A Path Less Taken

This story is about me. In a way. It is loosely based off real events in my life. When i get so fed up with life at home and wanting to run away and make a better life for myself, the things that i will experience along the way, the dangers, the friends, the lessons, I never done it. But here, i get to and to see the life i may make for myself if i chose this path, granted idk if there is a happy ending or not, i guess i will find out as i go along, just like the rest of you will, this is my first time, there will be mistakes, many may not like it, many will. I'm not writing this for anyone, its for me, if you chose to read it, awesome if you dont fine. but this is my story, my life, if i chose this path. You will be coming on this journey with me. There is no turning back now.


9. Heist and a Job

For three days I would sneak out of the luggage hide away when the bus would make a pit stop i would climb out when the coast was clear. I would go into a store steal some food or go in the bathroom to pee or wash up and make my way back the bus when the driver would say we were heading back out. We final made out way to our final destination and that place was California. As soon as the bus stopped i climb out before they saw they had a stowaway and try to find out who i was and send me back home. And i was not trying to go back there. I ran as fast as i could away from the bus and observed my surroundings. I always wanted to go to California and i was here. On my own. Starting my new life as a sixteen year old runaway. And i had no idea where to start. I stood on the side of the sidewalk and watched people as they passed. I saw husband with the wives, guys with their girlfriends and families, little sisters big sisters and i slowly started to miss my sister and my mother. And i wondered what they were doing. I know they noticed i was gone and had to be looking for me.  A lump formed in my throat and my face was getting hot. I inhaled deeply and pulled myself together. Standing alone i looked around and saw a women in a suit. She looked like she a workaholic type. The one who would work in a huge corporate office with her own assistant with big black frame designer glasses to hide her face and a iPhone attached to the side of her face probably yelling at someone about some merger or something. She wasn't even paying attention to her purse that she had her back towards while going through her black leather planner. Something inside of me builded up and it said go for it.

I already stolen from the stores why not. Before i could stop myself my feet walked towards the bench and sat down i placed my bag over hers. I looked around to see if anyone was watching and i grabbed my bag taking hers with me and walked away slowly and then i made a dash for it til i was away from the scene. I ran behind a dumpster and panted to catch my breath. "I did it. Oh my god" I said. A smile formed across my face and I grabbed my chest and laughed. I did it. I fucking did it. That bitch was so in her own world that i snatched her purse. In a way i did her a favor this will teach her to pay attention next time. If i didn't do it someone else would. I crouched down and opened her purse.  She had a bunch of MAC make up merchandise. Credit cards, those could come in handy. And of course a few thousand dollars. This would be fun. I tossed her bag in the dumpster. Now most girls would be pissed that i through away a Balenciaga bag but when your living on the streets i really don't give a damn about a bag, Money and Credits cards is what i need. I put the money in my purse and stood up.

"Nice one" i heard a voice say. I though oh god someone saw me and i was gonna go to jail. I turned and saw a young women about 5'6 Caucasian dirty blond hair  and a small build. "What do you mean" i asked her. She walked towards me with her hands in her pocket and nudge her head to the dumpster "The snatch" she responded "Nice one, you get alot of those rich bitches thinking nothing can go wrong  if they are such big shots. Then real people like us come in and give them a dose of reality" She said jumping up and grabbing the dumpster and reaching in ad retrieving the bag. She looked at it and tossed it back in the dumpster.  "So how much you get" she walked to me and pulled out a wad of money " I got about six thousand"  she waved it around " Some old guy a a restaurant i was washing up in" she placed the money back in her pocket and looked at me "I know you can talk your not deaf how much you get?"  she asked " Um seven thousand" i responded back. She nodded and smiled "Nice. I'm Starla" she said reaching her hand out "It's not my real name but it's what i go by" I grabbed her hand and shook it. I thought back to the guy in the car the name i gave him "Roxanne"
"Pretty. So where you from and where you going hold old are you? " she asked leaning against the wall and placed her foot on it.
"Michigan, sixteen and anywhere. I don't know. How about you?"

"Ohio seventeen and  where ever. I came here with my sister to run away from a abusive mother and drunk father." she replied
"Where is your sister?" i asked her facing her. I saw her body tense up and she looked down. Im guessing this was a sore subject and wasn't sure she was gonna tell me. Which was fine with me. I wasn't looking to make friends i just wanted to start my life.

