The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


17. meeting & truth starting to come out


BEKKIS POV: I woke up in Zayn’s arms once again, i don’t think i have actually slept in my own bed yet, and i have been in London for 6 days already. I really didn’t want to wake up yet so i snuggled back into Zayn’s chest as he wrapped his arms around me tighter, then i noticed that there was a blanket on us. When did someone put that there? I didn’t care it was warm, i pushed that to the back of my head and feel asleep once again. 


When i re-awoke i could hear the sound of photos being taken and Harrys voice. What was he up to? I opened my eyes and looked around, i was still in Zayn’s arms, the blanket was there and so was Harry, standing with Louis, with there phones, taking photos of me and Zayn. Them boys are up to something. “mm morning beautiful” I heard Zayn’s sexy morning voice. “Morning” I said snuggiling up into his chest to avoid sunlight and my face beeing seen in Harrys photos. “Aw guys your to cute!” Louis said as El walked into the room holding two cups of tea. “You two slept in, so i thought id make you tea since you have a meeting today.” El said handing both me and Zayn a cup. “Thanks El!” I smiled and sat up. This wasn’t like me, i never slept in. “Whats the meeting for?” Zayn said also sitting up next to me. “We are going to start getting the tune ready for vocals to put on, we leave in 20 minutes.” Louis said and he held El’s hand as the walked out of the movie room. “20 minutes?!” I jumped up drinking the rest of my tea, which i found funny because i never liked tea before. “Why don’t they tell us these things? Oh Bekki you should be sick, you know because of the baby” Zayn said winking at me. “Oh right” I said holding my hand to my mouth and running for the toilet, making sure i ran past the kitchen so everyone could see. “Whats wrong darling?” I heard El say as she ran after me. Please Zayn hurry up come after me i don’t actually need to be sick ! with that thought Zayn came running past. “Hey El can you get her a cup of water and a face washer?” I heard Zayn yell, and El did just as he asked. When we got into the bathroom i closed the door behind me and started to giggle. “You should have seen the boys faces!” Zayn said. I was about to say something when there was a knock on the door, so i ran over to the toilet and flushed it. “Come in” I yelled and El opened the door handing me the glass of water and face washer, “Thank you beautiful!” I said taking the cup and drinking from it then rinse and spitting, and taking the face washer to wash my face. “So are you going to tell me whats going on?” El said looking confused. “um ok, don’t freak out, and don’t tell anyone but im having a baby” I said in a clam voice, and to my surprise El took it really good, “And your the father?” SHe said questioning Zayn. “um, yeah” He said rubbing the back of his neck. “CONGRATS” El yelled and gave both of us a big hug. “We haven't told anyone apart from you and the boys, we are going to tell management next week just in case” I said washing my hands. “Ok well i’m so happy, um we have to leave in like 15 minutes.” El sad smiling and walking out of the door. I walked out of the bathroom and towards my room to get ready. “How are you feeling Bekki, i got you Nutella” Niall said standing with Georgina. “OMG NIALL I LOVE YOU!, can you put some on a piece of bread so i can eat it in the car?” I said running over over to Niall and gave him a big hug. I smiled and ran up to my room and quickly pulled on a pair of black leggings, an over sized blue jumper and a pair of black boots, I put a little make up on and brushed my hair, i loved how it didn’t frizz up and it looked nice once i brushed it so i didn’t have to do anything to it. I put a little perfume on and ran back down the stairs. Everyone was waiting in the lounge room, Louis and El were on one couch, Liam, Niall, Georgina and Dani were sitting at the table and Harry and Zayn were by the door. I saw everyone part from Carly. “Did someone tell Carly were we are going?” I asked and walked into the lounge room. “Yeah she’s sleeping so i put a note on her door, oh here is your Nutella bread” Niall said smiling and handing my the bread. “Are you girls coming to? Thank god i wont be in a room full of these boys” I said smiling amd walking towards the door. “No sorry Bek we are just going to walk down to the cars with you then we are off, we could do something tomorrow if you want to?” Dani said with a smile, i really liked these girls they were all so nice and sweet. “oh, um sure! wait i have my first day of work tomorrow” I said a bit sad i really wanted to hang put with the girls. “oh thats fie maybe some other day” El said and we all walked out of the door down to the car park, i said my good-byes to the girls and waved as the drove away. “So what cars are we taking?” I asked smiling, i loved cars. “Well half in mine and Half in Harrys” Zayn said smiling at me. “OK” i smiled i loved Zayn’s car, i hope i can go in his. “Ok um Louis, Liam, Niall your in my car yeah?” Harry said winking at Zayn, what was that about. “But Harry thats not half” I said looking confused. “Yeah but Zayn drives like a freak” Louis said laughing. “Any ways we are going to be late!” Liam said jumping into Harrys car. We all nodded and i jumped into Zayn’s car, i don’t know what the boys were on about Harry drives so slow! When we got to the studio, Me and Zayn had to wait a few minutes for Harry and the rest of the boys to come. I remember the last time we had come here, i had drawn on the boys faces and i had just started to get to know Zayn. “ah boy’s your here, oh i’m sorry and you are.. Oh Mystery girl! yes i know you, Bekki yes?” The man i remembered from last time said as we walked though the doors. “Yeah that would be me” I said smiling and shook his hand. “Oh and Ed said that you will be helping the boys to write songs, yes?” He said as we walked though the studio, it had changed from last time. “Yes, if thats ok with you, i don’t want to get in any ones way” i said smiling trying to be nice but i was so scared, he was so famous and he was just talking to me. But then again Zayn, Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam are from One Direction, apparently the biggest boy band ever, but i never heard one of there songs. “No sweetie that will be fine, might give the boys inspiration” Simon said laughing until we came to a room filled with couches and sets. The boys walked over to the the couches and sat down like they were were at home. “Well are you going to sit down?” The boys laughed at me. I slowly walked over to the couch but i didn’t to sit because the couches looked very nice, and they had nice pillows places in spots that made it look perfect, and they were white leather i didn’t want to dirty it. “Come here!” Zayn said pulling on on his lap, when he pulled me i laughed and giggled a bit. I stayed on his lap until Simon came back i slid onto the couch. “So boys we need a album name” Simon said with a pen and paper in his hand, maybe so he could write things down. “Live while we are young?” Harry questioned and Simon wrote it down. “What about somthing simple like take me home? Liam said and all the boys agreed. “Well then take me home it is, boys i would like 2 songs in the next week or two, we cant drag this album on for too long” Simon said writing ‘Take me home’ on his paper. “Oh Bekki since you will be helping the boys you will be getting paid, i heard you only moved here so you wont need to look for a job” Simon smiled and walked out of the room, and like on que my phone rang, it was work. “Sorry i need to get this” (Me= B Work= W)

