The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


14. hospital. in or out?


ZAYNS POV: I woke up in the hospital, i felt Bekki’s Hand in mine, like it was made just for me. I smiled as i saw her beautiful brown eyes open, she was truly beautiful, even when she’s in hospital, and she’s in one of them ugly hospital outfits. “Morning beautiful” I said and she smiled looking at our hands. “Morning” she giggled. She was too cute! “Oh you two are awake, you two make a cute couple, anyways it looked like Bekki will have to stay another day or two, to run a few more tests.” The nurse said smiling at us. “Oh we arn’t a couple, um will i be able to go home to get changed i don’t really like this thing” Bekki said in her sweet morning voice. “oh sorry, you two look like a couple, um you will need to get some one to bring your things here, im sorry you cant go home just yet” The nurse said and walked out of the room, just as a doctor came in and the nurse tunred around. “Im sorry but it looks as if you can go, we did a few checks last night and its all out of your system. you can leave as soon as you wish, you just need to take it easy for a few days, stay at home get plenty of rest, and alot of water and food” The doctor said with a smile. YAY I CAN FINALLY GET OUT OF THIS PLACE! i know its only been a day but after seeing my granddad die in hospital, i hate this place, even if its not the same hospital. “so i can leave now?” I said with a big grin on. “aha yes, Zayn all you need to do is fill out these papers” The man said handing him a clip board, He finally got then filled out and i was good to go. Well apart from the fact i had no top? I could only find my pj pants that i had wore here, i remember taking Zayn’s jumper off back at home and i was in my singlet. “Zayn!” I yelled because he was standing outside the curtain so i could get dressed. “Yeah?” He called back. “I cant find my top” I said. “Here take this” I heard him say as i saw a hand go through the curtain, it was is button up shirt, it was a bit big for me up it smelt like Zayn so i liked it. “What happened to my top?” I asked as i stepped out. Zayn was in a black singlet and a pair of jeans with a beanie on. He looked good!  “they had to through it out, you were sick all over it, to much to clean, sorry” He said and wrapped his arm around me. “oh, thats ok” I said looking up and him smiling. “you look good in that top” He said with a smirk. “Yeah i know, better then you did” I laughed as we walked out into the car park. It was a short drive back to the house/hotel, well we did own the penthouse, so i guess it was home? Its confusing.    When we got back all the boys were so happy to see her, “Hows the baby?” Harry asked smiling at us. “Good” Bekki said touching her tummy. I wish it was really our baby, it would be so cute to have a mini Bekki running around calling me daddy. I noticed that all the boys where there but Carly wasn’t, i just shrugged it off maybe she was asleep.    BEKKIS POV: It was so nice to know all the boys cared so much about me, “Im going to go see Carly” I said and walked up the stairs, when i got to her room she bet me by pining the door. “hey” She said in a kind of rude voice and walked down the stairs, i followed her and she was talking to Niall. “Hey can someone take me to get a new phone? I dont really know the shops around here, and we could have lunch?” Carly said in a flirty voice. “Yeah im up for that” Niall said and Liam agreed. “Oh me and Harry have some things to do fro managment.” Zayn said looking over to me as if to say sorry. “Ill stay here with you then” Louis said and smiled at me. Before i knew it everyone was out the door. Just me and Louis left alone. “Im going to go have a quick shower” I smile as i walk up the stairs. After my shower i tired my hair up in a bun, and put trackies on and found one of my jumpers amd put that on to, when i walked down stairs i could hear the tv on, so i decided to make a stop in the kitchen first, i grabbed a carrot and washed it with water just in case someone was trying to kill me, and then walked into the lunge and sat down next to Louis taking a big bite out of the carrot. He just looked at me. “I promise im not weird, i just like carrots.” I said. “FINALLY I CARROT LOVER !” He smiled jumped up and raced to the kitchen to grab himself a carrot, i giggled as he came and sat down next to me. i hope this will be a good start to  mine and Lou’s friendship, there is just somthing about this boy.
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