The secret. (On Hold)

Carly is a girl like any other, but has a deep dark secret that no one knows about apart from her close friend Bekki. When Carly meets the boys of One Direction, will her secret come out?


21. Are we friends? Or are we more?


BEKKI POV: I slowly woke up, and felt arms wrapped around me. I slowly opened my eyes so i could get use to the light. “Morning sleeping beauty” I heard zayn said in his husky morning voice. “mmmm, morning” I said with a smile on my face. “What time is it?” I asked turning to look at Zayn, i hope it was only early so i could go back to sleep. “It’s 9:30am so you can go back to sleep for half an hour if you want, we don’t start work till 10;30” Zayn answered looking into  my eyes, as i looked back at his. “yay” I mumbled and tryed to drift off back to sleep. I heard a little giggle come from Zayn when i say ‘yay’. Of corse when i want to go to sleep, i just cant. I opened my eyes to see Zayn looking at me, it brought a smile to my face. “what.. oh i don’t have make up on!” I said and tried to get out of bed, because i looked ugly in the morning, well i look ugly all the time but in the morning i have no make up on and my hair is a mess. I lifted the blanket up so i could get out, but i felt arms wrap around my waist. “You look beautiful” Zayn said holding me close to him. “no, please i look ugly!” I said trying to get out of his grip. “Nope, you look beautiful. your not going anywhere” Zayn said with a smile on his face and he still had his grip on my waist. I kept trying to get out of his arms but is grip was too tight and soon i gave up, so now i was justing laying in Zayn’s arms looking at her perfect he is. “ZAYN WAKE UP ITS 10 OCLOCK WE NEED TO LEAVE SOON!” I heard Harry yell from the out side of the door. How long have we been laying like this just looking into each others eyes, as Zayn played with my hair. “ZAYN GET UP!” I heard Harry yell once again and he opened the door. “Zayn get up- oh hey Bekki” Harry said and rubbed the back of his neck. Thats when both me and Zayn snapped out of it and looked at Harry. “Um we are leaving in like 10 so we can stop and get something to eat... um did you guys-” Harry started to ask but i cut him off “Thanks Haz, and no i came in here because all i could hear last night is your snoring!” I ask and jumped out of Zayn’s bed as he did the same. “Ohh sorry about that” Harry blushed and walked out of the room. I walked out of Zayn’s room and back to mine, it was warm-ish out side so i quickly got changed into a pair of black shorts and a blue jumper, I got my phone and saw i had like 100 mentions and tweets. I put my phone on my bed because i couldnt be bothered reading them all now, I walked into my bath room and brushed my hair, i tied it up in a simple pony tale, i was about to grabb my make up and start to put it on when i heard someone walk into my room. It probably just one of the boys,  I looked in my make up bag for my blush when i heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Come in” I said and found my blush, “I told you, you dont need that” I heard Zayn say from the door. “Yes i do” I said and got the blush brush to start to put some on, but i was stopped when Zayn took it out of my hand. “Hey !” I said and tried to reach for it, but because Zayn was taller then me he lifted his hand up so it was out of my reach. “Fine then” I said and took my lip gloss, i was about to put it on when once again Zayn took it out of my hands. I saw that he didn’t have the blush anymore, he must have put it down. i turned to look for my makeup bag but saw that was gone. “Zayn, please give it back” I asked looking at him. “Why? you don’t need it” Zayn said with a big smile on his face. “But-” I started. “But nothing, come on we are going to be late” Zayn as he walked out. Where did he put my make up bag, it’s not like he could hide it that fast i mean i would have seen where he put it, the mirror was there. Luckily i had my mini make up kit in my bag. I made sure that Zayn was out of the room and i quickly walked over to my bag, got out my mascara, lip balm, and foundation, i quickly put it on, looking in the mirror. I was half happy with what i saw and grabbed my phone and money and raced down the stairs. 


When i got down stairs i saw all the boys, they were waiting for me, all well if Zayn had just let my put my make up on i would have been down faster. “Sorry i kept you waiting” I said and stood next to Liam. “Thats alright love, who’s car are we gonna take?” Liam said. “Can we take my car? I feel like driving it” I said grabbing the keys. “Ok, and we can take my car too” Harry said grabbing his keys and we all walked out the the car park. 

“Who’s coming with me?” I asked when we finally got down to the cars. “I’ll go with Harry” Louis said and walked over the Harrys car. “I’ll go with you so i can show you how to get there” Zayn said walking over to me. Thats right i didn’t even know where we are going. “Im gonna go with Harry, because he will let me eat in his car” Niall said with a smile. “Ill just go with Harry” Liam said and smiled. I guess no one likes my driving. it made me a bit upset until i saw the boys give Zayn a wink. They have a plan. Both me and Zayn got into my car after the boys left. “Um so where are we going?” I asked because i had no idea what we were even doing today. “Well, we are going to get some breakfast then we are um well its a surprise” Zayn said with a smirk. “But Zayn i don’t like surprises just tell me?” I begged him. but he changed the subject. “Are you wearing makeup?” He looked mad. “Yep” I smiled and turned the car on. Zayn gave me directions to the little bakery we were all going to get some food at. “Your a really good driver” Zayn said getting out of the car. It made me smile because no other guy or even girl said that they never let me drive. Zayn came over to my side and held his hand out to help me out of the car, i happily took it and we walked into the little store to find the rest of the boys already sitting down. I laughed because was waiting for us so he could order, he was such a cutie! I had forgotten that me and Zayn were holding hands, until all the boys started starring. Me and Zayn quiclky let go of each others hand and went to sit with the boys. There was nothing going on with me and Zayn, but i don’t know, there is just something about him that drives me crazy, in a good way. 


