The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


13. attention seeker


NO ONES POV: As Zayn said the simple words “Bekki’ having a baby” All the boys mouths dropped as well as Carly’s. On every ones faces you could see guilt in there eyes, they all knew that it was because of what they made made Bekki do, that she is now 18 and having a baby. Louis took it the hardest, because he knows what happeneds to people when they have children at such young ages, and maybe another reason, he felt very protective over Bekki, but he didn’t seem to know why. 


CARLYS POV: Great. just great my best friends is fucking having a baby, Harry and I are keeping our distance, and yeah none of the other boys pay attention to me like they do Bekki. The only way to get attention is to finally take the jumpers i have been wearing over the days off, That will draw the attention to me i know it!  “And your the father?” Harry asked Zayn. “OF CORSE I DONT JUST HAVE SEX WITH HIM THEN GO HAVE IT WITH RANDOMS !” Bekki yelled. “wow ok sorry just asking” Harry said raising his arms in defense. grrr im still so pissed off, he told me that we needed space because he didnt want to lead me on, well thats a tad late isnt it ? all the cuddiling, talking all of nothing! Its all his fault we are even staying at there hotel room, pent house what ever you want to call it. I wish i had just have booked rooms like i was meant to. I cant belive i use to love One Direction, now getting closer to Harry i found out that he will lead you on then just drop you like your nothing. “Zayn i think i’m going to be sick!” Bekki said holding her hand to her mouth and dropping her Happy Meal. Of corse all the boys run to her side to help her. She always does this ! she didn’t even know who One Direction was and now she had all of them wrapped around her finger. I just walked out of the room, i guess she will just think its because i cant handle people vommiting. But its ready because i cant stand her at the momment, shes such an attention seeker! 


BEKKIS POV: I thought they flushed it all out of my system, but here i am being sick. I guess someone called for a nurse because i heard yelling then the nurse came in. “Sweetie! whats wrong, did you eat somthing?” She looked worried witch made me scared.  “yeah she had a Happy Meal” Zayn said holding the bucket up for me rubbing my back. “Oh no, she was meant to wait a few hours, so we could get the results from a test to make sure it was all out of her system, i guess not” She said and next thing i know i was getting wheeled out of the room again, just like last time. ~half an hour later~ At least this time it didnt take long, and they were sure it was all out of my system, but i wasn’t hungry. “Bekki !” I heard Zayn yell as i was being rolled back into the room. “She needs sleep, you have about 3 mins before she’s asleep he had to give her medication.” The nurse told Zayn, why did no one tell me about this? “Hey, you look much better now” Zayn said brushing a piece of hair behind my ear. “mm i feel it too, im really tired” I said sleepily. “Zayn please don’t leave i don’t like hospitals” I said and slowly fell asleep, but not before i heard Zayn faintly say “Never, i promise” I saw his small smile and fell asleep with a smile on my face also, Zayn was the nicest boy ever! 


**Bekki’s Dream** 


“ZAYN COME BACK HERE!” I yelled as i chased him around the flower meadow. “you have to catch me” Zayn winked as ran off. I court up to him and he picked me up in his arms and swung me around kissing my lips. Our kiss was full of passion, love and lust, it felt good. we then lied on the floor, my hand in his hand, just simply saying on the grass. It was perfect. He rolled over and kissed my lips again, a quick simple but lustful peck on the lips. 


**End of Dream** 

I woke up and looked around, i saw Zayn asleep in a chair, and his hand intwined with mine, i hoped that the dream was real, but i was still in hospital, i want Zayn to be my first last kiss. I touched my lips with the though of this. I want to feel in perfect lush lips against mine, as they moved together. But then again, i know it will never happen, ho can i guy like Zayn fall for something ugly like me. I signed knowing that i will never get to be with him and slowly drifted back off to sleep. 


LOUIS’ POV: I offered to stay with Bekki and the hospital but Zayn said that he would stay. I don’t know why but i really want to know Bekki more, i want to know everything little thing about her, I don’t know why, but i just feel that me and her are meant to be together, not together but as friends, close friends, best friends, i could call her my sister. Nothing more, after all I am with Eleanor. After we left we all went home, i could tell something was wrong with Harry, i need to find out what. we were all sat in the lounge room, Carly had gone to her room as soon as we got home, it was pretty late we were at the hospital for a while. Niall was with Georgina, she met him at the hospital, and Liam was with me and Harry in the lounge. “Im off to bed, night guys” Liam said as he walked up stairs. Now is a good time to ask whats up with Harry. “Hazza, whats wrong mate, you seem flat” I asked and Harry looked over to me. “oh nothing its just that i never knew that Bekki would get pregnant, i mean is it our fault? We kinda made her do it and everything i cant help but feel guilty” He said in a low voice, i could tell he was really torn up. “So do i mate, we didn’t think this would happen, i guess maybe theres a reason it happened?” I asked and looked over at Harry. “Yeah i guess” He said and we just continued to watch the telly. 


CARLYS POV: grrr that boys didnt even notice me at all! I came home and went straight up to bed slamming the door, now one bothered to ask me how i felt about Bekki having a baby on the car ride home, no one seems to notice how im feeling. I was going to walk down stairs when i heard Louis talking to Harry. “Hazza whats wrong mate, you seem flat?” Oh there talking about me. I stopped and listened. Harry was going to tell Louis how he told me to keep distance and that it was wrong. “Oh nothing its just that i never knew that Bekk-” omg again about Bekki ! i hate this i want to go back home! i cant stand it here all it is, is Bekki this Bekki that, or on tv Mystery girl this and Mystery girl that! She is the biggest attention seeker any one could meet! I ran back up to my room and just sat on my bed. that bitch, i bet she planned it, i bet she knew all about one direction, i bet she had a plan to get Zayn to fall for her. I knew it. WAIT. stop Carly she is your best friend! your just over reacting, but then again she has always lived a perfect life, everything she wanted she got, she got all the boys, a older brother, a family that didn’t fight. Im going to get even, if Harry doesn’t want me, and Bekki seems to be head over heels for Zayn.. well... i guess ill just have to get Zayn all to myself. 

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