The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


19. interviews.


ZAYNS POV; Bekki was still sound asleep and it was 10 in the morning, she always got up at like 6. I wiggled out of her grip and walked down stairs. All the boys were in the lounge room watching the news. “Bekki Black Zayn Malik’s Mystery girl is said to be helping the boys write songs, is she meant to be inspiration or is she Zayn’s Girl friend and it was just an excuse for her to go on tour with the boys? Eaither way fans are not to happy. *EW SHES A FAT UGLY COW* *WHAT IS ZAYN DOING WITH A TRASHY GIRL LIKE THAT* And the tweets go on. Comment on our Facebook toll and tell us what you think? Like the Zekki and hate it?” The Lady said and a photo of my and Bekki came on the screen, one of them that was taken the other day, and then one from her birthday where we were on the beach. Who took that? “Oh hey mate” Harry said noticing i was standing at the door. “Hey, um do we have anything on today?” I asked because i had no clue. “Yeah we have 3 interviews in about an hour, you better start to get ready” And with that i ran up to my room to get ready. I was still worried about Bekki about everything that happened with Carly. I still want to find out what she meant by ‘I should have killed you when my dad told me to’ What Carly had said kept going through my head over and over. I just put on a simple white top on and a brown leather jacket, with black jeans and white high tops. It took me a while to do my hair but after about 30 minutes I was ready to leave. I quickly walked over to Bekki’s room to find her sitting up in her bed. “Morning” I sad walking into her room.   “M-Morning” She said sounding scared. “Whats wrong, is everything ok” I asked walking over and sitting on her bed. “Um yeah i um.. yeah i’m fine.” She said jumping out of bed. “No your not, but i guess you will have to tell me when your ready” I said walking uo behind her and she jumped a little. I knew something was wrong. “Your going to have the house to yourself if you want, me and the boys have interviews all days” I said as we walked down stairs, she still looked scared and jumpy. “Or you can come with us” I looked over at her and she looked less scared, maybe she didn’t want to be left alone. “yes please, if you don’t mind” She said a bit shaky. It must have been the dream she was screaming in. “Ok well we leave in 10 minutes” I said and she ran up stairs to get ready. 


BEKKIS POV: I woke up alone in my room, i was so scared it was just like what had happened that night, only i was in an empty hospital room. I saw Zayn and felt a little happier but i was still scared. When he told me i was going to have the house all to myself i froze, i don’t want to be left alone i don’t feel safe. “or you can come with us” Zayn said looking at how scared i was. “yes please, if you don’t mind” “Ok well we leave in ten minutes” Zayn said so i ran up the stairs to get changed. It only took me about 5 minutes to do my hair, make up and choose an outfit. I got a pair of black skinny jeans, a white top and a nice outgoing jacket. I put on some nice shoes and platted my hair to the side, i put a little make up on, grabbed my phone money and bag then walked down stairs. “That was fast” Louis is standing up from the couch. All the other boys also stood up. “Are you sure its ok if i come?” I asked i didn’t want to bother them, i was already staying at there hotel, there manager was paying me, and i had only met them 7 days ago. wow i week went by fast, it was a week since i turned 18. Wait a week? Its Carly’s birthday. “Of corse not! its better that your comming we were going to go out for lunch so you save us the drive back here” Harry said handing me a paper bag. “Oh ok, and whats this?” I asked holding the brown paper bag. “Nutella bread” Niall said smiling. “We thought you would want it” Liam said smiling. “you guys are the best!” I said with a hige smile on my face and hugged each of the boys. While we walked to the car i ate the special breakfast the boys had made just for me. I loved it they put so much Nutella on it! “Who made this?” I asked smiling through bites. “I got the bread, Louis got it out of the packet, Liam got the knife, Niall put the Nutella on and Zayn put in it the bag, so all of us” Harry said proud of his making of Nutella bread. “No wonder it has so much Nutella on it, I LOVE it !” I giggled and took another bite. “We are all going to take the van” Liam said unlocking it. Me and Zayn sat in the back, Niall and Harry in front of us and Liam was driving with Louis next to him. “Would you like some? you made so much!” I