A Path Less Taken

This story is about me. In a way. It is loosely based off real events in my life. When i get so fed up with life at home and wanting to run away and make a better life for myself, the things that i will experience along the way, the dangers, the friends, the lessons, I never done it. But here, i get to and to see the life i may make for myself if i chose this path, granted idk if there is a happy ending or not, i guess i will find out as i go along, just like the rest of you will, this is my first time, there will be mistakes, many may not like it, many will. I'm not writing this for anyone, its for me, if you chose to read it, awesome if you dont fine. but this is my story, my life, if i chose this path. You will be coming on this journey with me. There is no turning back now.


2. 2 years earlier

I was never a popular girl in school. I had friends maybe one or two but not popular, I was quiet, did my work for school got it done and was on my way. My life wasn't perfect to say the least but as i look back on it now, it was far better than what it is now in the present time. Now, for you to understand my story and how i ended up where i am now. I have to start from where it all started to unravel. I will spare you the  oh" i was born so and so" I mean come on, who really cares about those details. You want there story, the juicy part and we will get there but first lets begin where it really started for me. First thing first, my name is Amelia, i am fourteen. I live with my mom, Lisa and my step father, Gavin. I never really knew my real dad my mom never talks about him just the occasional "your dumb ass father did this, he did that" and so on and so forth so i don't know what features i got from him everyone says i look like my mother. A round face, dark brown shoulder length dark brown hair that is a multi of different colors now since i dyed it alot, Chinese shaped eyes that i get called "China Doll" from the local mailman because of them, tall statuesque frame that is most certainly from my mom. At the age of fourteen i stand at a heaping height of 5'6. Most people never believe me when i say i am fourteen and by most people i mean men. The women in my family are blessed with big hips and asses. If you saw me walking around you would never believe i was fourteen either. But none the less, let's move on. I come from Detroit, Michigan back then it wasn't as horrible as it is now, i never saw it as dangerous i saw it as home.
 A place where i lived and hung out with my friends. One of my best friend then was Tasha, Tasha and I met through her cousin who was also my friend, Arden. Arden and i had a class together and we right away become best friends along with our other friend Rachel. The three of us were super close, i incidentally hung out everyday at Adren house which was down the street from mine and never ever ran into Tasha. Probably because she was part of the popular group. And i  wasn't. But then one day Arden moved away when her parents moved out of Tasha place and got a place of their own. That was when Tasha and i became close. Tasha was very beautiful. A very petite girl with a develop chest for her age which was fifteen at the time, she was blessed with a oval shaped face, flowing brown hair and a body the guys went crazy over. Why or how we became friends, i don't remember but it was awesome. My blossoming friendship with Tasha caused a rift between Rachel and I, Well not so much as a rift as..I slowly started to pull away from her and more towards Tasha. Everyday i would rush to her house we would go into her basement and play barbies, we would make up these silly stories about their lives. It was so awesome and innocent. I loved it. She was there for me when my mom got pregnant with my little sister, Terri. It was nice to share this time with my best friend. But then, one day things changed. One day  she met, Jade Hudson. "Jade, this is my friend, Amelia, I call her Amy for short and Amy this is Jade."said Tasha. We were standing in front of her house when she finally introduce me to the girl she was talking nonstop about all day "She just moved in around the corner from our elementary school. How awesome is that?" Tasha said with a smile. I smiled back and replied with "Awesome" I looked Jade over, she looked very rough, she looked hard core, thick body frame, huge chest that put Tasha's to shame oval shaped that matches Tasha's wide set brown eyes with specks of green. She was pretty, but looked darn scary. "Nice to meet you, Alana' she said.
"Um no, no It's Amelia. Not Alana" i said with a whisper being around her made me afraid. Not by what i thought she could do, just being around new people freaked me out. She looked at me and chuckled a little "Oh, i'm sorry, Amelia, Tash, what did you say you called her again?" she asked turning her back towards me and facing Tasha "Amy" Tasha stated. "Amy, right" she said turning back to face me. "I'm not really good with names, so you will have to forgive me if i get it wrong." Oh, i thought, innocent mistake that's ok. I thought, Hm, maybe i have her plagued wrong maybe she is a cool person. I smiled at the thought of gaining a new friend in Jade. From this day one it would be Tasha, Jade and I friend til the end.  Or so i thought.

