The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


22. Hospital once again.


BEKKIS POV: The interview hasn’t as hard and i thought it was going to be. And i’m so happy that they didn’t ask about Carly’ tweets. “Im going to get changed” I smiled and walked over to the change rooms. I put my leggings back on and kept Zayn’s jumper on. I was about to walk out of the change room when i saw a man at the door. How long was he standing there? I looked up and it wasn’t Zayn. Not again. I tried to walk past him. When i saw his face, it was the same guy that had got me from Nando’s, and the same Guy from before the interview. “Excuse me” I said trying to push past him. “Not so fast missy” He said and pushed my up against the wall. He had both my hands and i couldn’t move. “Hey boo are you nearly ready?” I heard Zayn yell. “Zayn HELP!” I screamed and spat in the guys face. “You shouldn’t have done that.” The man said in an angry tone and slapped me across the face. I screamed in pain, and fell to the floor. “Get up you slut!” The man yelled and pulled my by my hair. Once again i screamed in pain. “BEKKI where are you?” I heard Zayn yell from just outside the door. “Im in Here” I screamed, i was about to keep yelling when the man once again slapped in across the face. “What did i say” The man then kicked me in the ribs. 


ZAYNS POV: “Hey boo are you nearly ready?”  called out to Bekki, she was taking a while. “Zayn HELP!” I heard her scream. shit. I ran around trying to find the dressing rooms. I heard a scream, so i followed it. “BEKKI where are you?” I yelled getting really worried. “Im in here!” I heard her voice yell from the other side of the door. Then i heard a slap, a scream and something fall on the floor. I kicked open the door to see some guy kicking Bekki in the ribs. “Hey get away form her!” I screamed and punched the guy in the face. The guy now had blood pouring out of his nose and couldn’t stand, but i didn’t care about him. I ran over to Bekki and saw she had a swollen cheek, and already bruises on her ribs.  I scooped her up with out any second thoughts and left that dick head in there. “i-i-i” I heard Bekki’s faint voice. “Sh i got you now” I said and hugged her tight. “I need ice!” I yelled while walking through the studio with Bekki in my arms. Soon a lady came running over to me with a first aid kit. “What happened?” The lady asked starting to get a few things out of her box. “She was kicked in the ribs and im guessing slapped in the face” I replied laying Bekki down on the couch. “well form the looks of it she is going to have a swollen cheek for a few days and bruised rips, Tell me if this hurts sweetie” The lady said and touched Bekki’s ribs. “OW” Bekki cried out in pain. “Ok we will need to take her to the hospital, she may have cracked ribs.” The Lady said and dialed 911. I grabbed hold of Bekki’s hand and waited for the ambulance to come. Because we had driven here in my car, i couldn’t go in the ambulance with her. I drove fast and soon was at the hospital. I ran inside fast through the doors and tried to find Bekki, I gave up and went to the front desk. “Hi, How may i help you- Wait no way ZAYN MAILK?” The young girl said. “Not right now please i’m looking for someone” I said looking around just in case i see Bekki. “Oh that slut, well she’s in room 643.” The girl said and turned away. I cant take this anymore. “Excuse me what did you say about my girl friend? How is she a slut you don’t even know her!” I yelled causing everyone to look at me. “Well i’m a fan and know whats best for you” The girl said grabbing my hand. “A fan? A FAN if you were a true fan you would see that she makes me happy! and if you cant see that then you don’t know me at all! And also i think i know whats best for me” I yelled back and ran off to room 643. It didn’t take long to find it, i ran in and saw Bekki laying on the bed with doctors around her. “ZAAAYN!” She yelled and had a smile on her face. “Hey BOO!” I smiled back and gave her a hug. It wasn’t a real hug but i wrapped my arms around her. “Ok so like i was saying, you are going to have a swollen cheek, and lip for a few days. You will need to ice it ever 2 hours for 30 minutes, to keep it form bruising. You have 3 cracked ribs, but luckily there are no splinters, you will need to wear this brace for the next week or two. Here is your medication take one in the morning, and one at night until you run out then the swelling, bruising and pain will go away” The doctor said handing Bekki her medication and walking out of the room. “Zayn when can i go home?” Bekki asked in her tired voice. Just as she asked the doctor came back in. “Zayn, i will just need you to sign there release forms and you can go as soon as you wish” The doctor said giving me a pen and a clipboard with paper on it. “In like 5 minutes i guess” I smiled and looked over at Bekki who was already getting her things together. I quickly wrote all the details and handed it back to the doctor. “Hey boo do you need help?” I asked walking over to her. She was trying to bend down to get the jumper, but i could see it was hurting her. “Yeah please it hurts” She said and sat on the bed. I got the jumper and handed it to her, she tried putting it on but i could see it was hurting her. “Here Boo” I said and she handed me the jumper, i carefully slid it over her head. “Thanks” She said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She looked funny because she had an empty sleeve, because on the brace. She had to have her right left arms taped to her ribs then the brace over the top so it would heal faster. But the doctor had given her another one where she could have both her arms out, she was allowed to wear that one after 3 days. “Zayn i cant do anything with one arm!” Bekki said trying to carry things. “aha boo, let me carry that!, oh and Bek, for the next two weeks im doing anything for you, and i’m never leaving your side again!” I said and got the bag off of Bekki. “Zayn i don’t need you to do things for me” Bekki said trying to put her shoes on. “Boo, i want to, your hurt and its my fault” I said helping her tie her shoes. “How is it your fault?” Bekki asked looking at me like i was a freak. “Because i should have been there for you, if i had have come earlier you wouldn’t have gotten that hurt, i’m never leaving your side again.” I said and kissed her fore heard. “Come on lets get out of here” I said and got hold of Bekki’s hand as we walked out of the hospital. I thought we would be able to get to the car without any pap’s. boy was i wrong. I wasn’t in the mood so i quickly walked to the car and helped Bekki in. We talked the hole way home, it was nice. “Why is it so hard to get out of the car?!” Bekki said frustrated because she couldn’t get the seat belt off. “Aw boooo!” I said and helped her out of the car, careful not to hurt her. “Thanks superman” She winked and walked over to the boot of the car. I opened it and grabbed the shopping bags, from earlier today. “Zayn let me help!” Bekki said reaching for a bag. “Fine” I said and handed her one of the 15 bags. “Really just one?” She said grabbing the bag form me. “Yeaah” I said and winked. I walked by her side through the lobby and up to our room. I put the bags down by the couches. “We should get packing, that is if you still wanted to go?” asked Bekki. “Yeah i cant wait to get away from here for a few days” Bekki smiled and hugged me. I wanted to hug her back but i was scared that i would hurt her. “Zayn your not going to hurt me” She whispered into my ear. I lightly put my arms around her not really hugging her. “Zayn i want a hug!” She said and i could hear in her voice she was upset. I hugged her softly and could hear her moan in pain, i quickly let go of her. “Boo, i cant i hurt you!” I said and walked back. “Zayn please i’m scared” I heard in her voice that she was shaken up about everything that had happened. “but boo, i don’t want to hurt you” I looked into her eyes and said. “Zayn it hurts more not being able to be in your arms” She said and a tear rolled down her eyes. “Zayn, im scared he was the same guy.. the same guy carly had sent, what if he eventually gets me” She said now her eyes full of tears and she was crying heavily. “Boo nothing and nobody will ever hurt you again! I promise i will never let anyone touch you” I said and brought Bekki into a hug, making sure not to hurt her left ribs. 


