The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


25. Day with Louis.


CARLYS POV: “Hey dad, i’m home!” I yelled whilst walking through the door. “YOU SLUT WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” I heard my father yell from upstairs. I heard him walk down the stairs and i tensed up. I knew this was going to happen. “Wait dad! i need to tell you something, remember the Blacks?” I asked him and i saw straight away that in his face he remembered Bekki’s family. “Yes” He said with a devilish smile. “Well remember Bekki, how you told me to finish her off?... Well i’m ready now” I said with a huge smile on my face. “I knew it baby girl! Now how do you think we should do it?” My dad said giving me a tight hug. Its been a while since he hugged me. 


BEKKIS POV: We have been walking for a while and finally made it to the small restaurant. It was so cute inside. There were old couples talking and it was just so sweet. “Hi welcome to La Vada i will be your waitress today” A tall skinny blonde lady said showing us to our table. “Oh my, your One Direction!” She screamed but not to loud. “And your Bekki!” She smiled looking at me. Should i be scared to answer this time? “Yeah thats me” I said with a fake smile on my face. “You and Zayn are so perfect for each other!” She smiled. Wow thats a first i was expecting to get tackled again. “aw thank you so much!” I said with a real smile this time. “Would you like a photo of an autograph?” I heard Harry ask. “Oh no, no you guys are out having a nice time don’t mind me, um would you like any drinks?” She asked looking at us taking her pen and paper. “No please can we take a photo?” Harry asked her standing up. “No no its fine i don’t want to ruin your fun” The girl said with a smile. The rest of the boys stood up and Harry managed to get her phone out of her apron, I took it from him and the boys stood around her. “Smile” I said and the girl smiled as did the boys. I handed her phone back to her. “Thank you so much!” She said putting her phone into her pocket, the rest of the boys can and sat down. “Um any drinks?” She asked and looked at us. “Water please” Liam asked in a sweet voice. “Coke please” “Make that two” “Make that three” Harry, Niall and Louis said. “lemonade please” Zayn asked sweetly. “Can i please have an orange juice?” I asked and the boys giggled. “You sure can” The girl smiled and walked off back to the kitchen. 


“What?” I asked the boys because they were still giggling at me. “Orange juice really love?” Louis asked still giggling. “Hey Its better then that junk you guys are drinking!” I said, i never really drink soft drink. “Thats what i tell them” Liam said, he was the only one not laughing at me. The girl came back and gave us our drinks. “A water for you, cokes for you, lemonade for you, and freshly squeezed orange juice for you” She smiled and walked away. “Mmmh freshly squeezed even better for you” I smirked and took a sip. “Hey boo you have to take your medication” Zayn said handing me a pill. “I don’t wannnaa” I said i really hate having medication. “But you have to!” He said giving me the pill. “But Zayn i don’t like taking pills!” I said handing him back the medication. “You took it all them other days!” He said trying to hand it back to me. “Yeah and now im at my limit,” I said with a puppy dog face. “Bekki, take it now” He said forcing the pill into my hand. I just shook my head. “You two stop fighting, Bekki take you medication!” Liam said in a stern voice. “Yes Dad.” I said and tried to take the pill. “I cant!” I said and put it on the table. “Close your eyes” Zayn said looking at me. “No” I said and took a sip of orange juice. “Close. Your. Eyes.” He said and he sounded mad. “I said no.” I replied and all the boys were looking at us. “Harry, Louis” Zayn said looking at her. The next thing i know i was pinned on the floor, each boy holding my arms, Niall held my legs down and Liam held my mouth open. Zayn put the pill in but the boys wouldn’t let go, only Liam who was holding my mouth open. “Swallow!” All the boys said at once. I shook my head and made i face, it tasted yuk! I fianally gave in because the taste and all the boys let go of me and went back to there seat. “That hurt you know! 4 cracked ribs, bruising but its all good just jump on me!” I said still sitting on the floor. I could see people looking at me but i couldn’t care less. “Aw boo were sorry!” Zayn said lifting me up from the floor and putting me on my chair. “Next time just take the medication love” Louis said with a smirk. “But-” I started but was cut off. “Not buts” Harry said with a smirk. “Guys can we order now i’m hungrey!” Niall asked. “Sure Nialler” The boys all said at the same time and i giggled. We looked at our menus and soon after the blonde girl came over. She took our orders then went off to the kitchen. I think its going to be safe to eat. fingers crossed. “Boys someone is going to have to pick Ed up tomorrow remember?” Liam said, he was always the one to count on. “Oh yeah, i could go?” Harry said. “Ill go with too, i forgot something back at the hotel” Zayn also said, I was a bit sad that he would get back till late but, all well. “Hey Lou just texted me, someone will need to get her and Lux too” Niall said looking up from his phone. “Me and you could do that?” Liam asked Niall and he nodded. “That means its just me and you” I said pushing Louis’ arm a bit. “Yay we can have like a brother and sister day!” He shouted in excitement. “YAY!” I said and waved my arms around a little. “You guys are related?” Zayn said shoked. “Yup he’s my big brother!” I said giving Louis a hug. “And she’s my little sister!” Lou said hugging me back. “Wait is this real or?” Harry said also shocked. “ahah No silly!” I said and both me and Louis started to laugh. 