ZAYNS POV: I got so mad at Bekki when i saw she was wearing makeup she didnt even need it! When we get back im going to find that make up and put it with the others i hid. When we got to the little store i went around to help her out of the car. We walked in hand in hand and it felt perfect. I wish she was mine. We saw all the boys so we walked over to sit with them and they were staring at our hands, both me and Bekki quickly moved our hands apart and sat down. Iv never acted like this with a girl before, i never just hold her hand but Bekki, she wasn’t just some girl, she was special, i just wish i could tell her. “GUYS i’m hungry !” Niall said and we all laughed. After a few minutes an old-ish lady came up to us “Hi, may i take your order?” She said with a smile. “Can i please have a bacon and egg sandwich” Niall said with a huge smile on his face, gosh that boy loved his food. The lady wrote it down then looked back up for the next order “Can i please have a salad sandwich” Harry said, “Um make that two please” Liam said followed by Louis asking for the same, the lady wrote it down then Looked at me and Bekki. “What would you like” I smiled and looked at Bekki. She looked back down at the menu that we were sharing and then spoke “May i please have an orange juice” Bekki asked with the cutest voice ever “Bekki, you have got to have something to eat too” I told her and giggled. “But i’m not hungry” She laughed. “Can i please have two chicken and salad sandwiches” I smiled at looked at the Lady, she wrote it all down. “Zayn your such a piggy” Bekki said with her cute little laugh, “One is for you” I smiled at her but before she could reply the Lady spoke. “Anything else? and may i just say you two make such a cute couple” “We are just friends, but thank you” Both me and Bekki said at the same time then blushed. “My bad” The lady giggled then walked off to make our food. “so guys, Zayn wont tell me were we are going after this, are any of you going to?” Bekki asked looking at the boys but all she got was a simple “nope” It didn’t take long and our food came. We all started to eat and the food was really nice. But i looked over to Bekki and she wouldn’t touch any of it. “Whats the matter?” I asked looking at her, she looked really scared. “Um nothing i’m just not hungry” She said but i could tell she was lying. “Bekki, please tell me” “um ok, im scared to eat after what happend last time and because that girl keeps looking at me” Bekki said looking over to the girl in the kitchen that was giving Bekki death stars. “If she had done anything to your food she wouldn’t let me eat any” I said and picked up her orange juice, i made sure that the girl was looking and as i went for a sip i heard the girl scream “NOOO ZAYN DONT DRINK THAT ITS MEANT FOR HER” The girl ran up and took the cup off me. I then picked up her food and was about to take a bite but the girl did the same thing. “Care to tell me why i cant eat her food but all the lads and myself are can eat our own?” I asked pissed off at the girl. “Because i may have put bleach in it” The girl trailed off. “YOU WHAT? HOW DARE YOU TRY AND KILL HER BY PUTTING BLEACH IN HER FOOD AFTER YOU HEARD HOW SHE HAD TO GO TO THE HOSIPITAL!” I yelled at the girl and slamed the food on the table. “What is going on here!” The lady that took our orders yelled running over to our table. “This girl here, tried to kill Bekki” I said a little calmer because i didn’t want to yell at the old lady. “Is this true Caity” The lady asked. “Yes, im sorry but she’s an ugly fat bitch that doesnt desreve to be around one direction! Look at her she is just slutting around and using them! I mean look at her, shes nothing but a fat ugly cow! they are propably just doing it for charity!” The girl screamed and i saw Bekki get up and run off to the toilet. “Excuse me, but she happeneds to be the most amazing girl i have met, she is beautiful and has every right to be around One Direction!” I yelled at the girl as Louis ran off to go find Bekki. I was going to say more until i Felt Niall, Liam and Harry by my sides calming me down. “YOU ARE FIRED!” The lady yelled at the girl. “I am so so so so so sorry! how can i ever make it up to you, i thought she was a nice girl i have never heard her talk like that! im so very sorry” The lady said i could see she was going to cry. “Thats alright you didnt know” I said with a smile.


LOUIS POV; After what that girl had said to Bekki i could see her start to try, she looked at me and i nodded, she then ran off to the tolit and i followed her, not caring if i went into the girls one. “Bekki, come here” I said giving her a huge hug. I could feel her crying into my chest. “Shh love, non of that she said was true ! you are beautiful” I whispered into her ear. “no she was right” I heard Bekki mumble. I grabbed Bekki at the shoulders so she was looking in my eyes “Bekki listen to me, you are a beautiful girl! Any guy would be lucky to have you in there life! you are better then that girl will ever be! and Bekki, Zayn really cares about you and iv never seen him so upset and angry at a girl like that” I told her. “Really?” Bekki said “Yeah i see the way he looks at you.. and i also see the way you look at him Bekki, you like him don’t you?” I asked and she blushed. “yeah.. iv never felt like this with any guy” Bekki smiled and hugged me. “But that girl was right” Bekki said and satred to cry more. I hugged her tighter. Bekki was like a sisiter to me. 


BEKKIS POV: Louis was the nisest boy ever! He was just like a brother to me, even if i had only known him for a week and a few days. I cried into his chest for a while longer until i felt him move away and them the warth got replaced by someone else. That someone was Zayn. “Hey beautiful” He whispered into my ear. His warm breath sent we shivers. “Zayn” I whispered and got a tighter grip on him. “Come on we are going to be late for your surprise” Zayn said then i felt him lift me up. “Zayn i can walk you know” I giggled. “Yeah but princesses should have to” I looked up to see him smile, and i lightly kissed him on the chin. This boy was driving me mad! i want him to be able to call me his. Zayn walked outside and i was still in his arms. *CLICK CLICK* Shit. More pap’s. How do these people find them? I saw Zayn roll his eyes and he made it to my car and he put me in the passenger seat. I was happy to let him drive after crying i had no energy anymore. I handed him the keys and he walked over the the drivers seat. “Bekki why dont you have a rest?” Zayn looked over at me as he turned the car on, i just nodded and before i knew it i was asleep. 


