The Legendary White Crow

I will give you a hint
it is about a girl who meets and boy
Her father makes a promise with him
That is all that i will tell you so if you want to find out more read it


3. WAKE UP and price less


BEEP BEEP BEEP 8:30 I am going to be late for school. First thing to do is wake up Finn, “Finn wake up ,Finn wake up” why is he not waking up... oh that’s right he is a teenage boy “FINN WAKE UP” I yelled, well that made him wake up.

“WHAT B...” I interrupted him by kissing him, after about a minute I pulled away and said “we are going to be late for school if we do not hurry” I said half shouting.

“Oh” That is all Finn said.  

I started to take my clothes and then when I had my top off I turned around and looked at Finn who was just looking at me “What” I said.      

“Nothing... just enjoying the view” he said laughing.  

“Pervert” I half yelled. “Fine I will turn around” Finn said trying not to laugh.

“Thank you” I said trying not to laugh. After I had finished getting changed I waked down stairs with Finn following me and I turn to him and asked “can u please get my phone for me I left it up stairs”.

“Sure” he said running up stairs after about a minute he came down the stairs with my phone in his hand.

“Thanks” I said taking my phone off him. I grabbed my car keys and run out the door with Finn holding my hand.


When we got to school, I got out of my car at the same time as Finn and Finn walked over to me and grabbed my hand, that is when I saw the popular girls and the jock looking at me and Finn so I got onto my tipy toes and whispered into his ear “kiss me”.

He did what I said and kissed me, I kissed back and then Finn pulled me closer and put his hand on the back of my head and s He started biting my bottom lip asking for entrance which I granted,  we kept on kissing until the popular girls and the jocks came up to us.  

Finn’s POV      

When Becky whispered to me ‘kiss me’ into my ear I was wondering why until I saw a group of people looking at us, so I did what she asked and kissed her. The kiss lasted for about 3 minutes until the group walked up to us and that is when one of the boys in the group grabbed Becky by the arm and pulled her out of my grip and punched her in the face and he started kicking her while I was being held back by the other boys from her, she was screaming in pain which made me get really and very sad that I ended up have tears in my eyes and then I remembered that I had powers, so I used my power to get out of their grip and punch the guy in the face and ran to Becky, I picked her up and kissed her which made her start to use her healing power ‘WOW I did not know she had healing power’ I thought to myself and in a matter of seconds she was up and grabbed my hand and started to ran into the school halls up to the main office.         

Becky’s POV      

The look on their faces was just...price less.     When me and Finn got to the main office we walked in and I asked the lady at the desk if I could have a timetable for Finn and she gave me one and I handed it to Finn.

“Wait when did you ring the school about me coming to the school?” Finn asked “I rang before I woke you up... what does you timetable say” I said Finn handed me his timetable, we had all the same classes.

“YAY” I said looking at Finn with a smile on my face.

“What are you so happy about” he asked smiling. “We have all the same classes” I said with a smile still on my face. “YAY, that is very good and it means people will not be mean to you if I am there and use my powers to stop them if they do” Finn said.

Finn kissed me and then we started to walk to class hand in hand. It was very funny because people kept on giving us weird looks, whispering and laughing.

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