About 10 minutes later our food came out. I had ordered the sea food pasta, it looked so nice! “Let me have some first, just in case” Zayn said and look his fork ready to get a spoonful. “Zayn i’m sure its going to be fine.” I said. I don’t see why see would do anything to it, she seemed so nice. “WAIT!” I heard a scream, when i turned around i saw the blonde waitress running over with another plate. “I walked into the kitchen and they said they did something to your food, please don’t eat it, here i watched over them while they cooked” The blonde said while swapping our plates. I just sat there in shock. A third time really? “See boo, its better to be safe.” Zayn said taking a bit out of my food. “See if there was something wrong i wouldn’t have let him eat it, i am so so so sorry!” The blonde said walking away. It looked like she was about to cry. I quickly stood up and ran over to her. “Hey thank you so much! i didn’t get your name?” I said giving her a hug. “Oh it’s Jessica” She smiled. “Well Jessica, thank you so very much for everything, your like the only person today that hasn’t tried to kill me!” I smiled, well it was true. “Oh gosh really?” She looked shocked. “Yeaah, thats why i have one arm at the moment” I giggled then moved my empty jumper sleeve around. She looked horrified, like it had been cut off. “Oh its just been bandaged to help my ribs, but if Lou asks they had to cut it off because of something to do with a carrot” I said and winked at her. By now the boys had come over. “Oh yeah iv heard about that, when you have to many carrots and you turn into one!” She said seriously. “Wait so it is real!” Lou stood in pure shock on his face. “Yeah it happens a lot, but they don’t want people to find out, you know because then no one would buy any carrots.” Both me and Jessica said at the same time. “Anyways i better let you guys get back to dinner” She smiled and started to walk off. “Hey do you think we could meet up again some time?” I asked and she turned around. “Sure, um here’s my number” She said writing on a bit of paper then handing it to me. I already knew we were going to be good friends. 


“Made a new friend have we?” Zayn winked at me wrapping his arms around my waist as we walked back to the table. “Yup, and i think Harry might like her” I said whispering into Zayn’s ear. We finally sat down and started eating. It was really nice! “We should get back now, We have to get up super early” Liam said as Niall was finishing his third ice-cream. 


It was super cold outside now that it was night. And i was already wearing a jumper. I put the hood up because i felt as if my ears were going to fall off. “Bit cold are we?” Zayn said wrapping his arms around me. I couldn’t even talk, i just nodded. “Here” He said taking off his jumper. “No way, if im cold with a jumper on your going to die without yours!” I finally was able to talk. “Not if you cuddle me” He winked and pulled the jumper over my head. It was big on me up i liked it. It smelt just like Zayn. He wrapped his arms around me waist and we started walking. “Who’s idea was it to walk man!” I stated to complain, my legs were killing as were my ribs, even though I had been carried a lot today, but we still did walk around all them shops and stuff. “Why do your legs and ribs hurt?” Zayn said with a concerned look on his face. “Yeah but all well, just 10 more minutes yeah?” I asked and then Zayn picked me up bridal style. “What are you doing?!” I screamed. “Shh just hug me i’m cold” Zayn said giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. I wrapped my arms around his Body and nuzzled my face into his chest. I didn’t even notice how tired i was, because i was soon sound asleep. 