ZAYNS POV: As i carried Bekki back to her car the pap’s where there. Can’t they just have a break for a day ?! i just kept walking past them i wasn’t in the mood. I put Bekki in the car and i went to the drivers seat. I could tell she was tired “Bekki why dont you have a rest?” She nodded and soon fell asleep. It wasn’t a long drive so i dont know how much sleep she had of gotten, and i didn’t want to wake her up because she looked to cute! “Bekki wake up, we are here” I shook her lightly and she woke up. “But im tired” Is all she could get out and she tried to go back to sleep. i giggled at her and got out of the car, walked to her side and picked her up. “Zayn i can walk” Bekki said but i could still tell she was tired. “Nah your tired” I said and walked into the big house. Bekki hadnt even opened her eyes so she didnt know where we were. I opened the door and walked in. “Hey Zayn we are in here!” I heard Niall yell, so i followed his voice. I still had Bekki in my arms when i walked into the games room and found all the boys and Ed. Bekki was now asleep, once again in my arms. “Is anything going on with you two?” Ed asked winking. “Nah” I said and slowly put Bekki down on the couch. “Come on Zayn we all know you like her” Louis said “Zayn i saw all the photos of you two holding hands on twitter, you cant tell me thats nothing” Ed said smiling at me. “Ok, i like her but she doesn’t feel the same” I said smilling at Bekki sleeping on the couch she was an angle. Louis looked like he was hiding somthing. “What is it Lou?” I asked looking at him. “How do you know She doesnt like you back?” He said. “Zayn when she was crying we talked she said that she never felt that way about a guy before, she likes you Zayn” When Louis said that it brought a huge smile to my face. “We should start working, ill wake her up” I smiled at the boys and woke Bekki up. “Wake up Beautiful, there is someone i want you to see” I whispered into her ear and she woke up streaching and sat up. 


BEKKI POV: I had fallen asleep again, iv been sleeping a lot. “Wake up beautiful, there is someone i want you to see” I heard Zayn say. It was perfect it sent me chills when he called me beautiful. I sat up and saw i was in someones house. then i saw Ed. NO WAY! im in Ed Sheerans house! “Im so sorry !” I stood up. “for what love?” Ed said. “For falling asleep” I said a little embarrest. “Don’t worry love, i dont care” Ed said with a smile, right then someones phone started to ring. “Hello” I heard Niall say, must have been his. “Yes..... ok..... yeah..... really..... what?” Is all we could hear. “It was Simon he wants to have a meeting, like now.” Niall said and all the boys siged. “Where?” Zayn asked. “We have to get back to the hotel he is going to meet us there, sorry ed same time tomorrow?” Niall said “Sure” Ed smiled. “It was nice seeing you again” Ed smiled and gave me a hug, i happily hugged back. We all walked outside and Ed waved us good bye. It was a 20 minute drive back to the hotel and when we got there, there was screaming girls everywhere. My phone went off but i was driving still. “Can you get that” I asked Zayn. “Sure” He said with a smile and picked up the phone. “Hello?” Zayn asked through the phone.


