Save the date

The perfect soulmates struggle to make thier perfect wedding.


1. The Twins

November 19 2011

   Nichole and Jason sat and watched  The Titanic, while Nichole cried at the boat sank Nick comforted her with his soft soothing arms.Nichole andJason have been dating for over a year now, Nichole had been blessed and was pregnant with twins.Nchole had been in and out of her mood swings this morning she was angry, that after noon she had been happy now emotional. Jason could barley weight for the babys to be born that week. It had been a rough week for Nichole here ankles had been swollen and were killing her.She was ready to give up but knew in the end it was worth it.


       1:02  A.M

"Lets go to be dear, it's getting late" Nick said with a yawn while picking Nichole up bridal style, shewas heavy but he carried her like she was as light as a feather.

In bed: 4:23 A.M

Nichole wakes up feeling hard pressure push against her belly like a beast pushing to become free "J ASON I THINK THE BABY IS COMMING!!!!!!!"


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