Over the months that Tasha and I meet Jade we were inseparable. We did everything together, we were together so much everyone in school thought we were cousins. Many people questioned by popular girls like Tasha and Jade hung out with a loser like me, but they would shrug it off and say "hey shut the fuck up, she's over cousin" It made me smile. I had friends real friends. And on top of that i was being invited to all the cool parties and i became a cheerleader. Through my friendship with Tasha and Jade i was gaining confidence i never thought i had before. I liked it. I really liked it. I never questioned it. I just took it and rolled with it. I was happy. One day i was getting ready for cheer practice after school in the bathroom when a familiar face walked in. "Amelia?" I turned around and i was confronted by a old friend i hadn't seen in awhile "Rachel" i said walking towards her. "Omg hi, how are you" i said smiling and grabbing her into a hug. "I haven't seen you in forever, where have you been?"
"Um, ive been around, i guess you just haven't seen me due to your new fame." She said stepping back and gesturing to my uniform. I looked down at it and back up to meet her face "What do you mean, new fame?" i asked "Oh come on, Melia" My breathe stopped in my chest, Melia, i haven't heard that in a long time, since becoming friends with Jade and Tasha I've been Amy to everyone, It felt more me when Rachel called me Melia. "This isn't you, A cheerleader? You never wanted to be a cheerleader, ever since you started hanging out with Tasha you just forgot all about me. I was your best friend, remember? Or have you forgotten that when you started getting noticed by these popular assholes"
"Hey!" i shouted "They are my friends, your just jealous your not one of us, I'm hanging out with the cool people and having fun while your stuck reading and writing lame ass stories. That's not me anymore, i don't sit in the back of the class writing stupid ass stories and reading Gossip Girl, ok" I turned on my heels and gathered up my pom pom. I could see out the corner of my eye what i said hit her hard. And it hurt me, a part of me knew what i said was a lie because i did still do those things. Tasha and Jade never knew it because they never asked and i knew if they had found out they would think it was lame. Rachel and I would always write stories. And we would switch off and read them and chose which characters we wanted to be. It made school a little more fun for me. I always looked forward to showing Rachel my stories and hearing her feedback and reading hers. I fumbled around with my pom poms pretending like they were stuck so i wouldn't have to face Rachel, i wouldn't have to see the hurt in her eyes but i heard it in her voice "Fine, you know what, Melia, those girls have changed you and they aren't you friends! This isn't you, this is who they made you and every choice you make is a result of that. I miss you but if this is what makes you happy, fine. Have a nice life, Melia, I mean-Amy" I bite my bottom lip to hold in my sobs. I waited til i heard the door open and slam close. And i let it all out. She was wrong, They didn't change me i wanted this, i wanted to be a cheerleader and they are my friends. She was jealous. That's it she was jealous. I stood up, i gave myself a once over and pulled it together. Looking back on it. She was right. I had changed.  I didn't even see it. But you never do, do you? You see everyone else changing but you can never turn a mirror onto yourself? It was always, so and so needs helps, so and so is so pathetic but you, you were fine. And in that time frame, i was fine. 

After the big school pep rally we headed over to our friend, Shawn's house. He wasn't so much as my friend as he was Jade's. Shawn was this skinny  wanna be rapper. He would rap everywhere and anything. I surprised he didn't rap instead of having a fully on conversation with you. Shawn had this really smoking hot older brother called, Blade. He never told us his real name as far as I was concerned, Blade is his real name. " Hey, Shawn, What's up Blade?" Jade said giving each of them a hug. "What's up, lil sis." replied Shawn hugging her back and going over to Tasha and embracing her. I stood there smiling waiting for my turn to hug Shawn but he ignored me. Not a shock there. Shawn never liked me and i didn't know why. He grabbed both of them by the arms and walked away towards his house.  I stood there and after a few minutes i followed them back. I joined them in front of Shawn's house. Tasha and Jade sat down on his porch. I made my way over to sit beside them but Shawn and Blade beat me to it. "So, what brings you guys over here" Blade reaching over Jade and touching Tasha leg. She smiled and said "Nothing, we just came from watching Amy at the pep rally."
"Whose Amy?" asked Shawn and Blade simultaneously with a confused look on each of their faces. Jade sluffed at their question and pointed at me "That is Amy" she huffed. I looked down at the grass as if there was something so magical or interesting happening. When in reality i just wanted to pretend like i didn't hear that any other person had no idea who i was even though we have been coming over here for a while now. I was just a tag along in there eyes, someone who they just put up with because i was Jade and Tasha's cousin. We stayed over their house for a while and i headed back home. The moment i walked in i heard him. My step dad screaming again. Oh great, what did i do now? "I'm sick of her lazy ass doing nothing! All she does is, sleep, shit and eat. She needs to get up and get her damn ass a job! She's so fucking lazy, you don't do shit but let this shit slide. Well, i'm not! You need to put a foot in her ass cause i'm done letting it slide, you and her are nothing but some lazy ass females!" I stood at the side door with it still open in case i wanted to make a getaway  before he had a chance to yell at me personally. "I'm doing nothign but working for ya'll and you don't give em any damn respect you or that lazy ass child. She's not my child that's yours!" Wow...tell me how you really feel. I hated the way he was with me, i hated the shit he said about me and how my mother just sat there and let him degrade me and say that shit. Your my mother say something to him. I didn't wanna deal with this. I turned around and left. I think that was the first time i thought about running away.