ZAYNS POV: I cant get over Bekki, everything she says or do it just so damn cute! She fell asleep while i was carrying her back to the house. He face in my chest and her arms wrapped around me tightly. It wasn’t long till we got back to the house, since everyone was getting up early we all just went to bed. I placed Bekki down and went into the bathroom to change. “No go away!” “Leave me alone!” I could hear Bekki screaming from the bed. I ran over just in my pj pants. But she was still asleep, tossing and turning. Then she let out a loud scream and the rest of thee boys came racing in. “NO please just leave me alone!” Bekki screamed out and i could see her start to cry, but she was still asleep. “Bekki wake up!” I said shaking her. Her eyes shot open and she jumped up out of the bed. “ZAYN!” She screamed then ran and gave me the tightest hug ever. “Whats wrong? What happened?” I asked she still had a tight grip on me and i could see and feel that she was crying. “We best give them alone time” Liam said and the boys walked out. “Um i just had a really bad dream” She said still crying. “Hey don’t worry iv got you know. Lets go to sleep” I said and lifted her back onto the bed. “I wont let anything get you i promise” I said and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Zayn, your my hero” She said also kissing my forehead. She laid her head on my chest and i wrapped my arms around her body and we soon drifted off to sleep. 


“Oii Zayn wake up we need to get going soon!” I heard non other then Liam say. “yes dad.” I said and tried to go back to sleep. “ZAYN GET UP!” Harry screamed and started jumping up and down on the bed. “OWWWW! I dont have to get up early just you do! let me sleep” I heard Bekki yell. “Shit sorry” Harry said getting off of the bed and walking away. “Bekki, you have to take your medication” Liam said holding a pill and a cup of water. When Bekki heard that she sat up. At least we wont have to tackle her this time. “NOOOOOO” She said screaming and running out of the room. Great.


BEKKIS POV: “Bekki you have to take your medication” I heard Liam say and when i looked up he was already holding the pill. Shit. No. I don’t, i cant. I say up so that they were thinking i was going to take it, then took of screaming. There are so many rooms here, but i didn’t even know where to go, iv only been to the kitchen, and the bed room and the lounge. I took off running up the stairs. ‘Morning” Niall said munching on some food but i just ran straight past. “NIALL GET HER!” both Zayn and Liam said at the same time. shit. Niall was like just a few steps behind me. I faked that i was going to run to the left and then last minuet took a right. It sure confused Niall and the rest of the boys so i had some time. I got to the end of the hall way and went into a random door. I had no idea where i was but i saw a huge couch and it was leaning on the wall, just a big enough gap for me to get in. I quickly slid in between the wall and the couch and to my surprise there were blankets there so i covered my self. No one could find me here! 


I thought that i had gotten away with it, surely by now they would have left. But of course i was wrong. I heard the door open. “We know your in here!” I heard 3 boys say. I felt like yelling back ‘yeah but you don’t know where’ But that would just give my hiding place away. I laied still but felt the blanket on top of my move. They’ve found me. “Bekki....” Liam said he was the one that took the blanket off of me. “Liam...” I mimicked him, then tried to make a run of it. Of corse i forgot that the other boys were there. I made it near the door when i felt 2 pairs of arms around me. “Oww my ribs” I sobbed. I didn’t notice but that hiding place didn’t do any good for my ribs. “Sorry love, but maybe if you took this it wouldn’t hurt so bad” Louis said standing in front of me. He was right, if i took it the pain would go away. “Fine” I said tried to take it with my hand. “Nope, we dont trust you. Open up” Harry said standing behind Louis. I did as i was told and he put the pill in, then they got the water. You would have thought that i was going to be able to drink it right? wrong. Louis fed me like a baby. “You do know i could have drunk the water myself” I said once they let go of me. “Yeah.. well to bad” Harry said with a smirk. “Guys we have to like leave in 3 minutes and your all still in your pj’s!” Liam yelled at all the boys. “Liam’s right you know, go get dressed chop chop.” I said and all the boys ran off to get changed. “And they listen to you and not me?” Liam pouted as we walked out of the room and down stairs.


