The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


7. Big Brother.


CARLYS POV: Im so happy liked her car, it look me and Emily a while to find it, and it was perfect ! “So where to first?!” Bekki screamed like she was a little girl. “Why don’t we go to star bucks, we can get coffees and drop of our job form.?” I said laughing at how Bekki was still jumping up and down. “sounds grate !” Bekki said running back to the hotel rooms. I ran after her up the stairs, and once we got to the room we forgot we didn’t have keys yet. I knocked on the door and no one came. Shit have they left? I knocked again this time louder. “WHO IS IT?” I heard Harry yell form the other side of the door. “Its me and Bekki” I screamed back. “Oh well in that case byeeee” I Harry yelled stretching out the ‘e’. “Bekki text one of the guys to come open the door” I said looking at her. “I don’t have my phone” Bekki said with a pissed off face. We started banging on the door until Niall finally came to open it. “Wow calm down girls” Niall giggled. “CALM DOWN ?! WE HAVE BEEN LOCKED OUT FOR 30 MINS THANKS TO HARRY!” I yelled giving Harry the biggest death stare i could. “Anyways we are going star bucks in my new car, what do you guys want?” Bekki said laughing at how childish i was acting. “Yeah can i have an iced latte, Liam will have an Iced Cafe mocha, Harry will have iced americano, Louis will have iced shaken tea, Zayn will have mango passionfruit,” Niall said looking at all the boys, i guess he knew what they all wanted. “Make that 2 mango passionfruit, i have a mate coming over.” Zayn said from the couch. I quickly wrote it all down before a forgot. Me and Bekki went into our rooms to get changed, and to grab our stuff. I wore my black leggings with one of my Hoodies and a pair of boots, i put a little make up on, then grabbed my bag and application. Bekki came out wearing the same thing, her ugg boots, Black skinny jeans and her hoodie, and in her hand her application and money. 


BEKKIS POV: Zayn had a mate coming over? LIke his girl friend or something? wait why do i even care its not like i like him or anything. Me and Carly got ready grabbed our forms and when down into the car park. I sat in my new car for the first time. It was amazing, i was so looking ford to driving it. Carly got the gps set up, and off we went. “I think i just fell in love with the car !” I giggled as we got out, and walked into the shopping center. We found our way to the nearest key cutters, I had taken Niall’s keys, i hope he didn’t need them. It was a 20 minute wait until our key where ready. We walked around for a little until finding star bucks. Carly ordered while i took both mine and Carly’s forms up to the manager. He glanced over the papers and smiled. I hope that was a good thing. “Thank god you girls came, i was just about to put up a help wanted sign, your applications are amazing, could you start on Monday?, that gives you a week and to settle in” He said smiling handing me his card. “One for you and one for.. Carly.” he glanced down at the paper to look at her name. “Thank you so much !” I said with a huge smile on my face taking the cards and walking back over to Carly. “We got the jobs, we start Monday” when i told Carly she screamed with excitement, then our oder was ready. 

~skip car ride~

“Hold these ill get the key” I said handing Carly the tray of coffees i had been holding. I got the keys and unlocked the door. I could hear the tv on in the lounge room, so i’m guessing the boys were still home and handed forgotten about us. I walked over to the kitchen followed by Carly and we put all the Cups down and i put Niall’s keys where i had found them. “We’re baaaaack” Carly yelled from next to me. “How did you get in?” Harry said walking over to the kitchen followed by the rest of the boys, and i person i hadn’t seen before behind Zayn. “He took Niall's keys and i got them cut,” I said looking at the person standing behind Zayn, he looked familiar. “JAKE?!” I screamed when i finally knew who it was. “um yeah... oh me god BEKKI ?!” he screamed back and we both ran to each other and i gave him the biggest hug. “You two know each other?” Zayn looked at me puzzled. “Did you two use to date?” Harry said also looking puzzled. “Ew no, he’s my brother !” I said hugging Jake again. Jake had been in the Army, for a while and i hadn’t seen him for 2 years.  “your brother ?” Zayn said walking closer to me. “Yuup” Jake said hugging me once again.


CARLYS POV: I cant believe it, bekki’s brother was here?! She knew knew this but iv always had a huge crush on him. He is so hot, he has green eyes, and dark brown hair, a nice tan and he was so fit !. Wait i cant think of him like that, he’s my best friends brother ! Snap out of it Carly. 

“Hey guys hate to break up the family reunion, by wheres my hug?” I smiled looking at Jake. “Come here” He said in his flirty voice. Oh how iv missed that ! I walked over and he gave me a tight hug. We then walked back into the kitchen and everyone got there drinks. 


ZAYNS POV: Shit. so here i am talking to Jake, my mate from a while ago, about this girl that i think i have a crush on. Luckily for him i didn’t say her name. And i don't even know if i like her, i mean Bekki’s  amazing and all, and beautiful, and nice, and beautiful, and wait snap out of it Zayn, you cant do this. Its your best friends sister! And iv only known Bekki for what, a day or two? I cant like her, iv never fallen for a girl that fast. “So how did you guys meet?” Bekki asked “Um wow, it was ages ago.... it was at school yeah?” I replied looking over at Jake. “Yeah, remember when i came to England fro a month with school?, well me and Zayn shared a room” Jake said looking over at Bekki.


JAKES POV: Why was zayn acting strange? all well i’m here with my sister and best friend. Shit it was Bekki’s birthday yesterday, how could i forget?!. “Bekki ! happy birthday beautiful!, well for yesterday” I said hugging her. “Let me guess just like every other year you locked yourself into a room?” I laughed knowing that, that was true. “Um no Zayn took me out for dinner” Bekki replied looking at Zayn. Was MY sister the girl Zayn was talking about? MY sister? well i dont think so. Iv seen what Zayn has done to girls before and hes not going any where near my sister like that! “Anyways Bekki where are you staying? Im going to go visit mum and dad before i have to leave again to go to the army.” I said giving Zayn a death stair as if to say ‘go anywhere near my sister and i will cut your head off’ “IM staying here..” Bekki trailed off, probably because she saw the way i was looking at zayn. “Oh, well i best be off don’t want to miss my plane” I said sanding up and grabbing Bekki into a tight hug, and  kissing her on the top of her head. I walked over to Zayn. and whispered into his ear “Try anything with my sister.. and oh just remember i know how to use a gun, and i’m not afraid to use it, keep that in mind.” i saw him tense up. “anywyas bro we must catch up again soon, it was really good,” I said patting him on the back but he was still frozen because of what i had said to him earlier. I gave Carly a big hug and said my good byes to the rest of the boys until leaving. Im going to miss Bekki, Zayn better not try anything. 


BEKKIS POV: i knew my brother had said something to Zayn, he just froze. I must admit i like my brother for being protective over me, he’s saved me a few times but me and zayn where nothing, nothing, I wish we were more. Wait no. iv only known him for 2 days i cant say that ! I shook it off into the back of my mind and gave me brother another big hug and we said our good-byes. 


CARLYS POV: “who wants to play truth or dare? it will be a good way to get to know each other?” I asked everyone, and by my surprise they all nodded and we walked over the the lounge room while Harry got a bottle and we sat in the circle playing.

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