A Path Less Taken

This story is about me. In a way. It is loosely based off real events in my life. When i get so fed up with life at home and wanting to run away and make a better life for myself, the things that i will experience along the way, the dangers, the friends, the lessons, I never done it. But here, i get to and to see the life i may make for myself if i chose this path, granted idk if there is a happy ending or not, i guess i will find out as i go along, just like the rest of you will, this is my first time, there will be mistakes, many may not like it, many will. I'm not writing this for anyone, its for me, if you chose to read it, awesome if you dont fine. but this is my story, my life, if i chose this path. You will be coming on this journey with me. There is no turning back now.


3. My First Bit Of Happiness

After getting kicked out of my high school i enrolled into a alternative high school for people trying to get a GED or who are low on their credits to graduate. It was a fresh new start for me. When i transferred i was scared but a apart of my was beginning to realize how true my talk with Rachel was that day int he bathroom. They were changing me i never got in a fight before in my life. My grades were never so horrible. That wasn't me but this time i can be the person i know i was. The person my mother raised me to be. This was the start of the new me, the real me. My grades begun to improve i was a straight A student, i made new friends who were a good influence on my behavior i begun a great relationship with Christ. I even joined the school newspaper with my own advice blog. I was back to writing and i loved it. I missed it. Life was good. I got popular on my own by being me, not being know as Tasha and Jade's cousin but just for being, Amelia. My friend at my new school was a girl name Cordelia, she was this  heavy set girl with a very round face with a two year old daughter from her on again of again boyfriend. Although she was heavy set she was very beautiful inside and out and  we ruled the school. Every table we sat at everyone sat there with us. You would  think i would have reverted back to my old way but i didn't. School work came first and everyone else came last.  And Cordelia didn't mind it, unlike Tasha and Jade. Being at my new school. I very rarely kept in touch with Tasha and Jade and i didn't really care. I was happy. I was happy being me. I loved it. I didn't care if i ever saw or spoke to them again.  One day after working hard on my advice blog i went to the girl's bathroom. When your sitting at a computer screen for 3 hours answering questions and going through a bottle of Coke it's a little hard to focus on your task at hand. After flushing the toilet and exiting the stall i proceeded to wash my hands. The door to the restroom flew open and in walked Jade. What the fuck?
"Hey girl." she said walking over to me and grabbing me into a hug. I was stunned beyond belief. What the fuck was she doing here? "Um hey Jade. Wh-What are you doing here?" i asked her. "Well, i wasn't doing so well at our old high school and i heard about you transferring here so i told the gang to come here with you." she said turning to the mirror and reapplying her lip-gloss and makeup. "You- you told here" i asked swallowing hard. No, no, you cant fucking do this I'm doing fine without you, I'm doing good I'm finally blooming into my own person i thought to myself. What the hell, she was doing her own thing at the old school. I'm not a fucking child i don't need her to follow me around. I have my own life now. "Yeah i told everyone. Tasha, Andrea, Brittany, Mark and Devon. Obviously you don't know the other people because you got kicked out of school when you started that fight." she chuckled and fluffed her hair. I started the fight? What the hell was that? "But i will get you back into the loop. We're going to lunch why don't you come with us?" she asked turning to me.
"yeah um no i can't i have to finish my blog"
"Your what?"
"My blog I'm on the newspaper here. I have a advice-"
"BOOO how lame, get some other bitch here to do that for you. A advice blog? Bitch please" she said laughing putting her cosmetics back into her Louis Vuitton bag. She threw it over her shoulder and grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me outside to her Saturn where there was a a group of people all around her. My heart jumped in my throat when i saw Cordelia there. What was she doing there she was my friend, not there friend. Jade's first day here and already she stole my friend. "Hey guys look who i got." she yelled raising my arm up and waving them side to side. I plastered a fake smile across my face and pretend like i was happy to see them. When in all reality i wasn't i knew this would not end well. " Ok, Amy, this is Brittany, Andrea and this is Mark, my new baby and Devon his cousin" I said a hello to them and they said it back, Mark was about 5'9 with a slender build he didn't look like he was very buff and neither was his cousin to be honest. Devon looked just like mark expect he had a darker complexion then Mark. They were pretty cute. "Well, he's not really my baby we're not dating we're just getting to know each other but he does have a pretty big penis and the best lover i ever had." she whispered in my ear and gave me a little nudge. I smirked a little and proceeded to ask her a question i had whirling around in my head. "What classes do you have?" Amy released my arm that she had linked through hers and reached into her purse to pull out her schedule and handed it to me. I took it and looked at it. I almost lost my footing. She had all my classes.