30 minutes later and all the boys were ready to leave, Liam was not happy at all because he always has to be on time. It was quite funny though, watching him yell at them to hurry up. “Bye boo, ill see you later” Zayn said kissing me on the forehead. “Oh and Lou, anything happened to her and your dead.” Zayn said walking out of the door. I found it really cute. “So little sister, what shall we do today?” Louis said once all the boys were out of the house. “Hmmm, what do you have in mind brother?” I giggled. “Lets go SHOPPING!” Louis screamed and jumped. “Sounds perfect, be ready to leave in about lets say 20 minutes and we can make a day of it?” I smiled and skipped off to the bed room to get ready. “Wait Bekkkkiiii, can i choose your cloths?” Louis said running in front of me. “Sure, why not” I smiled and Louis ran inside my room, well mine and Zayn’s, then locked the door. Great so i dont even get to know what he looking at? I sighed and waited for him to finish. After about 5 minutes i heard the door unlock and a smiling Louis. “There on your bed” Is all he said before skipping away. I think i trust Louis. I hope. I slowly made my way over to my bed and saw my bright red hight waist shorts, and a stripped jumper paired with white toms. Who would have guessed. I quickly put it on, did my hair in a plat, well tried to, its super hard with one arm. Cant wait to get this brace off. It didn’t work. So i guess it will just have to stay down, it was nice anyways. I only had a few minutes left by now so i went into the bathroom to start on my makeup. But no Zayn hid it. 


‘To My Hero’ First when did you change your name on my phone? second, where is my make up?! xx 


I couldn’t waist anymore time so i grabbed my money and put my phone into my pocket. “Hello my princess” Louis said standing from the kitchen. “Since you cant eat carrots anymore your just princess” He said with a giggle as he skipped over to me. yes skipped. “Hey look we are twins!” Lou said when he was next to me, only difference was that he was wearing red jeans not red shorts, and he had a stripped shirt not jumper. “Lets take a phooootttttooooo” He smiled and took out his phone. We took a couple of photos, a few smiley faces and then silly faces. I swear this kid was a pro at silly faces. “Shall we get going now princess” Lou said after putting his phone away and taking me hand. “We shall” I smiled and we walked out of the house, taking the spare keys of corse.


It only took around 20 minutes to get to the town square, me and Lou talked the hole time. We are so alike! He truly is like my second brother. i felt my phone vibrate. 


From My Hero: Hey Boo, me and the boys put our number in the other day so we all have different names now, you have to try and guess who is who ;). Your Make up is with me, if going back to the hotel so you wont wear it. xx. 


To My Hero: oh yay, i cant wait till theres an emergency and i have no idea whos name is who, ill guess laters. Please bring my make up back i neeeed it! xo


“He is right you know, you dont need that makeup” Lou said, he must have been looking. “Yes i do, look at me im ugly!” I said with a sad face. It was true. “no you are not! Bek you are beautiful!” Louis said giving me a tight hug. “Where to first?” Louis said once he let go of me. “Anywhere” I smiled and we started walking off to some cute shop. When we got inside i saw the cutest outfit ever! but then i saw the price tag. Stuff paying $385. “Do you like that?” Louis said walking behind me. “Yeah, but i can live with out.” I smiled and walked over to a display table. It has nice charm bracelets. Louis came a short while after and handed me a bag. “Princesses deserve the best” He winked and before i could say anything he pulled me out of the shop. “Look GAMES!” We ran over to the mini carnival games. “OH MY GOD LOUIS !” I heard a girl scream. We both turned around to see a girl around 15. There were also around 4 other girls, they looked to be from 14-19. “Hello” Louis said with a smile, but pushed me behind him. “Wait. Is. That. Bekki.” I heard one of them say. she didn’t sound happy. “Yes.” Louis replied grabbing my hand, He still was standing in front of me. Like protecting me. “Can i have a photo?” I heard another girl ask. “Sure” Louis said and let go of my hand. He slowly walked over to the girls and kept looking back to me. I could tell what Zayn said to him, Louis took to heart. The girls took there photos and started to walk away. Thank god. “Wait, Louis can we talk to her?” I heard one other girl say. Spoke to soon. “Umm, err sure” Louis said and came over to me, standing close to my side. He was a little in front of me and you could tell he was tense. “Why are you dressed like Lou?” The bitchy one asked. “He chose me cloths.” I said in a stern voice. “So what now your with Louis, so much for Zayn” Another chick said. “Shes My sister” Louis said grabbing my hand. “SISTER?” One of them yelled and i giggled. “Yup hes my big brother” I smiled and hugged me. “HOW DARE YOU HUG HIM! AND LIE I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM AND HE IS NOT YOUR BROTHER! I BET YOU TWO ARE GOING OUT BEHIND ZAYNS BACK!! WAIT TILL HE HEARS ABOUT THIS, GOSH YOU ARE SUCH A TWO TIMMER!” Like three girls said at once. They started to yell more and more and i froze. I wanted to say something back but what if they come and attack me. They kept going and got on my nerves. “Look, Louis is like my best friend, he is like my brother and if thats not ok with you, then please turn around and find someone who cares. because i do not. Why would i do that to Zayn? you girls really don’t care about one direction if your willing to somehow tell Zayn that im cheating, which i am not.” I Yelled back to them, Louis giggled at how red i was turning from yelling. I knew i shouldn’t have said anything because i girl came to slap me. I blocked it. thank god. “Oh no you didn’t” Louis said and just before i was about to hit back he picked me up and walked off in the other direction. “I could have taken her!” I yelled when Louis put me down. “Yeah, with one arm” He said with a cheeky grin. Just a few more days then i have have my arm back. “And anyways i don’t want to end up getting killed by Zayn” He laughed and wrapped his arm around me. “So would you like to go back and play the games now?” I asked after walking around for a few minutes. “I thought you would never ask!” Louis said and ran over to where the games were.