asked looking at the rest of the bread there was, there was stilll like 6 slices and i was starting to get really full. “No we made it for you!” Harry said turning around. “but you made too much!” I said lifting the bag up so they could take on. which they did, “Give one to Louis and Liam” I said and Harry got another two and passed it to the front. I offered Zayn one but he said no. “Please ?” I said giving him puppy dog eyes. “Fine” He said grabbing one and eating it. Now there was just one left, so i ate it, this one was the bet there was extra extra Nutella! It didn’t take long until we got to the first building. it was so big! I looked out of the tinted windows and saw so many screaming girls. “We are going to go around the back” Liam said as he drove into the car park, there was no more screaming girls, thank god. “Ill stay in the car, have fun” I said smiling as each boy got out. “Um no your coming to watch!” Louis said pulling me out of the van. “Fineeee” I said dragging out the ‘e’. I thought there was no girls, until i saw a big mob of them running our way. none of the boys seemed to notice, but i did. “RUN!” I said pulling on Louis’ and Zayn’s arm. “Why?” Niall said and turned around. “SHIT!” He yelled and ran off into the building followed by Harry and Liam. Louis and Zayn still didn’t know what i was talking about until it was to late. “OMG OMG OMG ONE DIRECTION!” All the girls screamed. Zayn and Louis turned around to greet them. “Hey girls, you know your not meant to be down here” Louis said smiling. but none of the girls cared. “OMG EW THERE SHE! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING HOLDING ZAYN AND LOUIS’ HAND? GET HER!” i heard one girl scream and then they all ran after me. Zayn scooped my up over his shoulder and Louis was yelling for help. Zayn was a fast runner, especially even if he was carrying me. He ran across the car park and into the building, he then put me down on the couch. “Bekki are you ok?” He said not even sounding puffed out. “Yes Zayn im fine” I said standing up. Louis ran in a few seconds later “there gone” He said also not sounding puffed out. ‘Im so sorry, this is all my fault” I said putting my head down, it was true if i hadn’t have come the girls would have just wanted photos. “No, Bekki is not your fault at all!” Both Zayn and Louis said looking at me. “Hey boy’s Harry, Liam and Niall are just in the dressing room getting ready for the interview, you should to” A random Lady came out of no where and said. “Ok thanks” Louis said and walked off, Zayn put his arm around me and we both walked to the dressing room. When we walked through the door my phone started to go off like crazy. It was twitter. *Ew Bekki holds hands with Zayn and Louis, disinfectant please!* *BEKKI IS SUCH A TWO TIMING SLUT, LIKE REALLY JUST GET AWAY FROM ALL OF THEM.* I started to cry, how could people be so mean, but it was true, i am ugly and fat and don’t deserve to know these guys. i couldn’t help my self i kept going through the tweets. But how had the found me? Im sure there are other people with the same name as me? *I don;t see whats wrong, Bekki and Zayn make each other happy, there not going out but just close friends should we also be happy for them?* When i read this one i smiled a little. The boys didn’t see me crying because they went to get there outfits. But Zayn came back and saw me try to get rid of the black line my make up had left.  “Bekki whats wrong” He asked lifting my chin so i would look at me. “Nothing, people are just mean, but this one girl is really sweet so i’m better now” I smiled and Zayn hugged me. “Don’t listen to the mean people you are beautiful ok.” He let go of my hug and helped me get the make up lines off of my face. The rest of the boys came out and sat on the couches. “We are on in 2 minutes, Bekki you can watch from here or back stage” Liam said smiling, These boys always smile. “Ill just watch from here,” I said smiling back. “Nope, you said you have never heard one of our songs, so you are going to watch from back stage so after the interview you will be able to hear us”  Louis said looking proud of himself. “But wont i get in people way?” I asked but was cut of by Zayn. “Nope if anything people will get in your way” He said with i little giggle. “BOYS HURRY PUT YOUR ON IN ONE MINUTE” A man yelled. we all got up off the couch and walked to the stage. I wished the boys luck and then it was time for the to run on stage. I waved them off and stayed back stage where the boys said to. I have no clue who is interviewing them but it was a really pretty girl host and a male. He was pretty cute. 