"You and I have classes together.." i said silently. Everyone clapped and screamed yay and awesome. Even Cordelia.. "HEY AMELIA!" i heard a guys voice yell from behind me. I turn around to see who the person was. It was Adam or AD that he likes to be called. He is one of the popular guys that sits at mine and Cordelia's table. I shouted hey AD and waved back as he walked off with a group of his friends. I turned back around and saw everyone eyes on me "Whoo, Baby Amy has so swagger" said Tasha as she smiled.
"Oh no no,he is just a friend of mine. We sit at the same table and stuff. He's a cool guy" I clarified shifting my weight to my other foot trying to break the tension i felt. ""Yeah, i guess that is true there is no way a girl like you can get with that." Tasha said throwing her head back and laughing and everyone else joined her in that joke at my expense. "Ha, yeah" i agreed looking down at my feet and kicking the gravel. Jade pulled me aside away from the group "Is he single?" she questioned.
"Is who single?" i asked
"Is who single? Amy, god i swear you are a dumber blond then fucking Jessica Simpson, Hello!" she hits me across my head "AD you dumb bitch"  I raise my hand and rubb my head. Have they always been this mean or i was i just too blind to see it? "Um yeah yeah he is but your with Mark remember?" i replied. "No, no no, get your facts straight Amy. I'm just fucking him. We're not dating at all. I'm fucking him, his fucking me and another girl. That simple. Anyways introduce me to AD." she bounced up and down like a little kid in a candy store. "You introduce yourself, your good at making friends" And stealing them i said in my head. She pointed at me and smile "Your right, never send a girl to do a women's job." she handed me her purse and fixed her breast to make sure they were alert and perky and ran over to AD and his group on the other side of the parking lot. I stand there by myself not sure whether to join the group, follow Jade or go inside. I figure if i join the group they may think 'why is she back over here' I convince myself if they really wanted me to come back they would call me over after three minutes Mark comes over probably to ask where Jade is but no he didn't ask that "Why do you let them talk to you like that?" he asked me. I look him in the eye, wow, so i am not the only one who sees how they treat me. He is the first one to really bring it up. "I don't know. I was fine here by myself. Until she followed me here." As soon as the words come out of my mouth i wish i could suck them back in. I have never admitted it out loud only in my mind but never out loud and especially not to someone who is fucking my friend. "You really should start to stand up for yourself, your too beautiful to let them put you down." he said taking a piece of my hair that blown in front of my face by the wind and tugging it behind my hair. No one has ever called me beautiful before, Mark was the first. Yes he was fucking my friend but i couldn't help to feel good. I smiled back at him "Thanks, Mark." i said . "Hey, since everyone is kicking it here wanna go get something to eat?" he asked me. "Oh i don't know, won't Jade get mad?"
"Doesn't look like she really cares with that guy over there." he pointed out. I looked at AD and Jade. She was sitting on the hood of his car laughing and rubbing his arm. Yeah, she wouldn't even noticed if we left. I agreed and we got into his car and drove to a McDonald's near by. When he order were parked at a park not to far from the restaurant and ate our food. I asked him how he met Jade and he told me Brittany introduced him, His cousin Devon had a thing for Tasha but she turned him down and is planning on hooking him up with me. Cause supposedly be being a virgin i am too frigid and it's not cool to be a virgin in high school. I guess i had no say in the matter. "I think i can choose my own boyfriends." I stated with a mouthful of french fries. Mark laughed and took a sip of his  drink.  "I agree" he said. I washed down my fries with my soda and shook the cup. "well. That was good. Thanks a lot for paying for me. I will pay you back when i can"
"Nah it's ok." I gave him a smile. Up close,Mark was very attractive he had these very pretty hazel eye's  and this one deep dimple on his right cheek that you could swim in. When i realized i was staring too much and he was staring back i turned away from him. "Um, we we should head back to school" Mark reaches over and grabs my chin and turns my face towards him. We locked eyes and i felt the heat in the car rising. My breath got heavy and my heart was racing causing my pulse to rise. He moved in closer to me and before i knew it his lips were on mine.I could taste the coldness from the soda still on his tongue and mine wrestled against his. This was my first kiss and it was with someone that my friend was fucking but at this time i didn't care. If Mark meant anything to her she wouldn't be flirting with someone else in front of him, she would be in my place instead she wasn't i was. And i liked it. His hands grabbed my hips and lifted me from the passenger seat and straddled me on top of him. He leaned the seat all the away back. I grabbed his face in both of my hands and kissed him forcefully. Hes hands grabbed at my ass. I let a small moan escape my mouth. I felt his lips on my neck. I never had a guy kiss my neck but when he did i felt a sensation come over me i never felt before. "Mark" i panted in between moans. He returned his lips to mine. it was like i was a women possessed. I took his shirt off and kissed his chest, his hands went under my shirt and took it off. And before i knew it. I was no longer a virgin anymore. This wasn't how i planned to lose my virginity. I thought it would be romantic and i would be in love. Not to my friends, whatever he was too her friend with a benefit or whatever. But i did. I couldn't take it back now. I didn't even want too.