The next day i was getting ready to go to school. I put on my favorite cute outfit my mother actually brought me. It was these really cute tight jeans that hugged my body and showed off my curves and matching tight shirt. Although i didn't have a big chest like Tasha and Jade my butt made up for it. I was sitting in my room waiting for Tasha and Jade. We always meet up at my house to walk to school together. When they finally showed we headed to school. "Hey did you hear about Lauren?" asked Jade bring us to a competle hault when she grabbed my arm. "No? What about her" I asked?
"Well she got in this huge fight with some girl. And the girl was so scared because Lauren had tons of girls with her she had the school security guard walk her to her car and even then she wasn't safe, Lauren literally jumped on her car!" she stated with a few laughs in between. Lauren was one of Jade other friends. She wasn't mine i was too afraid of her. Lauren was the same height as Tasha but she wasn't one to be messed with. I don't know who would have won in a fight between her and Jade. Honestly, i think Lauren would have beat Jade to a pulp.Not that i wanted that, at least not at that time. By the time we got to school we were late. Our teacher, Mr. Johnson had a rule if you are late, you don't get in. We had nowhere else to go so we decided to sit by the classroom and wait for class to be over.  We were sitting around talking when we heard a ruckus. I looked up and saw a group of girls coming towards us. 
"HEY YOU BITCH!" one of them yelled. Uh oh, what did Jade and Tasha do this time. The girl came over and stood not in front of Jade or Tasha but in front of me? Me, what did i do? " You friends with Lauren aren't you?" she asked. I don't even know this girl what does she care if i am friends with Lauren? "Um no? I know her but were not friends?" I said standing up and before i could even stand at full attention, she hit. I was thrown back against the door of my classroom and she caught me with a left hook knocking me to the floor. I opened my eyes and saw my "friends" watching with mouths wide open looking like a pair of trout fishes. Not helping me at all just...watching, watching as i got kicked and hit. One of the girls friends pulled her back and hugged and cheered her own for kicking my ass. "Yeah bitch! That's what you get, don't fucking try jumping me bitch! I'll kick your fucking ass you hoe!" she yelled as her friends cheered. I laid there on the ground holding my stomach and coughing. When the principal and guards came everyone was gone. Even Jade and Tasha. I was alone. When world got out to my mom she was livid. She asked my friends why they didn't help me . Their response was clear "It was a solo fight. If her friends had jumped in then we would have too" On the way home after the fight i was still in pain. So  my mom made a quick stop to the hospital to see if i was ok and if i had any damage done to my body. " I don't want you hanging out with those girls anymore, Amelia' my mom said while waiting for the test results of my check up.
"Mom, it was my fight." I said
"A fight you had no business being in the first place. You weren't there and that girl knows it she just picked you out the flock because you look the most innocent. You never got in the fight before until you started hanging out with the girls, Amelia!"
"mom, its ok i'm fine. They are my friends if i got in a fight again they will help me" I said with a smile to reassure her. My body was fine but i wasn't when we got home i got a call from the school, due to my fighting and skipping since meeting Jade and Tasha, my grade had plumed from A's to F my past report cards were all F's my mom would go to jail if things didn't change with school and the recent fight. I was kicked out of school. Permanently

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