"She used drugs as a way to cope and shes dead. So now im alone in the world. You got anybody?"

"Now you do. Come on let's eat. I know this place better then you do." she pushed off the wall with her leg and walked out of the alley. She looked back half away and nudged me to come on. I thought to myself what the hell guess it couldn't be so bad having a friend along for this bumpy ride. And she knew where there was a place to eat and i was hungry so i wasn't gonna turn down food. I ran to catch up with her and walked beside her. On the way to the restaurant she pointed out places she wanted to show me after dinner she walked to show me the walk of fame and go on the trips to see movies stars homes and get some new clothes. We walked into McDonald's and order a lot of food. Starla said she always eats a lot after a large heist, which is what she called stealing a large amount of money. I took a bite of the big mac and a explosion of favors went through my mouth, the juiciness of the burger, the tart of mustard the cheese and the yummy onions. It was heaven after along time of junk food it was nice to have real food again.  "So where you staying" Starla asked in between her bites of her fries and before i could answer she raised her hands and said "Forget it. I forgot you got nowhere to stay. Come stay with me. Since my sister i still live in our place a two bedroom apartment in San Frendno." I swallowed my burger and told her "Really?" she nodded and took a bite of her chicken nuggets. "But the money i have will run out. I cant keep stealing money"
"It's ok. I know somewhere you can work. I have a job"
"And your heisting people?"
"The money im making isn't a lot. But it is a job. I can get you in. Just one thing" she said
I dipped my fry into the ketchup i poured out on the bag and popped it in my mouth. "What is that?"

"Your eighteen years old."

After dinner we went to the walk of fame and H&M for new clothes and took a cab back to her place. It was a small apartment with one bathroom wooden floors white walls. It was nice. She pointed me to a bedroom off the front door. "This was my room i moved into my sisters old room you can have my old room." she said opening the door. I walked in and looked around. So far my new life was starting off pretty well. I took my clothes that i bought out of the bag and placed in the drawer. I took a shower with hot water that relaxed my whole body and changed into a fitted top white top with the shoulders and sleeves in stretch lace and denim low rise skinny jeans with distressed details and put back on my converses. I walked out the bathroom and meet Starla who changed into jersey top with appliqué rivets at neckline and forming a skull face in front and the back was longer and skinny jeans. "You ready" she asked reaching for her keys. "Um, yeah but where are we going?" i asked shifting my weight.

"Your new job. Remember your eighteen" she opened the door and pushed me forward. We met the cab in front of our building and rode for fifteen minutes til she stopped in front of a club. We got out and Starla grab my wrist and walked me to the back of the club and banged on the door "Yo Rolo! Open up!" she yelled til a large African American muscle man open the door "Starla baby what's up when we gonna hook up, huh?" He asked shrugging his shoulders. "Rolo, baby you know i'm not into dicks strictly clit baby" She pushed aside him and pulled me into the club. The music was banging and smoke filled my nose she wrapped her arm around my neck and pulled me into her " Your gay?" I asked her.

"That a problem?"


"Good" she smiled at me and walked me to a red door and kicked it " Madame Lacey. It's Star!" she yelled. We waited til she opened the door. A big busty women with blond hair wearing a cowboy hat and feather boa.

"Hey Star, whose your friend?"

"Madame Lacey This is Roxy. Shes here to take Trixie's spot as a waitress"

Madame Lacey looked me over and grabbed me and turned me into a 360 circle. "Mmm, Just a waitress? She could make alot more money then a waitress with a tight ass like that." she said I quickly turned back around and stood behind Starla. Reaching behind her and touching my leg Starla replied "No just a waitress like me. I'll keep a eye on her she can start night she's legal she's eighteen like me"

Madame Lacey nodded and gave me the go. When she closed the door. I turned to her and asked "What is this place?" She grabbed me and we walk out front and i saw where we were. There was two girls on a stage fully nude. "A strip club? You work at a strip club and your seventeen?" She covered my mouth and leaned  to my ear and said "No, WE work at a strip club and we're eighteen, money is money sweety and we need money"

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