LOUIS’ POV: I can’t believe that Bekki was going to get into a fight. I have these so called fans that want to hurt anyone that we care about. We walked around for a few minutes until Bekki finally asked if we could go back to the games. “I thought you would never ask!” I said, grabbing Bekki’s hand and running back over to where the games were. I swear Bekki can act like a little kid when it comes to it. “OMG RACE CARS!, I BET I CAN BEAT YOU!” She screamed and ran over to the arcade racing game. “Your on” I smiled and got into my car. Bekki set it up and chose the hardest map, the longest laps, and chose manual. “How are you meant to change gears?” I asked looking over at her one arm. “I have my ways.” She smiled and then the game started. I was surprised she was really good! And being able to play with the one arm she had too, i can imagine how good she would be with two arms. Its sad that out of all people she had to get the stupid carrot thing. “YAAAY I WIN!” Bekki yelled and jumped around. “What no i did!” I got out of my ‘car’ and sat in hers so that the screen said winner. “hey i won!” She said and tried to push me. We were laughing until my phone started to ring. It was Zayn. 


“Hey Mate” I said through the phone and Bekki stopped laughing and gave me a ‘whos that’ look. “LOUIS WHAT HAPPEND” Zayn screamed from the other end. “What are you talking about?” I asked worried “What happened to bekki?” Zayn asked in a scary tone.  “Nothing here, she’s fine” I said handing Bekki the phone. 




“Hello?” I asked through the phone that Louis haned to me. “Boo, are you ok?” I heard Zayn ask. “Yeah why?” I could tell Zayn was worried. “You havn’t been on twitter have you?” He asked still sounding worried. “Nope, not for a while” I said looking at Lou and he gave me an ‘i dont know’ face.  “Ok, well um Bekki.... Its Carly.” Zayn said and I shivered at the name.  “W-what about her?” I asked nearly cring. I now know what she is cabible of.  “Hey, im going to be home in like 5-6 hours, Stay with Louis ok. i dont care if he has togo into the chicks toliets” Zayn said sounding really pissed off and scared.  “And don’t go on twitter please, not till im with you.. boo can you put Lou on the phone” He said, in more of a state ment not a question.  “Ok, Zayn im scared.” I said crying. “Don’t Be boo, nothing is going to happen, just put Louis on” Zayn said and i did as he said i handed Louis the phone and i could see if face. it was scary to know what ever ws on twitter could cause Louis to look asif he was about to kill someone. 

When Louis hung up the phone he ran over to me, even if we were just a few meters apart he ran, He gave me a huge hug, which made me feel safe, but also terrified. “Whats going on?” I asked still in Louis’ arms. “Nothing princess, don’t worry, lets go do more shopping, i saw you didn’t have an suspenders” Louis said and wrapping his arm around me. Even if i tried there was no way i was going to get out of this grip. I knew if i asked anymore questions he would just tell me to not worry.


We walked around a little with Louis’ arm still firmly wrapped around me, we finally found a shop that has suspenders (braces). “What about these blue ones?” I said tried to walk over to them but i was stopped by Louis’ tight grip on me. “Louis please im fine, im just going there” I said pointing to the display. “I don’t care i’m not leaving you” He said and we both walked over to the display. I got a few different colours and so did Louis. 