When we were finished and dressed i looked in the mirror at myself. I still looked the same but i felt differently. I don't believe it was guilt or anger or shame. Just..different. Mark leaned over and kissed my cheek "Hey, you ok?" I shut the overhead mirror shut and looked at the guy i just gave my most precious gift too and smiled. "Yeah" i nodded " I'm ok. Are you?"
"Yeah i'm fine" he kissed me and i returned the gesture. We pulled back and looked at each other. Mark said what i was feeling before i even had too "We can't tell anyone." I nodded. I understood completely . If anyone found out, especially Jade. I would be dead. He grabbed me and kissed me again and we ended up having sex for the second time. Before heading back to school. When we returned to the parking lot everyone was in class. Mark had a different class then I did. I walked into class twenty minutes late. I sat at my table alone. Jade had everyone that sat at my table at hers. Including Cordelia. So much for friends to that end. I got all my supplies out and ready to write down whatever i could. When i felt a vibration. It was my phone i flipped it open and saw it was a text from Jade. "Where were u???" it read. The memory of what had just happened at the park came running back into my head and the feel of lsoing my virgin to Mark made a shiver roll down my spine. I bit my lip and replied back to her "Nowhere" i paused before i hit send.
Over the course of 7 months Mark and I were a item. Even if it was in secret i had my first boyfriend. I told my mom about Mark and I. I skipped over the detail about us fucking but the boyfriend part she was ok with not so much about Jade being his so called girlfriend. Even though Jade herself said they weren't and Mark backed up that fact when we talked. Though we didn't really do much talking. Today was Febarary 14 also known as Valentine's Day and my birthday. I didn't really wanna have a birthday because i knew no one would show. Jade was going out with AD. If you asked me she was acting more like she was his gf then acting like she cared so much about Mark but that didn't matter it was my birthday and my boyfriend was taking me out tonight to see When A Stranger Calls  and then back to his place to cook. He picked me up around seven pm. When i got to the car he opened the door and there on the seat was the biggest bunny rabbit stuffed animal with a box of chocolate and a card in the shape of a heart that said I Love You. I opened it and there in his handwriting was "I love you, Mark" I turned to face him. "You love me?" i asked. He nodded and looked me in the eye. "Yes, baby, I love you." I grinned from ear to ear and through my arms around him and kissed him. "I love you too baby" i said. Mark's eyes lit up and he kissed me. We got in the car and drove to the theater. The movie was pretty god awful but then again i didn't really watch it with Mark kissing me every time it got boring which was pretty much the whole movie. Afterward while we were on the highway heading to his house he got a call. "Baby can you answer that?" he asked me. I reached into his pocket and he smiled " Easy tiger" I said i pulled out his phone and paused. "What's wrong baby?" he asked me.
"It's Jade." i said
He looked at me and took the phone. "Don't say anything" he told me and put it on speaker phone as i turned the radio down "Hello?"
"Hey baby" said Jade. I felt anger roll through me. He isn't your baby, AD is your baby Mark is mine now, i thought, he loves me
"Hey um what's up?"
"Well i just noticed how it's Valentines Day and you haven't called me to ask if I wanted to be your Valentine" she said with a playful tone in her voice. She can not be serious. "Um Jade listen I'm busy i will talk to you later bye" He hung up quickly before she could respond. She called again and he hit ignored. " I have more important things to think about then that girl." He said reaching for my hand and intertwining our fingers
"Oh yeah, like what?" I asked
"Like my baby" He said bringing my hand to his lips and kissing it. I smiled at him. I have never been so happy before in my life. Mark made me so happy. I hoped i did the same for him. We reached his house which was fairly large. Being that it was just him and his mother who wasn't home at the moment. Mark said his mom is rarely home at all which is why he was so good at cooking. He had plenty of time to teach himself to cook. He had dinner already cooked so he could spend all his attention on me. He made steak and potatoes. Which was so good the steak practically melted in your mouth and the potatoes was so creamy. I asked him what he did to make it so creamy but he said it was a secret. Not even his girlfriend could know the secret. After dinner he brought out a beautiful cake. A vanilla cake with vanilla icing. My favorite. On top of it he wrote. Happy Birthday Baby. "Make a wish" he said. I closed my eyes and blew out the candles. "What did you wish for?" he asked. I grinned and stuck my finger in the icing. "Well"
Marks eye widen and he giggled. "No, no baby no" I rubbed the icing all over his face and ran down the hall " Oh your gonna get it" I heard him say as he chased me all over the house. He finally caught me and through me over his shoulder and hit my butt. I laughed til my stomach was hurting. I was so happy being here with my first boyfriend. I didn't even care about his past with Jade. He was mine now. Nothing could break us up. But when your young forever seems like a long time. When in reality. It isn't. Nothing is forever and my happy ending was about to come to a end.

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