A Path Less Taken

This story is about me. In a way. It is loosely based off real events in my life. When i get so fed up with life at home and wanting to run away and make a better life for myself, the things that i will experience along the way, the dangers, the friends, the lessons, I never done it. But here, i get to and to see the life i may make for myself if i chose this path, granted idk if there is a happy ending or not, i guess i will find out as i go along, just like the rest of you will, this is my first time, there will be mistakes, many may not like it, many will. I'm not writing this for anyone, its for me, if you chose to read it, awesome if you dont fine. but this is my story, my life, if i chose this path. You will be coming on this journey with me. There is no turning back now.


6. The Last Time

The days leading up to finding a new home my step father was moving at a snails pace going back and forth from court hearing one thing and then another  and never really getting a direct answer about what would or could happen. We heard everything from they can put us out of our home at anytime or that it takes months. Either way he still didn't pick a home for us and my mother and I were getting very worried about what would become of us. I never asked but i could see the look in my mothers eyes that a part of her knew that this isn't what she wanted for her family and maybe even that she was having second thoughts about marrying this man who once promised to always protect and take care of her and here he was letting not only us and her down but her mother. "He is wasting time." said my mother driving back from Meijers after food shopping. I sat in the passenger seat looking out the window wishing that i could i had a multiply personality that could take on all of this while i go away.  I looked over to her and asked "What do you think is gonna happen?" Stopping at the red light she turns and looks at me and says "I don't know, i really don't know" she turns back and drives. On our way home my mom's cell phone rings and i answer for her.


"Where's your mother?" my step father asks.

"She's driving"

"Tell her to swing back and head over to Oak Park."

I tell her and we make our way to Oak Park. Oak Park is a city in south Oakland County of the  state of Michigan. It is an inner suburb of Detroit. I have never been in this city before. Frankly i never really been out of Detroit. We follow my step dad's directions and pull up to a ranch style home and pull up. We get out and walk in side the home. We are greeted by my step dad with arms open wide. "Welcome to your new home" he says with a grin.

"No way " i said looking around. My little sister Terri has a smile across her face as she runs around in circle in the big front room.  My mom doesn't look very excited "How much is the rent?" she asks

"1000 a month" he replies

"It's really a steal" says our relator "This is your type of home" pointing to my mother. My mother responds by rolling her eye and facing my step dad "Get the other home. It's 800 a month it's a lot bigger and i don't wanna hear you bitching every day about not having enough money. I mean look around their are things needed to be done. The windows in the back look old "

"We need a home fast and now" he says

"Because you took your damn time trying to pick a fucking house now you wanna rush to get things done?"

My step dad holds his hand up and turned to our relator and giving her the right away. He signed off on the home and my mother stormed out of the house. I was happy that we finally had a home some little place of hope in the face of all this. I was happy. But then like always i knew something would go wrong.

We spent a year in this home. I had just turned sixteen when things got the worse it has ever been. I just came back from my daily walk around my neighborhood. After everything that happened in Detroit i haven't been out the house for fear of what Jade and Tasha would do so it was refreshing to be able to walk around there was a store one block away, a park across the street. I didn't have friends but i didn't want any. It was nice. So i walk into my room through my door from the deck to my mothers room next door to mine. I plop down on the bed ""What's up mommy?" i ask

"Your dad got fired from work."

"What? How?"

"He did drugs before going to work and crashed the hi-lo . So he got fired." Again, my fucking step father ruins everything for us. What the fuck? Can't he do one damn thing right? I thought. I was so mad. My hatred for my step father rose even higher. I couldn't even face him. "So what are we gonna do for food?

The bills? Terri needs her shots before she goes back to school?" i asked.

"I don't know. Since he got fired we don't have health insurance. So i don't know. Just gotta wai to see if he will find another job. I don't know Amelia, i really don't know"

So on top of my fucking sorry ass excuse of a father losing his damn job because he decided to smoke weed before going to work like a fucking teenager with no damn family to provide for? We don't have money to buy food, my sister can't get her shots to go to school. And my mom asks me why i'm so damn negative. Well, now she know why? Doesn't she?

The day dad lost his job was the first day of the month. And the rent was due of course he wouldn't pay her. And she let it slide. Mom helped him put together a resume and post it on line for other business to see in case they had openings. He got a call back for Technocolor. Which paid below minimum wage. We had no choice but to sign up for a Bridgecard to get food. Then one day came when he got a interview for a Vice President job to tell people how to manage their money and it paid a lot more. But being my step father who always fucks up in the end he came home and said he told them no because he doesn't know how to type.

Slowly time passed when we heard my dad come in yelling and screaming. My mother and I run outside and ask him what is going on. "That fucking bitch is  taking me to court and is gonna evict us."
Hmm no shit dad. what the fuck did you think was gonna happen. That was it for me that was the last straw for me. That night i was gonna leave home. I'm sixteen and i was gonna run away from home. I looked at my mom and took my sister into my arms. I held my sister for the last time and looked at my mother's face for the last time. They would wake up tomorrow wondering what will happen. How they would get the money to afford a new house. Or the rent and they would notice when i don't come out for breakfast that I wasn't there.  Oh well, because of him he has left me no choice.

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