ZAYNS POV: “Can you get that” Bekki asked me. “Sure” i said with a smile and picked up the phone. “Hello?” I asked though the phone. “HEY FATTY! YOU ARE SUCH A SLUT YOU SHOULD GO DIE IN A HOLE AND LEAVE ONE DIRECTION ALONE BEFORE I CUT YOU. I SEE YOUR CAR, SO LET ZAYN OUT THEN TURN AROUND OR ELSE I WILL GET YOU” I heard on the other end. “This is Zayn, you leave Bekki alone and don’t ever talk about her like that.” I said and hung up. I cant believe people could say that, wait how did they find her number? “Im getting you a new phone” I said and Bekki looked at me a bit upset. “how did they get my number?” She asked and i could tell she was scared. then her phone went off, it was a twitter mention i looked at it and it said “Thanks @CarlyBieber1D for @BekkiBlacks Number ! “I think i know who” I said handing the phone to Bekki. “That bitch!” she mumbled and got out of the car. How could this happen? Her best friend, that she loved, that she stood up for when Harry asked about the mark on her neck, that Bekki took care of, how can Carly just go now and hurt Bekki like this? I ran over to Bekki’s side and i could see she was upset. “Come on we are going to be late” I smiled and wrapped my arms around her, she lent her head on my shoulder and we walking out of the car park and into the lobby of the hotel. We were about to get into the elevator when i heard screaming girls. YAY. then i heard things that i didn’t think it was possible for 12 year olds to know. “OMG ZAYN JUST DROP THAT SLUT AND COME OVER HERE, WE ARE LIKE MUCH BETTER THEN HER, I MEAN LOOK AT HER FATNESS AND COME ONE ZAYN CANT YOU SEE SHES A SLUT!” I cant take this, i turned around to face the girls. “HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT, HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ANYONE LIKE THAT!IF YOU WERE TRUE FANS YOU COULD SEE HOW HAPPY I AM WHEN IM AROUND HER! BUT NO ITS HARD TO BE HAPPY WITH I SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL GIRL CRY OVER THE THINGS YOU SAY!” I was full of rage. “Zayn don’t worry about them, its ok” Bekki said pulling on my arm. “No its not, i hate seeing you like this” I said and turned to face the girls again. “Now please, just leave us alone, if i see anymore hate to Bekki, well then i dont know what ill do, why should i be happy when the girl i care about is sitting crying and i cant do anything because none of you will stop? She is like my best friend even though i only have known her for a week, I really care about her and if this keeps happening it wont only make her sad but me as well, and it hurts knowning that you so called ‘fans’ want to hurt me, oh and not only me but the rest of the boys, we all care about her so much” I said trying to stay calm this time. “Zayn we are so sorry we didn’t know” One of them said. “Didn’t know? didn’t know how much a care about her? Im sure you have seen photos, if i didn’t care about her why would i do all them things for her? And why be sorry to me, its her that you should really be saying sorry to, you have hurt her, and you so called fandom tried killing her not once but twice, she has been in hospital because of you” I said and grabbed Bekki’s hand, she still looked a little upset but not as much anymore. “Well do you have anything to say?” I looked back a the girls and they all just shook there heads, so much for saying sorry. I looked back and Bekki and we got into the elevator, hand in hand. “Thank you Zayn” Bekki said once the doors closed. “Its ok beautiful” I smiled back at her and Bekki gave me a tight hug. The doors to our room opened and me and Bekki were still hugging. “Naw look at this guys!” I heard Harry say then heard him start to take photos. I saw Bekki smile into my chest and we both let go of the hug. “Come on Zayn, hurry up your late” Simon said with his dad tone. “Sorry we just got caught up on the lobby” I replied and walked into the lounge room and sat on one of the empty couches and Bekki sat next to me. “Finally we can start, Ok boys i need your first song in about 2 weeks, fans are really looking forward to this one, since Live While Were Young got leaked.” Simon said looking at each of us and we just nodded. “Second, Bekki i need you to stay with the boys, and help with with there songs, and you will start to get paid on Monday” Simon said in a nice tone. “Im happy to work with the boys for free, you don’t have to pay me” Bekki smiled at Simon. “No, Bekki i want to pay you, since you have just moved here, and also because the boys said your a really good singer, we pay everyone that helps the boys” Simon said and before Bekki could reply he moved on. “Bekki, how have the fans been treating you?” Simon asked with a curious look on his face. “Better now, i hope, after i had a talk to a few of them” I answered for Bekki because she didn’t know what to say. “Ok thats good, one last thing i need you two to do in interview to confirm or deny that you two are together, will that be ok? Well actually are you two together?” Simon said looking at us. “Just friends” We both smiled. Oh but how i wish we were more. “Ok, boys remember we need that song in 2 weeks” Simon said getting up and leaving. We all waved him bye as we got into the elevator. “Hey if we have two weeks to write the song, why don’t we go up to the beach house?” Louis said when Simon left. “GOOD THINKING LOU!” Harry yelled. “When shall we leave?” I asked. “Um if we all pack now, we could leave in the morning so we get there around 12 ish?” Lou said and everyone got up and went off to there rooms, apart from me and Bekki. “We have the interview tomorrow” Bekki said in her cute little voice that i loved so much. “We can drive up after, that way we will have two cars” I smiled and got up. “You hungry?” I asked as her tummy rummbled. we both started laughing and made our way to the kitchen. 


“Lets make food for everyone, we can have an early dinner, since the boys have to get up early?” Bekki said walking to the fridge. “Your such a smart girl!” I said and walked over the the pantry. “What shall we make?” I asked looking at her. “Ummm we could maaakeeeeee” Bekki said while looking in the fridge, she was damn cute when she stretched out the word ‘make’ because she didnt know. “How about crumbed chicken, with a nice sauce and rice?” Bekki said pulling things out of the fridge. “Sounds good to me” I smiled and helped her carry the food. “We cant get into a food fight this time, like when i tried to make cake with Louis” Bekki giggled and started to crumb the chicken. “ahahah ok” I laughed and got started on the sauce. 


After about an hour or so of cooking we were finally done, we managed to not have a food fight, and it tasted really good. We set the table and put the plates down. “FOOD IS READY!” Bekki yelled and sat down at the table, i went to sit next to her then saw a hungry Niall run down the stairs followed by Liam, Harry and Louis. In a matter of seconds they were all at the table filling the mouths full of food. Bekki giggled at them and she started to eat her own food. “Who made this?!” Niall asked with a mouth full of food, “Me and Zayn” Bekki giggled. “WOW you two are like the bestest cooks ever!” Niall said and continued eating. We made sure to fill Niall’s plate up more then the others. We all ate and talked a little before the bots went off to bed, as they had to get up really early so that they can make it to the beach house by the afternoon. “Night guys!” Bekki said hugging each of them as they went upstairs. “Im not tired, wanna watch a movie?” Bekki asked in her adorable voice. “Yeah same, what do you want to watch?” I asked as we walked to the movie room. “How about 21 Jump Street?” She asked, “Bekki, do you have an obsession with Channing Tatum? Everytime we let you choose the movie he happeneds to be in it” I giggle and get the movie ready. “Maybbbeeee” She said streaching out the word. Naw she is so cute! i wish i could call her mine. We sat down and watched the movie, we laughed so hard, during well all of the movie. “Want to watch another one? You choose im going to get some snacks.” I told her as i walked out of the movie room.