BEKKIS POV: “Zayn it hurts more not being able to be in your arms” I said looking into Zayn’s eyes and i could feel myself starting to cry. “Zayn. i’m scared he was the same guy.. the same guy Carly had sent what is he eventually gets me” I was now crying hard, i was choking on my words, I wanted to say more but i couldn’t. ‘Boo nothing and nobody will ever hurt you again! I promise i will never let anyone touch you”  Zayn said bringing me in a hug, it hurt a little but it was worth it, i loved this feeling. I felt safe now. I wish i could just stay in his arms all day. After what seemed like forever he pulled away, and wiped my tears. “Come on boo, lets pack” Zayn said and lead me to the rooms. “Ill go bring up the bags, from today” Zayn said with a smile letting go out my hand and walking back down stairs. I tried to start to pack my things but because of only having one arm at the moment it was really hard. I gave up trying to fold my cloths so i just started to toss them on my bed. “Naw boo, is it to hard to fold with one arm?” Zayn giggled as he walked on with my bags. “yuup” I said and made a sad puppy dog face. “ok you through stuff at me, and i shall fold them and put them in your suit case for you” Zayn said walking over to me, kissed me on the cheek then walked over to my bed where the suitcase and cloths were. I did as he said and started to through more cloths over at my bed. “Hey!” I heard Zayn yell and when i turned around i saw that i had thrown a top that landed on his face. I started laughing. “ahaha sorry” I smiled. “your lucky your sorry” Zayn said with a wink and got the top off of his head to fold. I finally finished getting my things to pack, the only thing i had left was underwear  & bras... I don’t want Zayn to see them. I mean how hard can they be to fold and put in the bag? “Zayn can you get my hair and make up bag from the bathroom? please” I asked him with a smile. “of corse boo” He said and got up. I have to do this quickly. I grabbed a hole pile of bras and undies and shoved them into my bag, who cares if they’re not folded. I went back and got another pile and shoved them into the bag. That should do. Zayn walked back in holding my hair bag, i had forgotten he like stole my make up. “Thanks so much!” I said and kissed him on the cheek. “What did you do to your bag? its all messed up” Zayn said putting the hair bag next to me bed. “i tired to fold somethings” I said and got a hair tie out of my hair bag. “You should have just asked me to do it” He said while i tried to tie my hair up, its so hard having one arm. “Here boo” Zayn said and i handed him the hair tie. “How do you want it?” He asked, “anything just got of my face please” I said and then he began doing my hair. Once he finished it was in a perfect bun. “how did you do that? it takes me at least 15 tries before i get it close to that!” I said admiring my hair. It was true i never get it to look like that on the first go. “I have sisters” He smiled and kissed me on the cheek. “Now what are we meant to do about your bag,” Zayn said walking over to it. I didn’t want him to see so i quickly ran in front of him. “Cant we just zip it? we need to start on your things” I smiled hoping he would agree. “fine” He smiled and zipped up the bag. It didn’t take long and we were finished packing bags, i did the same to Zayn i got all of his cloths and through them at him while he packed them. “You hungry boo?” Zayn asked while he zipped up the bag. “mmm i little” I replied. “how about we get room service and watch a few movies?” Zayn asked. it was around 6:30 by now. “Sounds good” I said and got up from the floor. 


