Friends With Benefits: A Harry Styles Love Story

A Harry Styles Fanfic


15. CHAPTER 15



We arrived at the carnival just as everyone else did too. Liam came in his car with Danielle in the front seat and Niall and Zayn in the back. Louis came in his own car with his girlfriend Eleanor, and then in another car Jake pulled up on his own. Here we go.

"Hey, Jake," I said as he walked up to me. "Hey," he said with a smile. "You know the guys right?" I asked. "I've seen them around, yeah," he said looking around at everyone.

"Hey, mate," Niall said. 

"Vas happenin?" Zayn said. 

"Hello!" Liam said. Harry just gave him a head nod. Why was he so hostile with him?

"And this is Danielle and Eleanor," I said pointing to the girls. 

"Hi," they both said in unison with a smile.

"Alright, carnival time!" Louis yelled as he ran to the entrance grabbing Eleanor by the hand and bringing her along with him. We all laughed and followed them in.

"Here I got you covered, Les," Harry said pulling out his wallet to pay for my entry. "No it's alright man, I got it," Jake interjected, giving the cashier the money. Harry looked a little annoyed.

"Thanks," I said shyly, surprised that they both wanted to pay for me. "Okay, where to first?" I asked.

"Food?" Niall suggested.

"We just barely got here, man!" Zayn said with a laugh.

"How about the Tilt-A-Whirl?" I suggested excitedly. Everyone agreed and we headed over to it. This is the order we sat on the Tilt-A-Whirl ( Zayn, Eleanor, Louis, and Harry in one, Niall, Danielle, Liam, me, and Jake in another. The ride started and we began to spin round and round. We all got out, pumped for another ride, and decided to head over to the Music Express ( I got in one car with Jake, the couples got into their own, and Niall, Zayn and Harry got into another. Louis had his hands up, screaming the whole time while Eleanor giggled into his shoulder. They were so cute. Liam and Danielle kept laughing and smiling and looking deeply into each other's eyes. Jake casually put his arm around me. I didn't shy away but I didn't acknowledge it either. I honestly didn't know what to think about it. Next we went to the Berry-Go-Round, a ride that looked like a berry and once in it, you turn the wheel in the center to make it spin as fast as you want it to. It only sat 6 but we snuck in 8 of us. Niall sat this one out because he was claustrophobic and it was a tight, enclosed space.

"El, you can sit on my lap, Danielle you can sit on Liam's, and Les, you can sit on Jake's...or Harry's whichever you prefer," Louis said with a smug look on his face as we tried to squeeze in the berry. Way to put me in an awkward situation, Louis. 

"Uh, I think I'm good, we seem to fit," I said, relieved that there was enough space. (We sat as follows: Louis with Eleanor on top, Zayn, Liam with Danielle on top, Jake, me, and Harry) Of course, Louis and Harry made it spin as fast as it could, but it was fun. We all screamed and whooped, and had a great time.

Next we went onto the Starship ( Luckily you didn't have to choose a partner for this one since you stand in your own spot. It went extremely fast, it almost felt like there was no gravity. As we all got out we decided to go on the Zipper This one I was afraid of but I still wanted to try it.

"I think I'll sit this one out," Jake said, looking a little queasy. "All this spinning is getting to me."

"Aw, okay," I said a little disappointed that I wouldn't have a partner to get on with. I knew Niall would sit it out and Zayn would ride with Harry, and I didn't want to get on by myself.

"I'll get on with you, Love," Harry said. "Zayn is going to sit this one out too, so I don't have a partner either."

"Actually I think I'm good, I can go on with you after all," Jake said, quickly getting up from the bench walking toward us, trying to prevent me from going with Harry. He began to turn green.

"No, mate, I think it's best to sit this one out, you obviously won't be able to handle it," Harry said with a smug look on his face. He gave Harry an annoyed look, but didn't protest, knowing he might puke at any moment.

"Fine," Jake muttered. These two really didn't like each other. It almost seemed as if they were fighting No, that can't be right...can it? We got into the cart and it was really snug. Harry leaned in close to me and I grabbed his arm, holding it tight. 

"Are you scared, Love?" Harry asked sweetly. 

"Just a little," I said honestly, not even looking at him as I stared aimlessly outside, biting my nails as the man closed the gate to the cage-like cart we were in. 

"Don't be, you're safe with me," he whispered as I felt his lips brush against my ear. It sent butterflies through my stomach. 

I held on tighter, forgetting about all the confusion I had with him. I was legitimately scared of this ride, and having him close to me really did make me feel safe.

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