BEKKIS POV: Zayn walked out of the room to get some snacks and i started looking for a movie. I found Abduction, i loved Taylor Laughtner in this one! I put it in the dvd player as Zayn walked through the doors. I went over to help with with the food, he had chocolate! yuum!!! “What movie are we watching?” Zayn asked sitting next to me. “Abduction” I smiled as the movie started. We started watching and i started to get tired, so i snuggled into Zayn, he smiled and gave me some chocolate. I was to tired to grab it so i opened my mouth. He laughed and put the chocolate in my mouth. We hardly watched the movie, we were laughing, taking photos on Zayn’s phone, talking and eating the chocolate. We ate a hole block of chocolate, which helped to not make me tired anymore. I got Zayns phone and looked through all of the photos, there was one i really liked. We were both making faces, he had his arm over my sholders holding the phone out because i was laying on his chest. I don’t know why i liked this one the best out of all of them, it looked the same to most of the others, there was just something about this one. “I like this one” I smiled and handed Zayn his phone back. “Me too” He smiled and started to press buttenson his phone. “Can you send it to me? oh never mind” I asked then relized i had to turn my phone off until i got a new one. “Before the interview tomorrow we can go get you a new phone” Zayn smiled and put his phone down. I layied on Zayn’s chest in silence as he rested his head on top of mine. this felt perfect, like we were meant to be. “Hey Bek, we are friends or are we more?” Zayn asked, it surpised me, did he really feel the same way i feel about him? “Im not sure” I replied still on his chest. I looked up to see him smile. “The end of the night, we should say goodbye,but we carry on, while everyone’s gone.” I sung the words just come into my mind, it was what happened, me and Zayn stayed up while all the boys went to bed. “Never felt like this before-ore, are we friends or are me more, something somthing somthing, im not sure” Zayn sung back. His voice perfect. “As im walking towards the door, im not sure” I smiled and got up. “But baby if you say you want me to stay” I sung. “I’ll change my mind” Zayn said and hugged me from behind. “because i don’t wanna know im walking away” I said back. “If you’ll be mine” Zayn whispered in my ear. “Wont’t go-oo, won’t go-oo” I whispered back to him. “So baby, if you say you’ll want me to stay, stay for the night” Zayn sung back. “I’ll change my mind” Be both sung together, Zayns arms still wrapped around my waist. 


We both started to laugh. 

“Lean in when you laugh.” Zayn sung in a sexy voice, “We take photographs” I smiled as he took his phone out and i took a photo of me and him, I was smiling and held my hands out so i could take the photo, Zayn was smiling too, he had his arms wrapped around my waist and he had his head next to mine. “We should write this down before we forget” Both em and Zayn said at the same time, it was funny in a cute way. We walked out of the moive room and found some paper, we quickly wrote the words down. “wow, its 12:00” I said looking at the little clock in the kitchen. “are you tired?” Zayn asked once we finished writing. “Nope” I giggled. “Same here” Zayn said wrapping his arms around my waist. “So Zayn, are we friends or are me more?” asked looking up at him. “Im not sure” He winked. I really wish we were more. “I like you bekki, a lot” He whispered, maybe hoping that i didn’t hear. “I like you a lot too, Zayn” I said and kissed his cheek. “Come on i want to show you somthing” Zayn said holding my hand, he lead me to i room i havnt been in before, when he opened the door, there were stairs. We started to walk up them our fingers still interlocked as we held hands. When we reached the top there was another door, Zayn opened it and i saw stars. When we got out of the little room where the door was, We walked out more and i saw the hole of London. We were on the roof, under the stars. it was so beautiful, they sky was clear and there was stars everywhere. 


I stood there in amazement. it was beautiful. I felt arms wrap around my waist and got pulled in close to Zayn. I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. They were perfect with the moon light. I stood there fro what felt like hours getting lost in Zayn’s eyes, as he got lost in mine. I didn’t want this moment to end. I kept looking into Zayn’s eyes, then moved my head so it rested on his chest, i could hear his heart beat, and felt him breath as his chest slowly moved. It was cold outside and i was only in shorts and a top, but Zayn was warm, he had a hoodie on, but even the touch of his skin on mine was warming. “Bekki, i know iv only known you for a week, and i must say they have been the best days of my life, but will you be my girl friend?” Zayn whispered into my ear. “That depends, will you be my boyfriend” I smiled and look up him him. He kissed me on the nose “Of corse” He whsiped his warm breath sent shivers down my spine. “So wil you be my girl friend” He said looking at me. “Of corse” I whispered him and kissed him on the cheek. After kinda seeing Zayn for a week we were finally boy friend and girl friend. It was perfect the way he asked me, under the stars and moon light. 


ZAYNS POV: “Of corse” Bekki whispered sending chills down my spine. everything about her was perfect. I could see Bekki was starting to get cold. So i gave her my jumper. She smiled and put it on, it was to big for her but she looked amazing in it. “You look amazing boo” I whispered in her ear and brought her into a hug. “boo? is that my new nickname” She asked with a small giggle. “i like it” She said and hugged me. We sat down on the roof, looking up at the stars, I had Bekki wrapped in my arms and he head was on my shoulder. We watched as the moon and stars went away, and watched the sun rise.”The boys will be leaving soon” I said and Bekki nodded. We both got up hand in hand and walked back to the hotel.

When we got back inside, we saw the bags at the front door. “Hey mate we were looking for you” Liam said carrying another bag to the door/elevator. (Since our door was in elevator but to get in you still needed a key just in case of fans) “We were on the roof” I asked wrapping my arm around Bekki. She smiled and looked at me. “you were on the roof all night?” Louis asked carrying more bags. “Yeah we went up there at around 12.” Bekki replied. “Hey who wrote this?” Harry said holding up the piece of paper with the lyrics me and Bekki had written. “Us” I replied looking at Bekki. “So are you friends or are you more?” Niall asked looking over Harrys shoulder. Me and Bekki looked at each other then i spoke. “More” “More! as in Boy friend and girl friend?!” Louis screamed. “yeah” Bekki said and her cheeks went a little red. “When did this happen?” Liam asked with a smile. “Today, on the roof” I said and kissed Bekki on the top of her head. “OMG my best friend and my best friend are finally together!” Lou said giving me and Bekki a hug. “Well about time!” The rest of the boys said and joined in the hug. “What do you mean about time” Bekki asked when the boys let go of the hug. “Come on, i saw the connection between you two when we first met at the air port!” Harry said with a smirk. “Why do you think i asked to swap tickets with you Zayn?” Niall winked. “But you said it was because you wanted a window seat” I said a bit embarrassed. All the boys just laughed. “Hey now i get to put all them photos i took of you guys up!” Harry smiled his evil smile. “Not till we have our interview” I said and smiled at Bekki looking at me. “How about just before your interview so that they have photos of you two?” Louis said with a wink. Gosh these boys are so pushy! “Fine, we have our interview at like 3:00” I said giving in to the boys. “You guys better get going so you can make it by 12” Bekki said and giggled at the boys. Her sweet sweet giggle. “We will probably come tomorrow, since the interview is late and we still have to pack” I said, with my arms still around Bekki. 