ZAYNS POV: As we ran on stage i waved bye to Bekki. We all said our hi’s to the hosts and sat on the couch. “HEY BOYS ! good seeing you again!” Anne, and dave said the hosts. “Ok well lets get straight into it, i heard you are working on a new album?” Dave asked. “Yeah we are, we are really exited about this one” Harry said smiling at Anne “Well that sounds fun, but im sure everyone wants to know, who is off the market” Anne asked looking at each of us. Liam, Louis and Niall all rose there hand. “Oh how cute!” Dave said and then Anne looked at me. Oh here it comes. “So Zayn this girl? want to tell us about her?” Anne said and photos of me and Bekki went up on the big screen. “SHE’S THE CARROT PRINCESS!” Louis shouted and all of us laughed. “And why is that?” Dave looked at us like we were crazy. “Well everyone know’s how much Lou loves his carrots, well so does Bekki” Harry said with a little giggle. “Oh well then im glad you have found your carrot princess Louis.. But Zayn why are you two holding hands?” Dave said looking at me. What am i meant to say, because i really really like her? Because i want her to be mine? “we were getting attacked by pap’s so i got her hand to help her through” I smiled looking over at Bekki who was watching from back stage. “Is that her?” Dave asked following where i was looking. “Yeah” Niall said smiling. “Well then bring her out!?” Dave and Anne said at the same time. and the crowed cheered. “Ok” I said walking over to Bekki, i could see she was shocked. “No im not going out there!” Bekki said once i reached her. “So your going to make me look silly walking over here and walking back?” I said giving her the puppy dog eyes and grabbed her hand. “No Zayn please” Bekki said but when i got her on stage where people could see she stopped and just walked and her grip on my hand got tighter. “Oh look at you two!” Anne said standing up so she could greet Bekki. “Bekki why don’t you take a seat on the couch and i can ask you a few questions?” Anne said after she said Hello. 


BEKKIS POV: Im going to kill Zayn! i knew i should have just watched from the mini tv in the dressing room! i went to walk over the the couch but it was full so i just sat down on the floor in-between Zayn’s legs. The hole crowd Aw’ed because i looked up at Zayn and he looked down at me. “Can we get another chair?” Dave i think his name was asked. “NO im fine” I said smiling. “Oh.. no chair she’s fine” He said giggling. “So Bekki i hear you are helping the boys with a few songs?” Anne asked “Yeah i am, im really looking forward to it” I answered trying not to get to shy. “Well i look forward to hear the songs” Dave said smiling. “Zayn this is a question for you, can you tell us about this photo?” Anne said as a photo of me and Zayn came up on the screen where we were siting on the beach and Zayn had his arm around me and i had my head on his shoulder. I smiled at it. but who took the photo? “Well it was Bekki’s first day in London and it also happened to be her Birthday, so i took her out, since she never does anything” Zayn said and smiled at me. “So are you two a thing?” Dave said. I wish i could say yes. “um no we are just really good friends thats all” Both me and Zayn said at the same time and laughed because oh how we said the exact same thing. “Wow that was to cute!” Anne said winking at us. “So boys what do you think of Bekki?” Anne said looking at each of the boys. “She’s Great!” Liam said, “She’s cheeky, and funny” Harry said, “She’s the best cook ever!” Niall said with a little jump. “CARROT PRINCESS!” Louis said screaming “And Zayn?” Dave said looking at him. “She is Amazing” He said smiling and looking at me. aw. it made me blush a little. “Ok well thats enough i think its time for you boys to perform !” Both Anne and Dave said. the boys stood up and so did I i wished them all good luck and was about to walk off the stage. “Love you can stay here and watch with us” Anne said and i took a seat on the couch. The boys ran off the other side of the stage and started to sing. I have heard Zayn before but together omg they were AMAZING! When there song finished i stood up and clapped I have never heard anything like that before! I ran up to them and all gave them a big hug! “So you liked it?” The boys laughed and hugged me back. “I NEVER KNEW YOU WHERE THAT GOOD!” I screamed and we all walked back over to the couches. “So Bekki that was the first time you have ever heard the boys sing together?!” Dave looked shocked. “Um yeah, iv heard Zayn sing before but never have i heard them all together, i guess i now know why girls are crazy for them” I giggled “Well boys it was amazing having you here, but im sorry thats all we have time for.” Anne said getting up saying good bye to all the boys, when she got to me she hugged