Friends With Benefits: A Harry Styles Love Story

A Harry Styles Fanfic


10. CHAPTER 10



I shook my head in an attempt to forget about what just happened. I threw his dry shirt to him and said, "Here try and put this on your self, okay?"

I opened the door. Instead of finding a delivery guy standing in front of me I saw all of the boys. 

"You're still here?" Louis asked jokingly.

I made a face at him. 

"Vas Happenin?" Zayn yelled. "Hey babe!" Niall said.

"What're you guys doing here?" I asked. 

Louis, Niall and Zayn walked passed me, ignoring my question. They were all still drunk. Liam stepped forward. 

"Hey, Love, sorry but I can't take these lads home like this. And I knew Harry had the house to himself so I figured we'd just crash here tonight," Liam said.

"Fine by me. Harry's too drunk to protest to it anyway," I said jokingly.

"Great, thanks!"

"I ordered a pizza, so it should be here any minute. I don't know if it's going to be enough though." I said looking around at all the boys.

"I'm sure we'll be fine," he said with a smile.

"I hope you're staying too, because I don't think I can handle these drunks," I said with a laugh. "Oh of course!" Liam said sweetly.

"Where's my pizza? You're not the delivery man!" Harry yelled confused. He still hadn't managed to put his shirt on. I rolled my eyes at him.

"He's on his way Harry, calm down. Oh, and the boys are staying over tonight."

"Slumber party!" Louis shrieked. 

Oh god. What have I gotten myself into? 

The doorbell rang again. 

This time when I opened the door I saw my friend Jake standing in front of me.

"Erm...hey Jake what're you doing here?" I asked confused.

He lifted up his hands to show he was holding a pizza. 

"Oh I didn't know you worked at pizza hut!"

"Yeah, I just got the job," he said with a smile. "How've you been?"

"I've been great, and you?" I asked.

"I've been good. You look a little over dressed for just eating pizza," he said smiling, "not that you don't look great though."

I blushed. "Thanks, but we just got back from a party."


"Yeah- me, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam. Liam and I are kind of the babysitters right now," I laughed.

"Oh, I see," he said with a smile. "You know, I know this is random, but I've been meaning to ask you if you wanted to hang out sometime?" he asked with a hopeful grin. I smiled back. Just then Harry walked up to us. 

"Who the hell are you?" he asked Jake.

Harry put his arm around my shoulder. 

"Harry this is my friend Jake, he also just so happens to be the pizza delivery guy."

"Well we've got the pizza and you've got your money so why don't you just leave already?" Harry said, slurring at some points.

"Harry!" I said, shocked at how rude he was being. 

"My bad bro," Jake said. "I didn't realize you two were a thing."

"What? No- Jake don't listen to him, he's drunk. I'll text you later okay?"

"Alright cool," he said as he took one last glance at Harry and then walked off.

"I don't like him, you could do way better," he said as he grabbed the pizza and headed back to the boys.

What was that about? It almost seemed like Harry was jealous? No, he can't be. Maybe he's just being protective. We are best friends after all.

As soon as Niall saw Harry with the pizza his eyes lit up. "Food!" he yelled.

They all dug in and devoured the pizza, finishing it in about 5 minutes.

"So what do you lads want to do?" Louis asked excitedly.

"I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun!" Harry exclaimed.

All the boys cheered in agreement.

They passed out about 20 minutes later. So that didn't last long.

I walked around to make sure everyone was okay. 

Zayn and Louis got lucky and managed to get the couch to sleep on. I put a blanket over them so they wouldn't get cold. Liam and Harry fell asleep on the floor so I figured I'd go and get them some pillows and blankets.

I hadn't seen Niall in a while and started to worry.

I searched the house and finally found him asleep in the bathtub.

"What the...?" I said as I saw Niall curled up fast asleep. I chuckled. Niall parties hard. I decided to just let him be, and gave him a pillow and blanket for added comfort.

I grabbed some more blankets and pillows from the pantry and headed back down to the boys. As I was covering them up Harry awoke.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," I whispered. 

"It's okay, I want to go to my bed, " he said groggily.

As he got up he almost stumbled over- still a bit tipsy. I held on to him and guided him up the stairs. 

When we got to his room I helped him get into bed. He somehow managed to pull me down with him, causing me to end up under his arm as he plopped down onto the bed. He had already fallen back to sleep. Crap. I couldn't move. I tried to take his arm off of me without waking him but he only held on tighter. Geez Harry, I'm not a teddy bear. 

I gave up after a while and just turned off the lamp with my free hand. I didn't even get a chance to change out of my dress I thought, as I nodded off to sleep.

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