“How about some food?” Louis said smiling when he finished paying. He still had a grip on me. Using one hand to pay and give the lady the things. “Sure” I smiled and grabbed the bag off the counter. 


“What do you want ill go buy” I smiled once again trying to leave Louis’ grip. “I don’t think so, what ever you want” He smiled and we walked over to the little coffee shop. We each ordered a sandwich and a drink, i had orange juice and Louis got a tea. How could he drink that stuff? We were sat down at the table waiting for the food to come, Louis kept his eyes on me at all times. “Lou will you please tell me what is going on?” i asked i was really getting sick of this. “Not till Zayn comes home” He said “Hey look our food is here” He smiled changing the subject. “You know what. fine you don’t tell me i will just find out myself” I said putting the food down and reaching for my phone. I got it out of my pocket and was about to unlock it when Louis took it right out of my hands. “HEY give it back, Louis i need to know what is happening!... im scared ok, i-im scared” I managed to mumble out. It was really getting to me, not knowing what was making Louis to act like this. “Hey, don’t worry ok your safe, i want to tell you but i promised Zayn. Bek don’t worry now lets just have fun” Louis said placing his hand on top of mine to try and confort me. I smiled a fake weak smile “Thanks Lou”. 


After we finished eating Louis was right by my side as we were walking, even if i went a little bit to one side he would be right on my trail and not leave my side. I must admit it made me feel special, the way Louis wouldn’t let me go off on my own because he felt the need to protect me. And all of this was because of Zayn. “Where to now?” Louis asked as we walked along the board walk not going anywhere just walking. “Well.. can we go to a music store? I need to listen to your guys music so i can help right your songs” I smiled and we headed towards a small music shop. I was surprised that they had one, there wasn’t many teens/kids around it was more of a place were the elderly lived. “You know Bekki me and the boys could just sing to you, you don’t need to buy the album” Louis said whilst we were walking to the music shop. “Yeah i know but i want to hear you like the fans do” I smiled and he nodded understanding what i was saying. When we got in i saw a few teenage girls. Louis noticed and pulled the hood of my jumper over my head and he lowed his head so you couldn’t see his face. The girls took no notice of us as we walked over to where the albums where. I quickly found were One Direction was and reached to grab the cd. “Hey, thats the last one, im taking that” I girl spat and reached for the album. “Excuse me? I clearly have it in my hand so its mine” I said with a smile and tugged on the cd so her hand would loose grip. Sure enough it did and she let go. “No if you dont mind i will be going now” I said with a cheeky smile and started to turn around. Louis was next to me, he still had his head down, we both started to walk to the counter until i felt a hand grasp my shoulder pulling me back. “look. I don’t care if you had it first, i love one direction way more then you ever could so ill be taking that” The same girl said and went to reach of the cd but i was quick to move it away. “Ha, i dont think so” I spat and went to turn around to go and pay. “Look, why dont we settle this, how ever loves one direction more should have the album Lilly will ask us questions and then when i answer them all right i will have the album” The same girl said. Hey why not i think ill know more about the boys then her, i mean im living with them, im dating one of them, one of them is standing next to me and she didn’t even notice. “Sure why not because when I win, i can get out of here with the album” I said with a cheek smile and Louis gave me a pleading look, i knew he didn’t want them to find out about him. “Hey if i try to walk about god knows what she will do next time, this is safer” I whispered into his ear. “Your boy friend can keep count” The girl spat and giggled. “He’s not my-” I was cut off by her friend. “I don’t care are we going to do this or what” She said with a pissed off look on her face. 


“No Jimmy... what?” Lilly asked. What was she on about? “protested” The girl said with a grin on her face. “Jimmy isn’t part of One Direction” I said confused, what are these girls talking about. Louis just laughed, ok so i guess there is a Jimmy i didn’t know about. 

“As if, your not even a fan then” The girl spat out and her friend asked another question. 

“Who is always hungry?” Lilly asked. “NIALL” I screamed, i knew this question because he always wanted me to cook. Louis once again giggled at me. “You got lucky that time” The same girl spat. “Hey whats your name anyways?” I asked, it felt wrong talking to this girl i didn’t even know her name.. “Jasmine, god can we just do this i would like to listen to the album” She said. gosh she’s a bitch. I just nodded and Lilly asked another question. 