BEKKIS POV: I cant believe me and Zayn are together. Iv liked him ever since the airport. Im so happy Niall made him swap seats. “We will probably come tomorrow, since the interview is late and we still have to pack” Zayn said. I smiled at the thought of having the house alone with just Zayn. “Well we best be off now lads” Liam said grabbing his keys. “Ill put the photos on twitter at 2” Harry winked then gave me a hug. “Don’t eat to many carrots with out me” Louis said and hugged me. “I cant wait for your cooking” Niall said and gave me a hug. “Stay safe” Liam said and gave me a hug. These boys were so funny and cute. “Byeeee” Both me and Zayn said waving the boys out of the room. They managed to carry all there bags. “Lets get ready so we can go shopping before the interview” Zayn said smiling and letting go of my waist. “Oh and bring a change of cloths for the interview” Zayn smiled when we got to our rooms. I need a shower. I took of Zayns jumper that i was still wearing and put it on my bed, i then turned the shower on and stripped. The water felt so nice it was so warm. After i washed my body and hair i turned the shower off and stepped out. The cold air hit my body, i quickly wrapped the towel around me and walked to the closet. For the interview i got my purple dress with a silver belt and a pair of silver shoes. I put that in my bed then walked back to find something to wear. I found my black leggings and a white t-shirt. I put them on. Then walked into the bathroom and dyed my hair. It took about 20 minutes but it was worth it. I came out straight. I brushed it and then went to find the make up i hid from Zayn. I found it where i had left it. I quickly put on foundation, eye liner, mascara and baby lips lip bam. When i was happy with the way i looked i walked back into my room, Put Zayn’s jumper on, grabbed my money, and phone then my dress and shoes i was going to wear later. “Hey Boo are you ready?” I heard Zayn yell from down stairs. “Yeeep” I smiled at his nick name for me and walked down stairs. “Is that my jumper?” Zayn asked as he walked over and kissed my cheek. “yep” I smiled. “Well it looks good on you” He winked and we walked into the kitchen. “Is that what your wearing to the interview?” Zayn asked taking my dress and shoes. “yeah, is it ok?” “Perfect” He smiled. “We are going to leave our cloths to change into here because Simon called someone to pick everything up” He said and put them the dress and shoes next to him. “So you told him about us?” I smiled and walked over to the fridge. “Yeah, if thats ok” Zayn asked walking behind me. “Zayn he;s your manager and my boss, and the one that organized the interview i don’t care” I laughed and Zayn pulled out some eggs. “Want some scrambled eggs boo?” He asked me and walked over the the bench. “Have i told you how much i love that nick name?” I smiled and walked over to him. It was true, normally its babe, or hottie, or Bek, But Zayn was different. “is that sarcasme?” Zayn looked a little upset. “Nope i actually love it, its so different” I smiled and kissed his cheek getting a bowl out of the cupboard. It only took a few minutes to cook, we sat down and ate.  “Ready?” Zayn said standing up and taking the plates over to the sink. “yeah, i need my new phone!” I smiled and jumped up grabbing my bag. “Do you fell like driving?” Zayn asked looking at the keys “Not really” I smiled and he grabbed his car keys. I did feel like driving but i just loved his Bentley. 


It didn’t take long until we got to the mall. We stopped at star bucks first, because it was the first store. “Come on lets go get you a new phone” Zayn said handing me my drink and he wrapped his arm around me. It was a good thing that it was early so no screaming girls would be here yet, but then again, its the school holidays. We got to the phone shop and i started looking around. I liked playing with the phones and ipads. “Here you go boo” Zayn said handing me a phone. “Zaynnn i said i was going to buy my phone” I said pushing him a little, he knew i was going to buy it myself. “But boo, i wanted to! They already put your contacts and everything on here, its just a new number, i ordered it yesterday” He said insisting that i have the phone. It was the new iPhone 5. “Thank you!” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek and a hug. I turned on my old phone to see 967 missed calls, 1039 text messages, 187 voice mails, and over 100 twitter mentions. “wow” I said looking at everything. I normally just get like 1 call from my mum. I wanted to read the texts but thought it would be better if i didn’t. “Zayn can you look if there are any texts from my mum, dad or brother? Im scared to look at the others” I said giving Zayn my phone. “Sure boo” He said looking through the phone. “There is two from Mummy, one from Daddy and one from Jake” He said then continuted. “Hey baby girl how is London? Iv been meaning to call you but im trying to figure out the time differences xx mum, and the other one from your mum says ‘Hey baby girl, i heard about you meeting One Direction, Your cousin showed my photos of you and Zayn, He looks like a keeper. Oh and baby girl i heard about what Carly did, i hope everything works out, miss and love you mum xx’ Naw your mum likes me!” Zayn said with a smile. We were now walking around the shops. “Well thats different, she never approves of any boy” I said with surprise it was true, she hated all of my other boy friends and wasn’t afraid to tell me. “The one from your Dad says: Hey bub, hows London? Jake said he saw you, and also i heard about this Zayn boy, from what Jake has told me he is worth keeping, Jake also told me the way you look at him and i saw a few photos, i can see he will protect you, I also heard about Carly, i hope you two work things out, stay safe bubs love you xx’ Hey your dad likes me too!” Zayn said with a huge smile on his face, “ok now that is new! dad hates like every boy i say hi to! yay i’m so happy they like you!” I said with joy and kissed his cheek. “Ok last one from Jake ‘Yo bekki, hows things? Guess what? My time at the army is over, i dont have to go anymore, ohhh and hows things with Zayn? I saw photos of you two holding hands so you cant say nothing. Mum and Dad miss you heaps, as do i, and i heard what that bitch did to you! dont worry about her, oh and Bek, don;t worry about all them twitter stuff, your beautiful! and thats coming form me, ahah hate you xx Jake’ Aha your brother-my best friend is cute.” Zayn said and handed me back my old phone. He had made sure to close the messages, because i would have seen what people were saying. I still cant believe that Carly gave my number out. “Zayn, can you see if theres a message from Carly?” I asked giving the phone back to him. “Are you sure?” He asked. “Yeah” I say getting hold of his hand. “Ok well there are 5 messages from her” He says looking at me. I see his eyes skim over the texts, his face was full of anger. “What? What does it say?” I asked trying to take the phone out of his hand but he moves it away. “Zayn please” I beg him i want to know what she was saying. 


