The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


10. getting closer.


BEKKIS POV: I ran into the bathroom holding my mouth and tummy like i had done at the studio. This was actually kind of funny, because i knew Carly would never come near me if i was ‘being sick’ because she couldn’t stand the noise let alone the spew coming out. I head the door open hoping it was Zayn, so i ran over to the toilet sat beside it and flushed it, making it look like who ever it was, was just a second late. “Just me” I heard Zayn say as we walked into the bath room “This is so funny, all the boys are worried” Zayn said helping me up off the floor. “When should we tell them?” I asked. “um maybe in a few days, they think its just a bug going around” Zayn said as we walked out into the lounge. “Bekki are you ok?” Harry asked walking over to my side. “Um yeah it must have just been something I ate thats all, um hey when are the song writers and stuff meant to be coming over?” I said trying to change the subject. “In like ten minutes” Harry said looking at his phone to check the time. “Oh ok, well i’m going to go have a shower and ill stay in my room until your done” I said, walking over to my room. When i got to my room, i got out a tank top and a pair of track suit pants, then walked over to the batch room. I let the shower warm up then jumped in. While in the shower i started to sing Usher - Rest of my life. 


CARLYS POV: I was really tired and when i saw Bekki running to the bath room like she was going to be sick i thought it would be best if i just went to my room and slept. My sleeping pattern was really messed up! I laid in bed under the sheets and started to drift off. 


BEKKIS POV: I turned the steamy hot water off, and stepped out of the shower, When i did i wished i had of just stayed in 10 mins longer it was so cold! I quickly Grabbed my towel and dried off, then put my cloths on. I wonder if the boys were finished, i mean it was a long shower, and i’m kinda hungry. Im sure they wouldn’t mind if i just went down into the kitchen to grab an apple or something like that. I started to walk down the stairs when i heard me name being called. “BEKKI COME DOWN HERE FOR A SECOND?!” I couldn’t make out who’s voice it was, so i did as they said. I was really hoping that the song writers weren't there i looked like a mess. I was in trackies and tank top and my hair was wet and in a messy bun. I stopped in the kitchen first before going into the lounge room, “Yo whats up?” I said before even getting though the door. As soon as i walked in i regretted it. there was people every where, they were all set up with paper, pianos, guitars you name it it was all over the lounge room. then i realized what i looked like. Shit. “um sorry.. what can i help you with?” I asked as i could feel my face turn red. “Come here” Zayn said patting the space on the chair next to him. I did what he said, i was walking slowly i didn’t want to mess up anything, and i had my face down to the floor. “Was that you singing we could hear?” A person asked me. How could they hear me over the water running? the only way they could do that was if they were in my room listening to me. “um, i don’t know what your talking about” I said staring at the floor. “Don’t lie, we came into your room and heard you singing.” Zayn said and i could see him smirk out of the corner of my eye. “ZAYN YOU DID WHAT?” I yelled at him finally looking up. “Hey don’t blame me, i heard you sing the other day in the car, and who doesn't sing in the shower, i just needed these people to hear.” Zayn said holding his hands up in defense. “Who’s hungry i’ll go cook something” I said getting up, but when i looked up i saw the one the only ED SHEERAN ! “Your not going anywhere” I felt Zayn pull me back down, it was probably i good thing because i was frozen when i saw Ed Sheeran standing there. I just sat there not knowing what to say. “Can you sing for us”? I heard someone say. There was no way i was going to sing in front of Ed Sheeran! Bekki say something ! but all that i could do was sit there in shock. Me in the same room as Ed, Ed Sheeran. this has got to be a dream. 


I finally snapped out of it. “Um i don’t sing” I said politely. This would be the perfect time to run our of the room, because i was being ‘sick’ i got up and ran to the bath room, i heard someone stand up “Dont worry Hazza you stay here ill go see if shes ok” Then i Heard Zayn run after me. 


HARRYS POV: What was up with Bekki, why does she keep being sick? Ever since that night of truth or dare. Shit she couldn’t be, could she? Nah its probably something she ate.”Poor girl, i didn’t think asking her to sing would make her be sick” Jack our song vocalist said. “Nah don’t worry mate she’s been sick all day” I replied. 


