh, this sounds like fun!” She laughed. “So you will play along?” “Yeeep” She giggled and we walked out of the kitchen back into the lounge. She went and sat with Niall while i sat on the floor in between Zayn's legs. “comfy down there?” He said giggling. “Yup” I replied looking up. There was no where else to sit and it was a comphy floor so why not? “If you say so” He laughed and started to give me a back rub. after about 10 mins there was a knock on the door, since i was the one on the floor i got up, when i opened it i almost went blind. “*Click Click* *Click Click* HEY YOU SMILE! AHAH GOT CHAA” I didn't know what to do all i saw was flashes and camreas and people everywhere. When Zayn heard all the noise he came running over, “HEY GET OUT !” He yelled at them, but the didnt listen. They started to push and try to get thoght the doot, i was still standing there and Zayn tried to protect me from them. “COME ON ZAYN JUST TELL US HER NAME, IS SHE YOUR GIRL FRIEND, HEY MYSTORY GIRL LOOK HERE, WHATS YOU NAME MYSTORY GIRL, ARE YOU JUST THERE WAS ZAYN SO HE CAN BLOW SOME STEEM OFF?” I heard all these voices, questions, flushes and camreas all the the same time and i started to get dizzy. “GET OUT ! GO AWAY ILL CALL POLICE” Is all i heard Zayn say and he started to push the door close. When he fianlly got everyone away he turned and looked at me. I didnt notice but all the boys and Georgina were standing around me all look at me. “Bekki are you ok?” Zayn said picking me up. “Liam can you get some water?” Louis asked and ran over by my side. Zayn put me down on the couch gentaly, and brushed my hair out of my face. Liam had given me water but i was still dizzy and my head was pounding from all the flashing. 


ZAYNS POV: I heard the knock on the door and i thought it would have just been El and Danni, but then i heard screaming and yelling, the first thing i though of was Bekki, she has to be ok, i cant lose her like i had almost done yesterday. I ran by her side and tried to make the paps go away, but they kept pushing. I tried to protect Bekki i didnt care if they broke the house. I had fianlly gotten them to go away but Bekki looked really sick and scared, i quickly picked her up and put her on the couch, Liam brought her water but yet she still looked really sick an pale. “Bekki are you ok?” I asked looking at her brushing hair out of her face. “t-t-t-ther was s-s-so many people, so many voices.. the camreas flashing.” She said but i could see the fear in her eyes. “Shhh its ok im here they cant get you, dont worry” I tried to calm her down and it worked untill i heard a knock on the door. This time Harry went to get it, and i could see the fear in Bekkis eyes. “HARRY CARE FUL !” I hear Bekki yell and sit up. “Its ok its only El and Dani.” Harry said looking thorough the peep hole, he opened the door and sure enough it was only the two girls. “Hey everyone- Wow whats wrong?” They said rushing over to us. “The paparazzi attacked Bekki” I said with an upset look on my face, how could i let this happen. “Latest news on One Direction’s Zayn Malik’s Mystory girl; After getting a tweet from Carly_biebs_1d, we were abe to find out where one direction live, paparazzie went there today and found Zayns Mystery girl opening up the door, as you can see from these photos, Zayn is very protective over her, Come on Zayn who is she, we all want to know.” The lady said as photos went all over the t.v screen. “That BITCH!” Is all Bekki managed to say. 


CARLYS POV: Plan A didn’t work but what if Bekki was to get out of the picture, maybe go to hospital for a few more days or Zayn blames her for why there were all the pap’s at the door, either way i want her to feel the pain i am!


BEKKIS POV: After i saw who tweeted the address i tried to think of ever ones twitter names. “THAT BITCH!” I screamed when i realized it was Carly who had tweeted it. “Bekki, she just repots the news she doesn't choose what to say” Liam said walking over to Danni. “NO CARLY! SHE TWEETED THATS HER TWITTER NAME!” I yelled and ran up the stairs into Carly’s room. She is going to pay, what was she thinking? going to make me die? I ran up the stairs and didn't even care who was following. I slammed open the door to her room and found her sitting on her bed with her laptop. “YOU BITCH! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?” I yelled standing at her door. “I don't know what your talking about.” She said looking up from her computer. “DONT GIVE ME THAT SHIT! I KNOW YOUR TWITTER NAME ! CARLY_BIEBER_1D! HOW COULD YOU PUT THE ADRESS ON FRIGGEN TWITTER! YOU KNOW YOU NEARLY KILLED ME YOU KNOW HOW I DONT COPE WITH FLASHES AND YELLING YOU KNOW ALL OF THAT BUT YET YOU STILL POST THE FUCKING ADRESS, ROOM NUMBER AND EVERYTHING ON TWITTER?” I yelled my face going red/ “Whoops” is all she managed to get out. “IS THAT ALL YOU CAN SAY? IS THIS BECAUSE HARRY DIDNT LIKE YOU, SO YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN GET WITH ZAYN AND WHEN THAT DOSNT WORK YOU TRY AND KILL ALL OF US?” I yelled and slammed shut her laptop. “Bekki calm down it was a mistake” She mumbled. “oh ok then whoops my bad” I said slapping her across the face. “Don’t try anything with Zayn again, and don’t do anything like that again or else, you hear me?” I said as she rubbed her cheek. I was about to say something else, but Zayn had picked me up, it was probably a good thing because i was really going to have a go at her, i cant stand her anymore! 


Zayn had carried me all the way down stairs to the movie room, everyone else followed. “Bekki please don't get your self hurt!” Zayn said putting me down in the couch-chair-movie seat thing. “Im sorry, but she, i don't know” I said calming down a little. “Why don't we just watch a movie and forget about what had happened” Liam said. “Good idea” I said sitting up smiling, then there was another knock on the door. I froze a little until i hear “Pizza delivery for Jack” “Ill get it” Harry said grabbing money and walking over the the door. “Thanks” I heard Harry say as he walked back into the movie room with around 10 or more pizzas. “YUUUM!” Niall said running over to find his box. I was about to get up “Ill get them” Zayn said smiling to get our Pizza. When everyone had there box, we chose a movie to watch. Brides Maids. Me and Zayn sat at the back in front of us was Louis, El Danni and Liam, in front of them was Niall, Georgina and Harry. 

ZAYNS POV: We watched brides maids as we ate dinner, Me and Bekki had the back couch to our selfs. I cuddled her as we ate, and i was surprised normally girls don't eat like that in front of people, but thats what i liked about her, she’s not afraid or scared of things. We had finished 1 hole boxes when the movie had finished, everyone else was full and couldn't be bothered doing anything so we put in another movie. I think Bekki has an obsession with Channing Tatum because she begged to watch she’s the man. I didn't complain i liked the movie i thought it was funny. It was starting to get late, and we had, had a big day.. the food fight, bekki getting out of hospital, the attack, her yelling at Carly so i was surprised when Bekki started to yorn and drift off to sleep with her head rested on my chest. After a few minutes Bekki was sound asleep and the rest of the guys and girls went up to bed, i didn't want to wake up Bekki so i feel asleep with her wrapped in my arms. I loved this feeling, but also hated it because i knew she wasn’t ‘mine’ 

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