The Legendary White Crow

I will give you a hint
it is about a girl who meets and boy
Her father makes a promise with him
That is all that i will tell you so if you want to find out more read it


2. The Vittra and promises

He was the most handsome teen-age boy I have ever met in my whole life. Then Finn said “we have to go now”.                                                                                                                                                               

Then I asked “why”.                                                                                                                                                  

“Because if we do not leave now someone will come and kill you if you are not in my protection” Finn cried.

“w-w-why do they want to kill me” I cried, I was scared witless at the thought that someone was out there to kill me but I also felt safe to be with Finn. “Wait a second who is coming to kill me” I asked. “The Vittra” Finn answered.

“Who are they” I asked. “I will tell you about them after we leave” explained Finn. Before I could say anything Finn grabbed my wrist and pushed me to the wall and then kissed me I was shocked a first and then kiss back. That was my first time I had ever been kissed. Suddenly Finn pulled away.

“Be quiet and stand behind me” he whispered

“Why” I whispered back.

“I will protect you” Finn whispered.

Then unexpectedly my bedroom door opened

“why are you guys here” Finn roared. Then the people at my bedroom door responded

“we are here to kill the Legendary White Crow”. “Where is she”? Then Finn yelled

“she ran away” I thought to myself “they must be the Vittra”, but I did not notice that one of the Vittra was a mind reader.

Then the guy which is a mind reader punched Finn and roared “YES SHE IS SON OF A BITCH”. Then he added “I know she is here because I can read her mind”. Then he kicked Finn in the stomach, Finn fell to the floor hitting his head hard.

“Finn are you all right...Finn...Finn...Finn wake up, please wake up” I cried.

“There she is .... GET HER” the head of the Vittra yelled. Then Finn grabbed my arm and pulled me down “I will protect you” he muttered.

Then he kissed me...   Suddenly when I opened my eyes Finn had huge jet black wings but before I could say anything huge pure white wing sprung out of my back. When Finn opened his eyes he said “look at your wings”.

But before I could say something one of the Vittra had a knife in his hand getting ready to kill me but Finn rolled on top of me and kissed me this time the kiss felt magical.   Finn carefully helped me up off the floor and hugged me tight and then said “I love you and I will always love you to the day I die”.

I started to cry and cried “me too”.

“We have to go now before your whole neighbourhood wakes up” Finn explained.

“Where to and why”. I asked.

Finn looked at me with a playful look in his eyes and then answered “to my world of cause”.  

“WHAT...I mean I have to stay here I have things to do like finish school and party till I drop with my friends if I had any” I started to cry.

Finn was about to say something when I interrupted him “wait... are they all died” I said pointing at the men on the floor in my bedroom.

Finn looked down at the men then back to me and said “yes they are and did you just say that you have no frie...” I interrupted Finn.

“How did they die” I said. Finn just looked at me and then said “well... when we kissed for the 3rd time and when we both had our wings out it created some sort of magic power, which was too strong for them to handle so it ended up killing them but do not worry they will turn into dust in a matter of minutes and is it true you have no friends”.

I just looked down and started to cry, Finn noticed that I was crying so he sat down on my bed and said “come here”.

I did what I was told and sat on his lap and started to cry harder into his chest as he put his arms around me and he asked “why do you not have any friends”.

“Because everyone hates me” I cried.

“Why do they hate you” Finn said looking into my eyes.

“They think I am a freak” I cried. “Why do they think you are a freak” Finn said looking into my eyes.

“Do not know” I said crying harder. Finn just hugged me tighter and it made in cry in pain “sorry, what’s wrong?” Finn said with a worried look in his eyes.

“Nothing” I said as I cried.

“Did they hurt you?” Finn asked. I just nodded and lifted my top up to show him the cut on my chest. Finn just looked at me and started to cry and then he ran his finger down the cut and said “ok”.

What does he mean by ‘ok’ then he added “we can stay here but only if I can come to your school and protect you”.

“Sure” I said and then we fell asleep after Finn had turned the lights off.


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