ZAYNS POV: “Zayn can you see if theres a massage from Carly?” Bekki asked me handing me her phone. She grabbed my hand and i saw 5 messages from her, i opened them up and skimed over them. Right now i want to punch someone in the face. “What? What does it say?” Bekki asked and tried to take the phone out of my hand, i just moved it away. There is no way she is going to see what she is saying. Carly is the biggest bitch ever! “Zayn please” Bekki begged. “Fine, but im going to tell you all you need to hear” I said looking at her cute little face, i kissed her on the head. We were still walking but not going anywhere in paticular. “Ok well she is saying that she hates you, and hope you like the messages from people. and she says to look out because more is coming” I said with anger. I only told Bekki half. the texts read 1. ‘Lol bekki your such a slut! i cant belive you would just stay there and kick me out!” 2: “As if Harry didn’t like me back, i bet you had somthing to do with this bitch! i hope you die, oh and i hope you like the gifts i will be sending you.” 3: Id watch out bekki never know what is coming your way x0x” 4: Naw Bekki and Zayn.. you two are too cute! to bad if somthing were to happen to you, or him” and the final one 5: BEKKI YOUR A FAT UGLY SLUT GO DIE AND LEAVE ONE DIRECTION ALONE I CANT BEILVE WE WERE EVER FRIENDS ITS ALL YOU FULT HARRY DOESNT LIKE ME ANS ZAYN IS ONLY USING YOU ! GO DIE!”. I kept reading the messages over and over in my mind. it made me so angry! I looked over at Bekki and saw she was scared. I deleted at messages from Carly and held her hand tighter, i kissed her on the head, “Boo, don’t worry about her, nothing will happen to you i promise” I whispered in her ear. It made her smile. “Your the best” Bekki said back to me and kissed me on the cheek. Our fingers were still interlocked as we walked around the Mall. Time passed pretty fast, we bought a few things and met a few fans, they were really nice to Bekki which i loved to see. 


It was 2 in the after noon. We walked back to my car, still holding hands, i put everything in the car and went to the drivers side, Bekki was already in the car playing on her phone, she was smiling. “What is it boo?” I asked and turned the car on. “Harry put up the photos”  Bekki said with a smile. “I never knew he took so many” She said still looking through them. 


BEKKIS POV: I signed into twitter on my phone and saw Harry had put up photos, of me and Zayn. I never know he took this much. There were some of my and Zayn when we were in the Movie room, ones of my and Zayn holding hands while we both slept at the hospital, ones from the ice cream shop, ones of my and him sleeping with his arms around me. And then my favorites the ones from the food fight. He put up the one where me and Zayn were just looking into each others eyes smiling, then there were ones where he had his arm around me smiling at the camera. The list goes on and on. I smiled and re tweeted some. I kept looking through and saw some from today. Me and Zayn’s hoodie, with star bucks in our hand and then Zayn had his arm wrapped around me. I thought there was no pap’s. I kept going through twitter, i re tweeted some things and followed some people back. It wasn’t long until i felt the car stop and i looked up from my phone. “We are here, boo” Zayn said with his smile. I looked around and saw no screaming fans, thank god. “Where are we?” I asked because i really had no idea. “Um the Ellen Show, since like everyone watches it Simon thought we could do it here so it was only the one interview” Zayn said getting out of the car. No way. THE ELLEN SHOW? im like in love with her! I always watch her. Zayn came to my side of the door and opened it, he held his hand out of me to take, and then we started to walk in. Hand in Hand. “Z-Zayn, im scared what if i mess up?” “Don’t worry boo, i know you will do great” Zayn said and kissed me on the head. I smiled and we continued to walk in. I felt my phone start to vibrate.