“Who cant swim?” oh i don’t know. Why are they asking stupid questions, why cant they ask questions i might know the answer too. “ZAAAAYYYNN” Jasmine practacly yelled. Naw Zayn cant swim, i find that so cute! Anyways back to the stupid game. “What does WMYB stand for?” “What Makes you Beautiful” i heard Louis say fro beside me. “You cant play you are keeping count.” They both blurted at the same time. So they still havn’t recognized its Louis. “Well you see the album is actually for him, can he take over and i count? Anyways hes a much bigger fan then you would ever be” I smiled and nudged Louis. “You know what, why not just to prove that i know everything about the boys” Jasmine said and the questions started. Oh god they got some creppy questions, i dont care if Liam’s left leg has 53 more hairs then the right leg. There were other ones saing that Zayn always has to wear 2 socks and the Lou does wear any. These girls were creeps they knew what brand of boxes the boys wore, i didnt even know then and i have been living with them so what 2 weeks now?. this is the one that kreped me put the most, they knew how many times Niall has gone to Nando’s. “ok last question.. Since its a Tuesday, what colour underwear is Louis wearing” Um what? ok these girls are kreep! “He should be wearing his black ones” Jasmines states. I look over at Louis and see him pull his pants to the side a bit so he can look at what colour they are. “Nope, they are blue” He sayd with a cheeky grin. “Oh hi im Louis by the way” He adds ad smiles. “I think we won, since you didn’t notice Louis was standing there” I say with a smirk and Louis wraps his arm around my waist as we go to pay for the album. “OMG LOUIS CAN WE HAVE A PHOTO?” I hear the two girls yell and then hear foot steps running towards us. “Sure” He says and the girls hand the camera over to a worker. “Well are you comming?” One of the girls ask me, i was a bit taken back but i walk over and stand next the girls. “I swear to god if you keep flirting with Louis like that, the video of his with his arm around you is going out, got me?” Jasmine said and i just nodded. Its not my fault that he puts his arm around me, i mean he has El i have Zayn he is just doing as Zayn said and ‘keeping me safe’ i must admit me being in his arms did give me and good feeling. 


I few shops later, and bag full of cloths and other things we agree that its time to go home. 

“Oh Louis can i go into this shop?” I ask, well beg, it was a cute homemade shop that had bracelets and all other things. I came  apon two bracelets that had a B, and other one that had an L, they were too cute! Before Louis could see i ran over and paid for it. “He there you went i got worried!” Louis said giving me a tight hug. “Oh shh look what i got” I said with a smile and started to wave the bracelets around. “Ohhh i love them!” Louis said and grabbed his one, the one that had  B on it for Bekki of course. Lou helped me put my one of with the L that standed for Louis. I didnt notice till now that at the back of each letter it says “ best friends” in nice writing. We we walking home when people started to star at me like i was a freak. “Louis why are people staring at me?” I asked but he did answer instead just tighted the grip he had around my waist as pulled up hood up over my head. 

I wasnt paying attention to wear i was walking and bumbed into somone, nice one Bekki, Louis pulled the hood over you face so people wouldnt look but now you go and run into someone. i thought to my self. “Hey watc- oh hi love! Your Bekki right? I just want to say congratulations” She said, she looked at least mid 30’s. “Um thanks?, may i ask what for?” I have no idea what she is talking about. “For carrying baby Malik of corse!” She said and patted my sholder. “UM what?” I said, what the fuck is she on about. “oh sweetie you dont have to hide it anymore, your friend let it out here” She said handing me a magazine. The front over said “Move over Baby Lux, Baby Malik is on its way” Then under neath there was a photo of me when i was 15 and another one when i was 18. Bekki, Zayn’s new girl friend is going to have a baby! Best friend of Bekki, Carly, 17 said she couldn’t keep the secter any longer and was so exited to let the world know that Bekki and Zayn are expecting a child of there own. She provided photos that clearly show her baby bump. Congrats to the happy couple. Let us know what you think they will be having a bouncing baby boy, or a cute baby girl?.

