The Legendary White Crow

I will give you a hint
it is about a girl who meets and boy
Her father makes a promise with him
That is all that i will tell you so if you want to find out more read it


1. Power cut and WHAT


Hi my name is Becky. About a year ago I met someone I loved very much.

My window was slamming as the dark, heavy clouds rolled over the angry sea. I walked out my bedroom door,  the house was pitch black I tried to turn the lights on but of cause the lightening had hit the power box in the street so none of the houses had power, I felt happy that it was not just my house.

My mum and dad abandoned me five years ago, so I have been living in this house since I was 11 years old by myself and no one has ever asked me where mum and dad are because they all hate me.

So I went back up to my bedroom, shut my door and turned around to see someone which looked like a boy standing on my balcony. I went out onto my balcony as I took one step out on my balcony the boy turned around and asked “are you Becky?”  

I responded “yes and who are you”.

He answered “I am your boyfriend”.

 I yelled “no you are not and I don’t know what you are talking about”.

He responded “yes I am”.

I snapped “why and how”.

He responded “your father promised me that when you turned 16 you will became my girlfriend” but before I could say what he added “that is why your mum and dad abandoned you 5 years ago”.

I started to cry and then the boy said “come here” in a sorry voice.

I sniffed and walked over to him, then he hugged me and I added “I do not even know your name”.

He responded “my name is Finn”. When I looked up to him, his eyes met mine, I could not help but looked in to his brown eyes. Then Finn asked “are you ok now”. I wiped away my tears and answered “no because I cannot see what you look like because the lights are all off and the house is pitch black”. “I will turn the lights on then” Finn gestured. I was very confused about what Finn just said to me so I asked “how”. Finn answered “like this...” then he snapped his fingers. All the lights in my bedroom turn on.
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