BEKKIS POV: I went into the bathroom and just sat on the floor waiting for Zayn to come in, a few seconds later he was standing at the door. “ED SHEERAN REALLY ZAYN YOU KNEW HE WAS GOING TO BE HERE!” I yelled but still said it quietly for only Zayn to be able to hear. “Oh um yeah i forgot you liked him, sorry” He said sitting next to me. “Please sing for me Bekki” Zayn said braking the silence. “No, and i haven't even heard you sing..” I said looking up at him. “Come on lets sing together ?” He said looking back at me. “No, i don’t sing” I said turning away form him. “BULL!” He shouted. “i don’t, and thats that.” I replied kinda of mad this time. “Shine bright like a diamond, Shine bright like a diamond” Zayn started to sing. How did he know i loved Rihanna ? “thats not going to work” I said laughing at him. “R.I.P to the girl you use to see, her days are over” He started to sing a new song. “Nope not going to work” i said starting to stand up. “White lips, pale face, breathing in snow flakes” He sang standing up next to me. I must admit he has got me, i cant just not sing an Ed Sheeran song. And he was also an Amazing singer. “Burnt lungs this is how it tastes, lights gone days end, struggling to pay rent” I sang quietly. “Long nights strange men” Zayn sang louder. “And they say she’s in the class A team stuck in her day dream, been this way since 18, but lately her face seems slowly sinking wasting crumbling like pastry” I sang starting to get a little louder. “And they scream the worst things in life come free to us” Zayn Sang. Just then i heard the door open. shti. people could hear us. “Cause were just under the upper hand, im going mad for a couple grams and she don’t wanna go out side tonight” Ed Sheeran said coming in the door. WOW he sounds AMAZING IN PERSON! I just froze. “haha was that you singing?” Ed said looking in my direction. “y-y-yes” I managed to mumble out. “Well you have an amazing voice! you should help the boys write a few songs!” He said and grabbed my hand walking my back into the lounge room. “Um can i run up staris to change?” I asked looking arounf all the people in the room, who were dressed so nice, and here i am, in trackies a tank top and my hair is wet and in a bun. “No why? you look fine” Zayn says sitting next to me. I was in between Ed Sheeren and Zayn.  I soon got over my nerves and we started to come up with a few cords that we could use in a song. Ed was a really nice guy, and i never knew how good the rest of the boys sounded ! “Hey Bekki, did you still want to get a tattoo?” Zayn asked out of no where. “Um yeah i just don’t know what yet” I replied smiling. “Hey i could do your tattoo for you!” Ed said with excitement.  “Oh wow um ok, thanks a lot!” I said nearly jumping out of my seat. We continued to talk and i really got to know Ed a lot better now, he was perfect. After about 4 hours Ed and everyone else that was there to help get the boys started left. “Im hungry” I Niall said with puppy dog eyes. “I can cook dinner again tonight” I said starting to walk to the kitchen. “Why don’t we all go out for dinner, we could bring all the girls so you can get to know them” Louis said. “Ok, ill go wake Carly up” I said now walking up the stairs. 