me “Zayn likes you i can see the way he looks at you and how protective he is” She whispered into my ear. I just laughed and she pat me on the back as we all walked off stage. “Off to the next one” Niall said as we walked out of the nice building. This time there was no screaming fans but i didn’t take that chance i ran to the car Liam laughed and unlocked it by pressing the unlock button on the keys. I jumped in the back seat, the same sport i was sitting in before, it wasn’t long after until the rest of the boys came. “Your funny, you do know, no one is here” Zayn laughed sitting next to me. “You never know” I giggled and the rest of the boys got in. It was a short drive to the next place, a radio studio. I got out of the car and walked in with the boys. We got told where to go, so we walked up the stairs and was greeted by two people. “Boys its been a while how are you all?” The lady said giving each boy a hug and kiss on the cheek, the Man said hi and shook the boys hand. “Oh sorry this-” Zayn was cut off “Bekki, nice to meet you” The man said giving me a hug “Oh sorry love, i’m Matt and this is Jo” When he said that the lady gave me a hug. “Well we should get started, Bekki we were hoping you would be coming so there is a microphone for you.” Matt said walking into the studio. I looked at Zayn and i could tell he knew what the look meant. “Bekki, don’t worry” He said and he put his arm around me as we walked in. The microphones had own names on it. First was Niall, Louis, Me, Zayn, Liam and then Harry. “we are on in 5-4-3-” Then the Lady, Jo i think he name was started talking. “Hello we are here with very speical guest One Direction!” She said and all the boys said hi. “we are also joined by Bekki Black, she will be helping to boys to write there new album.” When she said that i did as the boys said and said hi. “SO boys lets just get straight into it, Who out of you boys are not in a relationship?” Matt asked, are they just going to ask the same questions as before? “That would be me and Zayn” Harry said with a smile. “So Harry and Zayn any girls in mind?” Jo asked and looked at me. “Not for me” Harry said looking over to Zayn. “Um not at the moment” Zayn said. It hurt a little, but i don’t know why, its not like we had anything “So nothing is happening with you and Bekki?” Matt asked looking at me. “No we are just good friends” Zayn said and looked at me smiling. “So all them photos, holding hands, cuddiling on the beach, you do that with all your good friend?” Matt asked looking at Zayn, “Um yeah, i mean me and Bekki are good friends, most of my good friends are guys so i cant really punch her on the arm to say hi” He laughed, so i punched him on the arm and screamed “Hi” Everyone laughed. “So boys what do you see yourself doing in the future?” Jo asked changing the subject. “Well hope fully another tour and album” Niall said with a huge smile. The rest of the interview was talking about the future and i only got pulled into it once. “So boys is there room for Bekki in your future?” Matt asked. “Yes she is our room mate, our good friend and the best cook ever!” Niall said with a giggle. “She is my carrot princess of corse there is room for her!” Louis said. “She cried in toy story, so she is my toy story buddy!” Liam said with a giggle “She is a panker, so i will have to get her back, so yeah there is room for her !” Harry said remembering when i drew on the boys faces. “And Zayn have anything to say?” Jo said looking at him. “Of corse there is room for her in our future, i cant imagine what it would be with out her” Zayn said giving my a little hug, and all the boys and Jo aw’ed “And for everyone that didnt get to see Zayn just gave Bekki a hug” Matt said, and after a few more minutes of talking the interview was over. we left the building and went down to the car. “Here Bekki you drive” Liam said handing me the keys. “Liam what if i crash?” i said handing him the keys back. “Bekki you have your own car, you have you license i think you can manage to drive around the corner.” Liam said handing me the keys once again. We all got in the car, i was driving and Liam sat next to me. “So where do i go?” I said and turned the car on. “You drive out of here, down the end of the street take a left, then its the 3rd building to the right” I nodded and rove off, it only took a minute and we were there. “This is only a short interview we are just saying we got a new album planned, we sing them we are going out for lunch” Zayn said walking by my side. “Ok” I smiled and walked into the building. It was short and simple just like Zayn had said after around 10 minutes we were back in the car going to some place for Lunch, but i didn’t want to eat, what if i get sick again. 

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