The first thing i saw was Carly’s twitter name. “Zayn... um can you read this for me?” I said handing my my phone. “Sure” He said with a smile and took the phone out of my hand. “W-w-what does it say?” I asked really scared you never know what she could do next. She tried to kill me, she tried to get someone to rape me... she isn’t the same person i was best friends with. “Um it says, good luck on Ellen, do they know your.....” Zayn started but didn’t finish. “Do they know i’m what?” I asked worried and took the phone out of his hand. “IM NOT!” I yelled and nearly through my phone across the room. When i yelled a lot of people looked at me like i was a freak. “Hey, don’t worry boo, come on lets go get changed.” Zayn said pulling me to the dressing room. “There you two are! Bekki your dress is in that room, Zayn yours is in there, hurry we dont have long and i still have to do your hair!” Some Lady said pushing me into the change room. I did as i was told and quickly put on my dress, my silver belt, my shoes and then put Zayn’s jumper back on. I walked out of the rom holding the cloths i was wearing before. “You can just put them next to Zayn’s things.. Why are you wearing that jumper?” The same lady that had pushed me into the dressing room asked. “umm, well when your doing my hair and stuff you might get things on my dress, so i thought id put the jumper on then i can take it off once your done” I said with a smile. Thats not the reason. Its because i felt safe, like i was wrapped in Zayn’s arms, it smelt like him too. It made me feel safe from Carly, i just wish i could wear it during the interview. “Smart girl! now come here so i can start” The lady said and i did as i was told. It look 20 minutes but i was finally done. They had straighten me hair, and styled it so it would fall over one shoulder, they did my make up too, nothing over the top, just light foundation, and eye make up. “They are on in 5!” I man yelled out. “Thanks Frank! ok now go sit over there, and take that jumper off” The lady said and i got up. “You look beautiful” I heard someone say, i looked up thinking it would be Zayn but it wasn’t. “Thanks” I said hoping he would go away. “Maybe after your done here we could go get a drink or two,” He said with a wink. “Im fine” I said and tried to get up but the man didn’t allow me. I looked for Zayn and finally found him. “Excuse me” I said to the man and started to run over to Zayn’s direction. “Where do you think your going?” The man asked and grabbed hold of my wrist. “As far way as i can get from you!” I said and stopped on his foot. I ran over to Zayn as fast as i could. “Hey Boo whats wrong?” Zayn asked and i wrapped him in a bug hug. “Oii You! what do you think your doing with my sexy girl?” I heard the same voice of the man. I got a tighter grip on Zayn. “I happen to be her boy friend, now if you don’t mind you can leave her alone” Zayn said wrapping his arms around me. I heard more foot steps and then a man struggling. I looked up to see him getting carried away. “Boo what happened?” Zayn asked in his sexy calming voice. I was about to reply “Your on in 5-4-3-2” A man yelled then i heard Music Playing. “Come on we are on, but your going to tell me later” Zayn said and we both walked on stage. We saw Ellen Dancing so we went along with it. After the song finished we said Hello to Ellen then sat down in the couch. “Ok so we Have Zayn Malik from One Direction & Bekki Black there new co writer!” Ellen screamed and everyone cheered. “So guys, how is the song writing going?” Ellen asked us both. “Its been great” Both me and Zayn said at the same time. and then both started to laugh. “We were actually working on one last night” Zayn announced and smiled at me. “Well that sounds exiting!, now Bekki i heard you just moved here?” Ellen said asking me a question. “Yeah, i came here about a week and a half ago” I said with a smile. “And we also heard that you had to go to the hospital!” Ellen said making a sad face. “Yeah thats right, and i hate hospitals so it wasn’t a nice way to start my week in London” I said and looked at Zayn. “Well we actually have photos of you in hospital” Ellen said with a smile and then there were photos on the big screen. The hole crown awww’ed at me and Zayn holding hands while we slept. I turned a little red and so did Zayn. “Care to explain these photos Zayn?” Ellen said with a wink. “well it was her first night in hospital, and she told me how she hated them, so we kinda fell asleep holding hands. Thanks Harry for taking the photo.” Zayn said with a giggle. Then more and more photos came up on the screens of me and Zayn. All the ones Harry had put up, some from today, some i havnt seen before that are from the air port, some form the ice cream shop and one from me and Zayn sitting on the beach. “Ok so i know the hole world wants to know.. are you two a couple?” Ellen asked and i blushed looking down. Then i remembered i was still hearing the jumper. “um yes we are” Zayn said while blushing and wrapped his arm around me shoulder. “When did this happen?” Ellen asked. “Well actually, today.” I said still blushing and trying to hide my face in Zayn’s chest. “Boo, your still wearing my jumper” Zayn whispered into my ear. “Hey Bekki, i like your jumper, where did you get it from?” Ellen asked, as if she knew what Zayn had said. “Well its actually his, Im going to get in trouble i was told to take it off before we came on” I said with a blush. “Well i think it looks beautiful on her, don’t you agree?” Zayn said and kissed me on the top og the head, which made the crowd aww. “Yes i agree, So are you going to tell me how Zayn asked you?” Ellen said with a huge smile on her face. “Ok well, We were watching movies, because all the other boys went to sleep.” I said and looked at Zayn. “Well during the second movie we were talking and talking photos” Zayn said with a giggle. “Can i see these photos?” Ellen asked. “Sure” Zayn said with a smile and handed Ellen his phone. “Oh i like this one!” Ellen said and then all of a sudden in was on the big screen. It was the one of my and Zayn pulling funny faces. “Oh and this one” Ellen said then it was on the big screen too. It was the one of me Laying on Zayn’s chest as he held the phone out to take the photo, we were both smiling, i must admit it was cute. “So you took these photos before he asked you Bekki?” Ellen asked handing Zayn back his phone. “Yeah, we were taking the photos, then somehow we started to get lyrics for a song, then he lead me up to the roof” I said with a smile remembering all of last night. “When we were on the roof, i could see all the stars, and the moon light, then he asked me, when i said yes, we sat on the roof and looked up at the stars, since it was cold he gave me this jumper, We stayed out there until the sun rose” I said with a smile. “Wow i never thought Zayn would be the romantic!” Ellen said surprised. “Im sorry to say but that is all we have time for” Ellen said making a sad face. Music started playing and we started to dance off the stage. “See that wasn’t so hard was it?” Zayn said and kissed me on the cheek. “nope, now come on we have to go pack” I said and grabbed hold of his hand. 

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