CARLYS POV: I was sound asleep in my room dreaming of Harry. They boy was amazing. I wish that like all fan fics i have read that we end up together, but this isn’t a ‘fairy tale’ i thought to myself. I was soon awoken by Bekki shaking me. “Wake up beautiful we are going out for dinner” She said in a nice sweet voice. “But im tired” I said slepily. “Carly you have been sleeping all day,” Bekki said as she through a pillow at me. “fine. what do i wear, fancy or casual?” I said getting out of bed and walking to my wardrbe. “I dunno, i just got told we were going to dinner, oh and we are meeting Louis’, Liam’s and Niall’s girlfriends” Bekki said walking out of the room. I decided to follow her. “Hey guys look who woke up” Bekki said running down the stairs. We walked into the lunge room and there were papers everywhere, oh yeah thats right they were working on there songs. “good of you to join us” Harry said laughing. “aha thanks, um what do i wear? Like is it fancey or?” I asked all of the boys. “Um Fancey” Liam replied. “Ok thanks” I ran up the stairs into my room. I want to try to impress Harry. I went through all of my cute dresses and i didnt like any of them! So i tip toed into Bekki’s room, thank god she was still down stairs. I went through some of her things and found the perfect dress. It was a simple dark but not navy blue dress, that went just higher then my knee, I got one of Bekki’s thick brown belt’s and put that around my waist, i grabbed a pair of her blue wedges, and walked back into my room, to put everything on. I got a pair of nice ear rings, a diamond necklace and curled my hair to one side. I put a little make up on, and grabbed a little clutch brown bag that i had. I guess i took a while because Bekki walked into my room, knocking first. “Hurry up man we are all waiting- wait is that my dress and wedges?!” Bekki said looking up and down at my outfit. “wow you look amazing in it!” She said and smiled. She was waring a black maxi dress that only had one shoulder, and a nice silver belt that went just under her boobs. She had black high heels on and her hair was perfectly straight. She only had a little eye make up but she looked beautiful. “Wow Bekki how do you do that? Turn something simple into look stunning on you? UM yeah i’m ready now lets go” I said and Bekki laughed at the part where i said she looked amazing. We walked down the stairs where all the boys were waiting, they all looked nice in just casual but fancy clothing. “You look amazing” I heard Harry said and i just blushed. i guess its the first time they saw Bekki to. “Wow Bekki you look beautiful” Zayn said eyeing her off. “Not to bad yourself” she giggled back. We all walked out into where the cars were waiting for us, they boys had booked taxis so no one had to drive. We finally arrived at a restaurant. it was italian and beautiful! Harry got out the car first and gave me his hand to help me out. to my surprise there was no paparazzi. i thought the hole place would be full. We walked in and i saw two amazingly gorgeous girls sitting at a big table, when they saw us they stood up and started to walk over. “Babe what took so long?” One of them asked Liam while she kissed his cheek. “Sorry beautiful we were running a little late, forgive me?” He replied kissing her forehead. that was adorable. “EL !” I heard Louis say for behind me, he ran up to her and gave her a huge hug spinning her around and then finally gave her a peck on the lips. “My sexy man, i have missed you !” The other girl said walking over to Niall, they hugged and he Kissed her on the cheek. They were all so adorable i wish i could be like that with someone. The girls then said there hi’s to the rest of the boys and me and Bekki just stood there not knowing what to do. “Harry, who are these two beautiful girls?” The one that Louis had hugged asked. She was beautiful she had brown hair and brown eyes. “Oh sorry, this is Carly, and this is Bekki, they are our room mates because the hotel had no other rooms.” Harry said pointing at me and Bekki when he said our names. “Well hello, im Eleanor” She said in a kind smile shaking out hands, The two other girls did the same. “Hi my names Danielle” the one that had hugged Liam said. “And im Georgina” The one that had hugged Niall said. Georgina was beautiful, she had long black hair with bits of blonde in it, she had big blue eyes. Danielle was beautiful as well, she kind of looked a bit like Eleanor. We all sat at our table, i was next to Harry and then on the other side was Bekki, Next to bekki was Zayn, then Niall and Georgina, on the other side it was Louis, Eleanor, Danielle then Liam. While we were waiting for our food, i got to know Eleanor, she was a really nice girl, i think me and her were going to become good friends. I saw Bekki talking to Georgina too, i knew that they were going to become good friends.  I food came and we ate it, Niall finished his faster then everyone else so Him and Georgina shared what was left of hers. When everyone finished i decided i should try and talk to Danielle. She was a dancer, so was i, when i was younger, It turned out that we had a lot in common. Bekki was talking to Zayn, Louis and Eleanor, i knew that they were all getting along really well. 

After dinner we all went outside. “Why don’t we walk to the ice cream shop?” I heard Niall say and everyone agreed. It was so cute because Eleanor had complained that her Heels were hurting her feet, so Louis picked her up and carried her all the way to the little ice cream shop. It was a cute little store, we all picked what flavors we wanted and sat at a table. we were all eating then i noticed a crowd outside. I was string and i guess Harry court my gaze. “Guys i think its time to go, the paps are here” He said with and upset look on his face. We all through the little cups in the bin and walked outside. El, Dani and Georgina were use to it so they just walked out holding Louis, Liam and Niall’s hand. On the other hand i was so scared anything could happen to me. I saw Bekki and Zayn walk out holding hands too, i went to grab Harrys hand but he looked at me with a ‘nows not the time face’ “ZAYN AND MYSTERY GIRL !” everyone yelled, so i quickly walked infront of them so that they didn’t say anything about me and Harry. “WHOS THIS ZAYN? IS SHE A GIRL FRIEND? ARE YOU TWO A THING?” I heard everyone screaming, now i was happy that i didn’t hold Harrys hand. We finally made it back to the place were the cars where, Zayn and Bekki were still holding hands even though there were no paparazzi to get through. When we got to the car the boys, Bekki and I said our good byes to the girls and they gave there number to Bekki. I still need to get a new phone, i had left mine back at home just in case my dad try’s to track it. When we got into the car Harry broke the silence. “So um are you two a thing or?” “Um no, we are just friends” Zayn said as both Him and Bekki pulled there hand way. When we got closer to the hotel Bekki started to say she was feeling sick. I think we need to take her to the doctors she has been sick the last 3 days we have been here. When the boys opened the door she ran off the the bathroom. i was going to follow but if i was to go in there i would be sick myself. “someone should go see if she’s ok” I spoke up because no one was going after her. “Ill go” Harry said running off in her direction. 


