Are We Friends Or Are We More...

"Louis William Tomlinson listen one thing very carefully I love you, no matter how hard I try I cannot change that, but I will never be with you. I am just too good for you and you don't deserve me. That's my promise."
- Harold Edward Styles.

"But aren't promises meant to be broken?"

Author's Note: I just want to let you know that this is a 'Larry Stylinson' love story. It has no base on reality. Its just my imagination. I don't have anything against any of the boy's girlfriends. I don't ship any of them. I just like the way they look cute together. So those who are not comfortable with a bromance should avoid it.


1. Can't you see?

Harry's P.O.V. ~

I don't know whether I should relax or let my emotions take hold of myself. All I want to do now is to go to my apartment and curl up and cry. But no obviously I can't do that, I am just stuck in this stupid recording studio. It all started this morning with Louis tweeting about his anniversary with Eleanor. Some of our fans who ship 'Larry Stylinson' reacted to that and Loius obviously defended Eleanor and quite harshly shut down many fans. I mean I know it's wrong of me to get jealous over this and mad at Eleanor, because after all she is his official girlfriend. But I can't help the sadness which grips me each time I hear of them together. Then he went on defending his best friend Stan who was getting involved in arguments with some of the girls. And since then this drama have started.

Oh! sorry not since then, this drama has been going on since the past few months actually. Louis had been denying the 'bromance' thing continuously and had been quite harsh to the Larry Stylinson believers in many occasions. I don't know what has gotten over him lately. We were not like this before. Remember Louis our X-factor days? When you had fun about how people got crazy about our bromance. We became best friends but for me it has always been more than just friends. Obviously I didn't liked him like that, but maybe I did all along and I just realized it now. After being with him for those many days I really didn't had a choice, but fall in love with the most amazing person in my world. I just fell in love with my fucking best friend, who have no clue about my feelings and is in love with a girl, whom he absolutely adores. I am not sure if I can call him best friend now and  if he still thinks of me as his best buddy. He has become distant with me lately. And no matter how hard I try to deny it but it hurts seeing him protecting everyone except me. Once there was a time when he would give all his attention to me and protect and care for me. But it is all past. The management thought that this Larry Stylinson stuff had been getting a little over board and was ruining the bands image. I was OK with it. I never guessed that it would ever affect the way we were. But I was wrong. If he is in fucking love with Elanor, who is stopping him, but why is he getting this pumped up. I love Louis  and that he doesn't and will never love me back hurts me enough but this denying and getting distant thing is unbearable. Hell, I was never afraid to tell him about my feelings, but the way he reacts only to these rumours shows the answer clearly enough. And I am not sure if I can handle rejection. This shit is just killing me inside.

'Harry, where the hell are you lost today? Day dreaming is good, but maybe you should give some time to your friends too',Liam's voice made me snap out of my thoughts and I instantly felt guilty for not paying attention to him before. I looked up, to see Liam and Louis leaning towards me.

'Oops, sorry mate, just feeling tired' , I mumbled quietly.

Louis pulled me up and almost dragged me towards the corner, updating me that Liam will be showing us his special dance moves.

I just can't be sad around Louis, his voice never fails to cheer me up. That is probably another reason I love him. Not having him the same way to love me as I do- I can bear, but not having my Boo Bear as even my closest friend is intolerable. No matter how much he hurts me, I can never stop loving him.



Author's Note: Hi, I don't really know how this is going. Please comment and tell me your opinion. Don't back away from telling if some thing is not good in the chapter. This is my first love story revolving around two boys. I am not completely sure about this stuff. Should I continue? So plz comment, would mean a lot. and if you like, you may read my other one direction fanfic 'A Girl Can Dream'. I hope you enjoy.

xoxoxo -Rai



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