One Direction Imagines

I saw a couple people doing this and I was like, "Let's give this a go!" So if you'd like an imagine just put your name, hair color, eye color, whatever. If you want I'll do a certain setting it plot! (It can be dirty if you want. I know some of you guys like it like that xP) Also put a member you want it to be about. So yeah! Byee! ~Breanna


1. Short Example

Liam was waiting at the bus stop at midnight. He couldn't wait any longer for his baby to come. Elizabeth. She had the most beautiful eyes and her smile could light up this whole town. Liam smiled just thinking about it. After what felt like hours, the bus slowly stopped. Liam looked up quickly and saw the adorable face of his girlfriend grinning back at him. "Elizabeth.." he gasped in excitement. He ran to her and embraced her a giant hug. His soft lips brushed against hers. When Liam was with Elizabeth he was the happiest man alive. "I love you, baby." she whispered in his ear. "I love you more."
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