I got the movie set up while Zayn got the room service. I decided on watching the notebook. “What movie did you choose?” Zayn said walking in with the food. “um the notebook, if thats ok with you” I smiled and helped him to carry the plates. “thats perfect” He said giving me a kiss on the cheek. I pressed play, and we watched the movie while we ate. It didn’t take long until we were both finished. I got up and put the dishes in the kitchen, it was a bit hard to eat with only one hand but i managed. I cant wait till i can have both my arms back. I walked back into the movie room and saw Zayn sitting there watching. It was cute. I went and sat next to him hoping he would cuddle me or something but no. “Bekki, i don’t want to hurt you” He said looking down at me. “You wont, i took the medicine, please Zayn” I begged. “Fine but if i hurt you, i’m not going to hug you until your ribs are better.” He said wrapping his arm around me. It didn’t hurt not one bit, i’v been in much more pain then a cracked rib. Iv had broken ones before. So this was nothing. “boo, are you tired?” Zayn asked me. “mmhmm” I mumbled, i was to tired to even talk. And with that I felt Zayn lift me up and start to carry me up stairs. I felt him put me down on my bed. “you need to change before you sleep silly” Zayn said handing me some pjs. “I cant i only have one arm” I said with a puppy dog face. “Can you help me?” I asked, i was shy but i really needed the help. “Sure” He said with a smile. He took my top off, and i remembered i was wearing a singlet too. “Keep this on its cold tonight” He said while putting my pj top over my head. He then put my pj pants on, i guess i was to tired to notice. “Good night boo” He said and kissed me on the head and started to walk out of the room. “Where are you going?” I asked sitting up. damn i sound desperate. “to my room?” He questioned. “Oh right.. ok” I said with a fake smile and lay back down. All of a sudden i wasn’t tired. I got out my phone and logged onto twitter. I smiled when i saw yet more photos of me and Zayn, from the interview we had today. i kept scrolling through and saw some mean tweets but i chose to ignore them. *I miss my carrot princess, i get to see her tomorrow, shall be a fun day xx!* Louis tweeted. What did they have planned for tomorrow? I decided to tweet back *I miss you to carrot boy! what are we doing tomorrow? xo* and send. i kept going through and saw even more mean and rude tweets, i don’t know why but these ones really got to me. *ahaha i heard, that, that Bekki slut was back in hospital, hope she doesn’t make it out this time* & *Team Carly over Team Bekki* & *I hope Carly gets that bitch! Zayn can do much better* & then i saw this on *Hey Hey Zayn Zayn i dont like your girl friend. no way no way i think shes such a sluuutt! ahaha. Zayn are you blind have to seen her fatness, her uglyness, i mean if you actually look at her eww maybe thats why your blind you looked at her* That one hit me hard. ‘One new story’ popped up and i clicked it. *Bekki is an amazingly beautiful girl, how dare you talk about her like that?* It was from Zayn. I decided to reply. *Have i ever told you how amazing you are?! xo* i pressed send and not long after there was a reply. *umm no you haven’t ;) xx* I replied quickly. *Well mr Malik, you. are. amazing. xo* i pressed send and set my phone down only for it to vibrate. *Aw boo! Your amazing too, come here?* It was a tweet from Zayn. *Your so lazy you come here!* I giggled and pressed tweet. I put my phone on charge when i heard the blanket lift up. “Hey boo” Zayn said while giving me a kiss on the cheek. “Hey you” i said with a smile. “i couldnt sleep” Zayn said bringing me into a hug. “Me neither, but i think i can now” I said and rested my head on his chest. It wasn’t long until we were both asleep. 

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