A Path Less Taken

This story is about me. In a way. It is loosely based off real events in my life. When i get so fed up with life at home and wanting to run away and make a better life for myself, the things that i will experience along the way, the dangers, the friends, the lessons, I never done it. But here, i get to and to see the life i may make for myself if i chose this path, granted idk if there is a happy ending or not, i guess i will find out as i go along, just like the rest of you will, this is my first time, there will be mistakes, many may not like it, many will. I'm not writing this for anyone, its for me, if you chose to read it, awesome if you dont fine. but this is my story, my life, if i chose this path. You will be coming on this journey with me. There is no turning back now.


1. prologue

"Beep, Beep, Beep" my alarm on my phone woke me from a deep sleep. I was almost tempted to roll over and and hit the dismiss button but then reality sunk in. It was either now or never and with the way my life at home was going. Now was better then never.  3:00 am, i said silently in my in head as i slid from the comfort of my bed. I was gonna miss this place but nothing was going right, i could do better for myself and when i got there and made a better life for myself i would come back for my mom and sister but right now, i needed to get away. I opened my closet door, it squeaked loudly. I froze in place, listening to hear if anyone heard and woke up to see what the noise was. After standing still like a salute i was sure no one did. Gotta hurry, i thought, I grabbed my bag, that i packed early yesterday. I put on my brown winter jacket. As i zipped it up my mind shifted back to the time my mom and i went shopping for winter jackets last year. My heart begun to cringe, my face got hot, i felt the tears forming. I breathed in the scent of my room, my home. Should i really be doing this? Do i really want to do this? Leave everything behind? Sure, times were tough for my family right now. But i still have a family, i still have my mom, my sister. Terri, my sweet 11 year old sister, could i leave her behind ? I'm not abandoning her I'm just going to make my life better, i will be back. I don't know when but i will be. I wouldn't have to go if my fucking lame excuse of a step father didn't put us in this postion. He is the cause of everything, the reason i am leaving my mom and Terri. If he hadn't put us in this place i would still be in bed right now. But no, here i am, 16 years old, dressed and ready to leave. Maybe when my mom wakes in the morning and notice i never came out of my room to greet her and see the note i left she will leave him. Yeah, yeah she will do that and when i come back better and successful, she will look me in the eye and say "i left him because of you" yeah. I can picture her yelling and screaming saying "your drove her to this, i hate you i want a divorce". At the thought of that brought a scream across my face. If i wasn't sure about leaving already the that made me even more determined to leave. I picked up my notebook and wrote a letter to my family and left in on my bed beside a picture of my mom, sister and me. I got my bag threw it over my shoulder, I carefully walked to my door that leads outside my deck. My hand touched the golden lock and shifted it til i heard a click that signified it was unlock, i turned the knob, slowly pulling it open and stepped outside. The cold air hit me, my heart was thumping out of my chest. I pulled the door close and locked it. This was it, i was running away from home. There is no turning back now. I have no idea where i am going i just know i can not stay here anymore. I walked down the stairs of the deck to our gate. I pulled open the gate and walked down the driveway. I stopped at the end and turned back to the house i once called home. The tears was falling, my heart was breaking, my moms laughter filled my ears, my sisters pinches and kisses filled my head. I said one more goodbye to them. I turned around, took a deep breathe. This was it. I started running. I wouldn't look back. I just ran...ran to nowhere hoping to lead to somewhere, anywhere, but here...

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