The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


15. food fight.


BEKKIS POV: I giggled as Louis ran to the kitchen to get himself a carrot. “I thought i was crazy, i thought i was the only one that could eat carrot, after carrot” I said and giggled. “ME TO!” Lou said as he took a big bite. After we had each eaten our carrot “Hey um Bekki, im sorry” He said looking up at me. “For what?” I asked i was confused he had done nothing wrong. “Well if we hadn’t have made you and Zayn, um you know.. you wouldnt be having a baby at the age of 18” He said with a sad look on his face, aw this boy was sweet, but this is what he gets, i cant wait to see the look on his face when i tell him its all fake. “Aw Louis, it doesn’t matter, maybe it was meant to happen you know?” I said grabbing his hand. “Hey lets make carrot cake!” I said and jumped up, running to the kitchen. “OMG YAY I LOVE COOKING!” I heard Louis say running after me. We got everything we needed ready and started to cook, but once we needed flour, i thought of a better idea. I grabbed a hand full and through it at Louis. He went all over him. “So, we are gonna play like that are we” He said picking up an egg! “No LOUIS PUT THE EGG DOWN!” i said and screamed running out of the kitchen. “Come back here!” He said chasing after me. “Never!” I said running up stairs and hiding in a room, i saw him wal past so i ran down stairs. I hid in the kitchen when i heard Louis  come down the stairs. I got the hole bag of flour, and snuck up behind him. I poured it all over him and he went white. “Oh sill Bekki, i still have the egg” And with that i felt egg run down my hair. Oh no he didn’t! I took an egg from the bench and though it at him while running away, it hit im in the face, perfect aim. “BEKKI YOUR GOING TO PAY FOR THIS !” He ran after me, i had no where to go, i some how got stuck in a corner. “Hey Bekki give us a hug?” He said with a cheeky grin. But i was going to get covered in Flour if i hugged him! “Ok” I said holding my arms out, when he walked over, i ducked uonder his arms and ran to the kitchen where i was the carrot cake mix, I got the bowl and got a hand full. When Louis ran over to me i smuched the mix all in his hair, and all over his face, while i did this he somehow got more eggs and i felt them break on my head, he then got cake mix and put it all over my face. I got out of his grip and ran to the cupbord, where i found tomoato sauce. With out any seconds thinking i squeezed the bottel and the red tomato sauce went all over Louis. He now had egg, flour, cake mix, and tomato sauce everywhere. Where i only had egg and cake mix on me. I was clearly winning. We were laughing so hard we had tears running down our eyes. The next thing i know is that i was over Louis sholder, he had picked me up. I was screamed and laughing trying to get out of his grip. “I said you were going to pay” He said with a cheeky laugh. He started to walk to the lunge room where i heard the door open. “WHAT IS GOING ON?” I heard Zayns voice, yay he had saved me from what ever Louis was going to do to me. “LOUIS, BEKKI WHY ARE YOU COVERED IN FOOD?” Harry said looking at us like we were animals. Louis had put me down by now, and all it took was a glance at one another and we were off to the kitchen, i had the tamato sauce, and Louis had eggs and the rest of the cake mix. Harry and Zayn followed us into the kitchen. “FIRE!!” Both me and Louis said at the same time, and then both Harry and Zayn where covered in food. “Aw Bekki come here!” Zayn said holding his arms out. “nooo” I said squeezing more tomato sauce at him but there was none left. NO. “AHAH no more sauce what are you going to do?” Harry, Zayn and Louis said looking at me, Both Zayn and Harry and cake mix, flour, eggs and now milk. They started to walk closer and i screamed, i tried to make a run for it but Harry grabbed my arm. “noooooo” I screamed as i felt milk pour down my back, egg break in my hair, cake mix all over my face and flour showered all over me. We all started to laugh at the sight of us. “I need to take a pitcure!” Harry said taking us phone out of his pocket. We took a few photos, makeing silly faces and in one, Me Harry and Louis got eggs and broke it into Zayns hair with out him knowing. What i thought would turn out to be a boring day at home after the hospital turned out to be the best time ever! 


CARLYS POV: Well this is annoying. Im out with Liam and Niall who are meant to be taking me to buy a new phone, but they called there girl friends and no one is paying me any attention ! “Iim hungry, lets get food” I said to Niall. “I just ate, you can go but” I said still looking at Georgina. We walked around a little longer till finally finding a phone store. I got an iPhone. “Hey Niall im going to go back to our place with Dani, see you at home yeah?” Liam said and Walked off to the car park with Danielle. And to think me and here were going to be good friends, not once have we talked today. “Hey Niall can we just go into this shop then we could go back to your place?” Georgina said skipping off towards her shop. This was such a fun day, not the sarcasm. I followed Niall into the shop, we looked around for a good 20 minutes and Georgina got a few things, we then left and walked out into the car park. And of corse i had to sit in the back? um the hole reason we went shopping was because of me. When we got back to the house i saw food everywhere, then i say Harry and Bekki taking photos, wow they moved on quick, first she was all lovey dovey with Zayn, and now Harry is all lovey dovey with Bekki. I saw Liam talking to Louis who was also covered in food. Niall laughed and walking in to talk to everyone, but as for me i ust ran up to my room.


BEKKIS POV: Me and Harry were taking photos, when Carly Niall, and Georgina walked in. Liam had come 30 minutes before then and Daini got called to a meeting. Carly run up to her room without a simple hi. What was her problem, she’s been acting so strange. “Zaynnieee, i want a photo of you and Bekki” Harry said with a wink. Zayn walked over and wrapped his arm around my waist. I didn’t notice but we were both looking into each others eyes. *click* I heard Harrys phone go off, “ok smile” Harry said with a cheeky grin, both me and Zayn turned to take a photo, When it was done Harry showed us, i liked it, we were covered in food, Zayn had his arm around my waist, and we had ‘real’ smiles on our faces, not the type where you have to smile because of the photo. “Zayn, can i talk to you for a second” i heard Niall say from the kitchen, when he walked off i looked at Harry. “Show me the other one” “What?” He looked confused but he was faking. “The other photo, show me” I said looking at Harry. He then showed me the photo, me and Zayn looked into each others eyes, it was very romantic, they way we got lost in each others eyes. “I like it” Harry said with a smirk on his face. “Me too” I giggled. “Im going to have a shower, i need to get this out of my hair!” I said running up to the bathroom. 


ZAYNS POV: “Zaynnieee i want a photo of you and Bekki” I heard Harry say, so i waked over to Bekki and put my arm around her waist, couldn’t help but to look into Bekki’s eyes, i got lost in them as she looked back into mine. this moment was truly amazing. “ ok smile” i heard Harry sai, way to ruin a moment. I turned and faced the camera. “Zayn, can i talk to you for a second? I Heard Niall ask form the kitchen, at the same time i got there i heard Bekki say she was going to have a shower. “Yeah mate, whats up?” I asked Niall. “Um first the kitchen is a mess! seconds hows Bekki going?” He looked worried about her, “oh yeah sorry ill call someone to clean it, and yeah she’s good” I said looking around at the big mess we had made. “Zayn, you like her dont you?” Niall said looking up to see cake mix on the celling. “i dont know maybe” I mumbled back to Niall. “I see he way she looks at you” Georgina said who i forgot was standing in the same room. I smiled at the though of Bekki liking me back. 

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