B- Hello

W- Hello Bekki im sorry to inform you that we no longer need two workers only the one

B- Oh i was just about to ring and say that i will be unable to work but Carly is still avalable.

W- Well that worked out good, i will call her now, thanks, take care.

B- Bye. 

Well that worked out well. “was that work” Zayn asked waling out into the room i was in, “yeah, i guess it all worked out” I smiled and we walked back to here the boys were sitting, it looked like Simon had brought them lunch. “Dig in before Niall eats it all” Liam said laughing. “He is right you know” Niall said stuffing his face full of more food, that boy could eat! I wasnt hungry because of the Nutella i had already eaten, so i just watched them eat and fight over the last piece of food which was a chocolate bar, a boost bar. I am in love with them so while the boys were fighting over who could have it i took it, i guess they court me because when i took a bite they all jumped on my pushed my onto the couch. I quickly shoved the rest of the chocolate into my mouth and swollowed. “YUUUM”! I giggled and the boys got off of me. “HEY!” All the boys yelled at me. “What i was hungry and you ate all of the food” I smiled and crossed my arms. 

ZAYNS POV: Bekki was adorable today, the way she didn’t want to sit down so i pulled her onto my lap, and the way she took the chocolate and ate it on us. Iv never met a girl like that before every other girl would just sit back in discuss over boys fighting for food. But not her. “Ok boys well thats all for today, remember the songs in 2 weeks” Simon said, and then we all left to walk to our cars. CLICK CLICK CLICK not again! the paps are getting crazy ! “ZAYN ZAYN TELL US HER NAME! IS THAT THE SAME GIRL FROM YESTERDAY ! IS THAT YOUR NEW GIRL ZAYN COME ONE JUST TELL US HER NAME?” I heard Everyone yelling, so i grabbed Bekki’s hand and ran to my car, i opened the door and let her in, The pap’s were running towards my car so i quickly ran to the drivers side. and we started to drive off. I tunred the radio on when the reporter started to talk about me, i went to change it but then Bekki stopped me. “Wait they are saying something about me too” Bekki said a little pissed off, i think she is getting sick of this. “The same girl from yesterday twetted that the boys of One Direction would be at the studio recording and also adding in the ‘Zayns mystery girls name is Bekki Black (thats not my real last name) Now just to find out what she has to do with Zayn Malik” The reporter said “Thats it! I cant do this anymore!” Zayn said a little pissed off, i was too. “Bekki i know shes your best friend and all but Carly cant live with us if she keeps leeking information like this, expecially your name now people cam find you” I Said looking at Bekki because we were stopped at a red light. Thank god we were on the same page! “I was just about to say that” Bekki said agreeing with what i had said, and then out of no where my phone started to vibrate like crazy. “Can you get that?” I asked Bekki, and she picked it up, “Its twitter” She said. “Oh anything important?” I asked but then thought about it “Oh actually dont worry ill look at it later” But i was to late, i could see Bekki starting to cry, Them ‘fans’ can be so mean ! “Shh Bekki dont worry about them,” I said trying to stop her from crying. I took my phone from her and saw what people were saying because we were stopped at yet another red light. *Ew shes so ugly Zayn you can do better* *EWW why are you holding hands with a whale?* *What is that? it looks dead* *Zayn is just doing this for a charity! she is probably a homeless ha lives on the streets i mean look at her* I kept reading and it brought tears to my eyes. How are these our fans? They are so rude! I held Bekkis Hand as we drove back to the hotel. Harry and the boys were already in the car park, i guess they had seen our tweets because they ran over to Bekki and gave her a gif hug. “This is to much for a girl having a baby! we are so sorry Bekki i know we cant do anything about this but, when we said about 7 mins in heaven we didnt think we didnt think about the pressure you had, we didn’t think you would end up having a baby when your only 18!” Harry yelled and all the boys agreed. I took this chance to go on twitter, *Please leave Bekki alone, she is an amazing, beautiful girl and if you are really ‘fans’ you shouldn’t be hating on her* and send.  “um guys i think its time that me and Carly move out” Bekki said when all the boys stopped hugging her. What no. Thats not what we talked about, we talked about only Carly leaving not Bekki ! Bekki can’t go! She has to write songs with us. “What why you?” Louis said a bit upset. “She’s my best friend, we came here together i dont want to just make her leave, and besides i havnt even paid you or anything for letting me stay here!” Bekki said a little upset. “No your not leaving!” I yelled at her, i didn’t mean it but i really liked Bekki. “Zayn i have to ! its not fair!” She yelled back. “But what if Carly wants to leave?” Liam said. “Well if she doesnt want me to live with ehr then i guess i will try and find i new hotel or move back home.” Bekki said looking at each of the boys, and me. “No Bekki, your not leaving ok, what will Niall do he loves your cooking, what would Louis do he has a carrot buddy, Harry and Liam love watching Moives with you, Georgina, El and Dani love having you around your not movie out just like that! I yelled i really didn’t want her to leave. “Sorry i didn’t think about it like that” She said. 


BEKKIS POV: I dont know what was going on, i dont know why i wanted to move out, i didn’t want to i think i felt as if i had to. When zayn said the resons why i should stay he didn’t mention anything about him, i guess he didnt care. We all walked out of the car park and to our room, forgeting about the little disagreement we had about me moving out. When we got to the room i saw bags packed, im guessing they were Carly’s. “Good your home Bekki we are going back home” Carly said pulling more bags into the kitchen. “Carly i am home” I said im still pissed off at her. “Fine then be a bitch! you know what Bekki, people are right you are just an attention seeking two faced little slut! you can go die in a hole for all i care!” Carly screamed at me. “I really should have tired harder at killing you when my dad told me to, people would be much happier without you.” Carly said pulling her bags out of the room and storming off. um ouch. I could feel myself trying to hold back the crying but i couldn’t, i bolted to my room and slammed the door behind me and sat up against it so no one could come in. She was meant to be my best friend, why was she doing this, it was all my idea to come to London. I sat up againt the wall with my knees againt my chest. and cried and cried. I  heard knocking on the door and yelling but i couldnt care less to who it was, Until i felt the door being pushed open and i was being pushed with it. It was Zayn, He didn’t say anything but came beside me and hug me, and comfort me, normally people would be all up in your business and what to know what happened but not Zayn he let me cry into his chest. I cried so much i made myself fall asleep. This is the 6th day i have fallen asleep in Zayn’s chest or holding his hand. 


ZAYNS POV: The words Carly had said kept repeting in my head. “I should have tried harder at killing you, like my dad said” What did Carly try to kill Bekki? But then why are they such good friends?! I knew that if i asked Bekki about it she would get even more upset, so when i finally got into her room i saw beside her and hugged her, letting her cry into my chest, and she slowly fell asleep. I picked her up and placed her on my bed. “Zayn please don’t go, she might come back” Bekki said half asleep pulling me onto her bed. She must be tired even if we had slept in until 1:00 and it was now 10, that meeting went longer then normal. I did as Carly asked and slid into bed with her holding her close, she had her head in my chest and slowly fell into a deep sleep, as did i. 

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