A Path Less Taken

This story is about me. In a way. It is loosely based off real events in my life. When i get so fed up with life at home and wanting to run away and make a better life for myself, the things that i will experience along the way, the dangers, the friends, the lessons, I never done it. But here, i get to and to see the life i may make for myself if i chose this path, granted idk if there is a happy ending or not, i guess i will find out as i go along, just like the rest of you will, this is my first time, there will be mistakes, many may not like it, many will. I'm not writing this for anyone, its for me, if you chose to read it, awesome if you dont fine. but this is my story, my life, if i chose this path. You will be coming on this journey with me. There is no turning back now.


7. The First Time

I didn't know where i was going when i  finally snuck out of my home i just knew i didn't wanna stay there. But not only did i wanna leave my home, i wanted to live Michigan. I looked down at my watch it was almost four am. I had plenty of time to figure out what i was gonna do and where and how i was gonna get there. I stopped there a stop light and held up my thumb. I saw alot of people do that in movies i didn't expect anyone to stop and give me a lift but someone did. They rolled down the window it was a young man who looked about thirty years old

"Where you headed beautiful?" he asked me

"Anywhere" i said back .

Nodding at me and he replied "I think i can make that happen" leaning over he unlocked the door and i got in. I never got in the car with someone i didn't know before but then again i never ran away from home either. I was doing a lot of things i never thought i would before. Can't chicken out now. He pulled into the lane and begun driving. "What's you name, sweetness?" I paused and thought it over. I didn't know this man and i wasn't gonna tell him my real name in case my parents decide to put out a Amber Alert. I did not wanna be found until i made a better life for myself.


The man licked his lips and leaned back in his seat and continued to drive "Roxanne. Such a sexy name. How old are you Roxanne?" I looked at his hands on the steering wheel and watched them as the gripped the wheel.

"18" i lied. 

I looked forward  and gripped the seat. I was so terrified i was beginning to second think everything. I could tell him to stop at the next light and let me out and i could walk back home crawl into bed before anyone ever knew i was gone. But wait a minute our home isn't about to be our home for much more longer. We were losing it. Fuck it, I'm not going back.

"Nice to meet you, Roxanne, I'm D." he offered his hand for me and i took it and shook it. He held my hand a little too long and rubbed it "You have very nice hands."

"Um, thank you" now give it back i thought "Very soft" he said still rubbing it with his rough callous hands.

"I bet guys most love your hands."

"Um, why would they love my hands?" i asked him still trying to rip my hand from his but failing miserably.

"When you give them hand jobs."  He looked at me and pulled over to the side of the freeway and swtiched the car into park. "Wherever you wanna go. I can take you there but you have to do something in return for me. I'm not gonna drive you all over the place for free."

Oh god, I really should have stayed home but i couldn't hitch a ride on the damn freeway and he knew it. I couldn't go anywhere and i was too scared to fight back. This guy looked like her was two hundred pounds, i couldn't take him on. I'd die trying.  My hands were shaking and my throat went dry. "Wh-what do you want me to do" i stuttered. He smiled and unlocked his pants. He's belt buckles clanged together as he pulled then apart and unzipped his pants. He's penis poked out of his pants at attention and was very viney. I hadn't seen one since Mark. My heart wrenched inside of me.

"You have a pretty mouth baby girl. Let's see what you can do with it and I'll take you anywhere you wanna go."  I wanted to cry so badly and run out of the car and back home and right into my mothers arms. But i didn't. I did what i had too.

This was another first for me. Having sex for favors.

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