BEKKIS POV: “ill go” I heard Harry say, shit where Zayn?! I quickly grabbed sat next to the toilet and when i heard the door start to open i flushed it. I then grabbed some toilet paper and wiped my mouth with it. “Bekki are you ok?” Harry said coming and sitting next to me. “um yeah its probably just a bug you know” I said putting the toilet paper in the little bin. This plan is going so well. its working yay. “I think im better now” I said then Harry stood up and helped me up. We walked into the movie room where everyone was. “Hey Bekki are you ok” Niall said looking worried. “Yeah don’t worry about me” I said and sat next to Zayn, who looked like he was trying not to laugh. “Who wants to watch a movie?” Louis asked, going through the pile of movies the boys had. “I do, let me just get changed first” Carly said walking out of the room “Yeah me too” I said following her. All the other boys did they same. I put on my Elmo pj pants and a white singlet. I walked down stairs to where everyone was already, they all had jumpers on and pants. I wish i did too, it was cold. i didnt want them to wait any longer so i just say next to Zayn on the longer couch. “so what are we watching?” I said looking at Lou. “umm the vow” He replied holding up the movie. “OMG CHANNING TATUM YES ! I LOVE THIS MOVIE” I said jumping out of my seat. They all giggled at me and we started to watch the movie. It was so cute and sad. Half way through i started to get really cold. I had goose bums all up my arms and i was shaking. i tired to get warmer by rubbing my arms but it didn’t work. “A bit cold are we?” Zayn whispered in my ear. He gave me chills. “A bit” I whispered back. “Here” he said taking off his jumper and handing it to me. “But your going to be cold” I whispered. “Not if you cuddle me” He said in a flirty voice. I took his jumper it was so big and warm! Then i snuggled up close to him and he wrapped in arms around me. When the end of the movie came i started to tear up, it was so cute how he made her fall in love with him all other again. “How about a movie marathon?!” Liam said holding up toy story. We watched all of the toy stories and on the last one i started to cry again. this time Zayn noticed, and he wiped away my tears. It was just to emotional to see Andy give Woody and Buzz away, and when the little girl and Andy were playing it was just so adorable. “Aw” I heard Zayn whisper as he wiped the tears off my face. We continued to watch movies and it was getting late, i was super tired. I started falling asleep, but then quickly re-awkeneing so i could watch the movie. “shh just go to sleep: Zayn whispered into my ear. Zayn started to play with me hair and soon after i feel asleep on Zayns chest, in his jumper and wrapped in his arms. This is perfect. To bad it doesn’t mean anything to him.


ZAYNS POV: I could see Bekki was getting cold, so i gave her my jumper then opened my arms out of her to cuddle me, she was so cold but soon warmed up, she was just to cute when she started to cry in toy story. After about 5 more movies i could see she was tired. “shh just go to sleep” I said into her ear. Soon after she feel asleep in my arms wearing my jumper, i swear i wish she was mine ! i know iv only known her for a few days but i just loked everything about her, sometimes i think she was made just for me. She started to cuddle in closer to me while she was sleeping. I wish she knew what she meant to me, but i know in her eyes im just a guy they let her have my jumper to be nice, i’m just a friend. I was the only one wake by now, everyone had fallen asleep around the same time Bekki had. I got the remote the was just beside me and turned the t.v off, i could still see Bekki because there was a dim light coming from the kitchen. She was adorable, the way her hair fell off her shoulder and down her back, the way her eyes would move in her sleep, and they way she breathed. I slowly drifted off to sleep thinking about her. 


CARLYS POV: ever since what happened at the ice cream shop me and Harry havn’t really talked. He was acting strange like he didn't want anyone to know we were friends. While we were watching the movie i turned around to see Bekki and Zayn in the back row, Bekki wearing Zayn big hoodie and she was asleep in his arms. I really do hope they get together, and i hope me and Harry could become like that. I looked across the room and saw Harry, we was drifting off. So i decided to lay down and go to sleep as well. 


HARRYS POV: Its like that i don't like Carly, i do, its just that i know what could happen if i were to hold her hand in front of all them people. She could start to get hurt if she gets to close to me. I think she took it the wrong way. But its for the best i think we need distance for a few days because i was really falling for her, and i don't want to hurt her, she’s different from all the other girls. 

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