Friends With Benefits: A Harry Styles Love Story

A Harry Styles Fanfic




I figured I'd let Harry do his own thing and I would just hang out with Liam for the rest of the night. 

Liam filled me in on how he and his girlfriend Danielle were doing. It made my heart smile at how deeply in love with her he was. Every time he mentioned her name his face lit up. It was adorable.

We were in the middle of a good talk when Louis ran up to me.

"Body shots!" Louis yelled as he grabbed my arm dragging me from Liam and bringing me into the kitchen with them. 

"Oh, no Louis, no!" I said to him. I wasn't the type to do that sort of thing.

"Oh come on, babe! I'll get Harry to take it off you," he said with a wink and a cheeky smile. 

Butterflies went through my stomach.

"Just one time! Live a little," Louis said, practically begging. 

I gave in.

"Oh, alright fine," I said as Louis cheered and led me over to the counter. I wish I were drunk for this.

"We've got our first taker! Harry you're up!" Louis yelled.

"Woo! Wooo! Wooooo!" he yelled at everyone around him with his hands in the air as he walked over to me. He was so drunk.

Louis picked me up by the waist and set me on the counter top. People around cheered. He lifted up my shirt, revealing my stomach. I was so nervous. He poured the tequila in my belly button, added the salt to my stomach and put the lime in my mouth. I started to giggle uncontrollably. 

I heard Zayn yell, "Woop woop! Get it!" as Harry approached me. 

Niall started chanting "shots shots shots shots shots!"

Harry leaned down, and his lips brushed against my stomach. He looked me in the eyes and smiled. He pressed his lips to my stomach and sucked the tequila out. One of his hands rested on my thigh as he began to lick off the salt slowly around every inch of my exposed skin. It sent chills through my body. He finished and moved up to my face to take the lime. He put his hands through my hair, getting it out of my face and leaned in. He paused for a moment with his lips centimeters from mine, looking me straight in the eyes as he smiled. His mouth was on mine as he took the lime out rather slowly. My stomach was doing back flips. He stood up with the lime in his mouth and everyone cheered.

"Now that's how it's done lads!" Louis yelled.

Harry helped me off the counter as he grabbed my hand in his and raised it high for another round of cheers.

I headed back over to Liam to dance and chat as I heard another round of cheers for the next person taking the body shot.

About an hour later...

Everyone was wasted at this point except for me and Liam. I looked around taking everything in.

Niall was flirting with a plastic tree in the corner. Zayn was on top of a table chanting "DJ Malik!" with his hands in the air. Harry was doing a non-stop sprinkler with a drink in his hand. Louis was doing a booty dance up against Harry, but that didn't seem very out of the ordinary- so for all I knew, Louis could have been sober too. There were people everywhere crowded into this house. 

There was suddenly a loud banging at the door.

"Police! Open up!"

Almost in unison everyone yelled, "Oh shit!" and started to try and make their way out the back door.

I spotted Harry and grabbed him by the arm, dragging him with me through the crowd as we made our escape. 

Seeing as I was sober, I was able to better maneuver my way through the frantic crowd of people. Harry held on to my waist tightly as he walked close behind me. 

We finally made it to the backyard where the pool was. I felt Harry let go as he rushed over to it yelling "pool party!" taking off his pants and getting ready to jump in.

"Harry! No!" I said as I got to him just before he jumped in. I couldn't help but laugh. He was so drunk.

"We can't go swimming right now Love," I told him as I pulled him with me towards the back fence, where we could sneak around the corner. 

"Why not? Where are we going?" he slurred, confused.

"Back to your place," I said grabbing his hand.

"Oh alright then- if you want," he said with a big grin and a wink. I think he thought I meant something else but I ignored it and kept walking. 

"Where are your keys? You can't drive like this."

"In my pants." He looked down to get out his keys, only to realize he wasn't wearing them anymore. "Where are my pants?" he asked with a confused look on his face.

I looked over to the pool area and there they were on the ground. Great. I ran over to get them and Harry followed. I guess he thought I was running to go into the pool so he followed me and jumped in before I could stop him. "Harry!" I yelled frustrated. "We've got to go!" He frowned and got out quickly as I grabbed his hand and threw his pants over my shoulder, rushing out the fence gate. The cops were barging into the house and we had a clear escape. I ran over to his car and put Harry in the passenger seat. He was soaking wet but we had to get out of here. 

I slid into the driver seat, started the car, and sped off.

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