Louis was reading from over my shoulder and he tensed up. “You knew about this and didnt tell me? People are calling me fat because if i’m not mistaken i’m not having a baby, so there shouldn’t be a baby bump! So what now im fat.” I burst out tears running dowm my face, Oh god its just like when i was 15 again. “Bekki your not fat, and i couldnt tell you Zayn wouldn’t let me” He said hugging me, ut now the woman was just standing there. “Thanks for calling me fat. Im not having a baby” I say and through the magazine at her and start to run. Whilst running i pull my phone out and open twitter. “OMG SLUT SHE IS HAVING A BABY AT THE AGE OF 18” “AHAHA SHE IS GETTING FAT” there was so much more, tears clouding my vision. I could hear Someone yelling my name but i just kept runing till my knees gave out and i fell to the floor. Louis cough up a few seconds later and scooped me into a hug. “Shh its ok love” He said while rubbing my back. I just cried even harder. I felt my body getting lited off the floor. “No Louis put my down im to big ill hurt you!” I scream tried to get out of his arms. “Shhh bekki your as light as a fether, now shhh and let it all out ok” Louis said and i did as i was told i cried and cried. 


*Flash Back* 

“Your not going to eat that are you?” I looked down at my plate, chips and a pizza. “Yeah why whats wrong with it” I glanced over to see that she had a salad. “Ew i cant be seen with a fat pig like you” and with that my only friend Blair i had walked away. ‘shhh the fatty is looking’ ‘do you think that she ate her suposed boy friend and thats why we never see him’ and these whisperes filled my eyes. I ran to the bath room and glanced into the mirror. I saw a girl. A girl with a face full of pimples, A girl with ugly hair, a girl with greasy cloths, a girl with a big belly. “I hate you!” I yell and though the closest thing at the mirrot, braking it and getting cuts all over my body before i see black. 


Im in hospital, cuts all over my body and wires attached, i remeber everything. A try of food on the bench near me, i scream out in frustration and through the tray away from me, I hear beeps getting faster and faster as i get more anger filled. The last thing i hear is my mothers voice telling me everything will be fine before i pass out.


I wake up again, to see a plate full of food near me theres more wires on my and i still have cuts all over my body. “You need to eat” I hear a voce say, a nurse i think. “NO!” I scream and the tray goes flying through the air once again. “You have been passed out for 4 days sweetie you need to eat, or we are forced to enhance the food we are giving you through them wires” She says trying to calm me. “I dont want to eat” I yell and pull the wires out of my body only to hear beeping slowing down and getting weaker, and then i have a thing over my face forcing me to breath before i pass out yet again. 


~Two weeks later (still flash back) 

Im home in my own bed. I turn my head to see yet more food. I groan don’t people get it. Im sick of being fat i want to fit in! i want to look like all the other girls at my school! I through the plate of food across my room causing it to shatter. I dont care. I try to get out of bed but fall to the floor, i get up and is barly able to walk. In the mirror i still se the same girl i saw at school. I punch the mirror causing cuts all over my hands. 


A month has passed. In in one weeks i have eaten 10 grapes, and 10 cups of water, iv been forced to drink the water. In the mirror i still see the same girl i saw at school. Once again a punch the mirror like i do everyday this time causing it to shatter. 


(third person p.o.v flash back) 

Bekki wasnt eating, she was loosing weight. fast. You could see her rib cage and her cheek bones, she looked as if you were to touch her she wold crumble, it was scary to see, she could barley walk on her own. 


~End of flash back~ 


“Bekki? Bek?” I heard Louis say and then i felt my body begin to shake. “whats wrong you seem off in space, Hey look at me, you are perfect the way you are ok! Dont listen to them” Louis said, i dont know what to do so i just wrapped me arms around him and started to cry. “L-Lou can i trust you?” I ask with nerve “Of corse love” He said still wrapped in his hug. “Don’t tell anyone please” I said and he just nodded. “It stated when i was 15..” And with that i told Louis the hole story of me being anorexic, i dont know how my i managed to hold back all the tears, until i came to the part where i almost ended up killing myself, my body was eating itself because i wasnt giving it anything, i couldnt walk without falling to the ground. Then i started to get force fed. Then both me and Louis started to cry into each others arms. “Come on lets get some sleep before the Lads get back, its been i long day”  Louis says lifting my from the floor and we walk over to a room. “Can i stay with you i dont want to be ablone” I stammer out. “Of corse” Louis replays and then im getting carried off into a be wear i fall asleep wrapped up into Louis arms. 

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